Indian Audit and Accounts Service: A career beyond just analyzing the numbers

Indian Audit and Accounts Service( A career beyond just analyzing the numbers) is one of the most challenging career paths. This is the career, in which one can closely observe the organizational processes, and how the industry works. Decision making and continuous improvement skills are important for this career.


Are you interested in controlling the organizations across the country? Are you interested in analyzing numbers and finding out the right ones amidst the mix of right and wrong? Do you think that you a wizard of industry analysis? If your answer is ‘yes’, then there is an absolutely right career path, which can commensurate your career aspirations. It is Indian Audit and Accounts Service, which is supervised by Comptroller and Auditor General of India. This department is responsible for carrying out the audit of Government owned and Government undertaken organizations across the country.


IAAS a scoping carrer

What are the roles to be played by me?

  • Auditing: As the name of the department clearly states, Indian Audit and Accounts Service officers are supposed to carry out audits for the organizations, which are either owned by government, or undertaken by the government. They have to ensure that whether the operational activities of those organizations are following the statutory regulatory frameworks, or not. Moreover, they also have to make certain that operational and financial performances of those organizations are efficient enough.
  • Industry analysis: Officers of this department must possess a sound knowledge of the industry. This is required for successful implementation of several developmental schemes across the country. Without this knowledge, it will tough for them to interpret the possible interlinks between several industrial sectors, which can prove to be crucial for any nation-wide policy implementation.
  • Inspection and documentation: Officers of this department has to carry out regular inspection of the convoluted contractual agreements, emerging laws and regulations for taxation purpose, and monetary condition of organizations. Apart from that, they also have to take care of the account compilation for State Governments.


This is a position, which involves decision making power and continuous improvement and upgradation of knowledge. If you crave for a challenging career, this is the place, where you meant to be.

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