What to expect from innovation clubs in engineering colleges

Engineering innovation clubs are a medium for students to improve on existing technologies or create new ones which can even be patented. It also means application of inventions and discoveries.go on and read our article on Clubs in engineering colleges

Clubs in engineering colleges

Clubs in engineering colleges
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Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field where one not just learns about application of existing process and technologies but also about discovering new ones. Innovation is the keyword here and engineers strive for innovation.


Certain innovation clubs in Indian engineering colleges include INGENUX (GKM college of engineering and technology), The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club of NIT Warangal among others. Most such clubs are simply known as Innovation clubs in engineering colleges.

Innovation Clubs exist in engineering colleges precisely for this reason. Here students do lots of learning and research in workshops, using the libraries and laboratories etc There are various things that happen in these innovation clubs and it would be good to have an idea about them.


  1. If you wish to discover something new or innovate on anything that already exists and excites you, join the innovation club of your engineering college. With help from your faculty, you can do what you want to.
  2. Students studying chemical or mechanical engineering will be taken on industrial visits. These visits are scheduled to factories or mills depending on the subjects and what the whole exercise strives to achieve.
  3. Expert lectures are organised to help students learn more about the chosen field or any other particular section. For eg. A two-day schedule for Electrical engineering students will comprise lectures on power electronics, microcontroller, microprocessors, electronics and other such topics. Lectures are given by the faculty of the college and guest lecturers are also invited for the same.




  1. If you want to do something new as a part of this club, you might have to spend hours and hours in the laboratory doing research and working on your project. It takes a lot of time to come up with something new which catches the attention of the faculty.
  2. If you happen to create something innovative and very different, the college can also help you get it patented. So make sure you give it your 100 per cent and strive for excellence.


Innovation clubs are a great way to get a head start even before you start working. You learn a lot in these clubs which will come handy when you actually get down to work.

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