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Indian Foreign Service – Coveting the job and Training for it

The members of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) represent the country in global field. This service is deals with negotiation, trade and cultural relations of nation with others. One of the prime goals of the service is to frame foreign policies and supervision of Indian missions overseas. HOW TO GET SELECTED The Indian Foreign Service […]

Here is why people are so crazy about IAS

Crazy about IAS? This nation definitely is. The lure of a government job is ever existing. We have been ingrained to think in a certain manner about government jobs and the benefits they provide. There are few key terms that suddenly come to mind whenever a discussion centers around them. It’s not unusual for one […]

IAS Preparation : Tips that guarantee your selection

IAS preparation is considered to be one of the toughest preparations in the world. People spend years preparing to crack the IAS exam with good marks. No doubt, given how tough this exam is, there is a certain sense of pride that is associated with cracking IAS exam with good marks. Furthermore, if you want power, […]

Getting to your first 10,000 customers

INTRODUCTION Getting to your first 10,000 customers in short and focus period is not an easy task .Facebook is one of the strongest social media market available out there today.With millions of people engaged in this platform, there is no other better way to get the right audience.Know how to fire Up your business with […]

Firing up your instagram Account for your business

Firing up your instagram Account for your business

Today with more than 100 million active users, Instagram is a force to reckon with. What started as an exclusive photo sharing app for IOS platform back in october 2010, Today instagram has everything possible for developing and promoting your business and all it takes it to have the right strategy and right kind of […]

Digital Marketing – The Basic Essentials you need to know

Digital Marketing – The Basic Essentials you need to know Today every second person you meet pretends to be a digital marketer so how do you know which of these so called digital marketer’s advices are worth hearing or worth the trash bin. It is very important not to get scammed by fake digital marketers […]

The New Era of Business with Growth Hacking

The New Era of Business with Growth Hacking The ever changing business world brings with it new challenges and obstacles to deal with. Its becoming relatively difficult for brands to make themselves visible and sustain itself with its own unique identity. In a crowd of millions only the rare ones shine enough to overpower its competitors. The […]

Study in USA – Top Universities, Top Courses, Do’s and Don’ts (Part 2)

Many Indian students dream of going to the USA to pursue a higher degree. But before you sit for an exam such as IELTS or TOEFL, be clear on what the country has to offer and is it even suits you or not. There are lots of dos and don’ts as well. Go on and […]

Choosing the right B-school

An MBA degree is still a coveted thing but the nature of the course has undergone huge change. There are various specialised courses, placements have new patterns and much more. So it is important to choose the right business school.                            Masters in […]

All about IELTS (Part 1)

College Clubs

Who doesn’t want to make a career abroad? But before going for any options, it is advisable to look at the IELTS examination, as it is the first stepping stone towards achieving your dreams.   In order to study in any European countries or in Australia, it is required to pass the aptitude test in […]

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