Indian Revenue Services: Dream about shaping the economic future

Joining the Indian Revenue Services is always an exciting career path one can select. There are several ways, in which an Indian Revenue Services officer can endow the country with his / her most valuable services. More than power and responsibility, it is honesty that counts for this career.

Indian Revenue Services

Do you dream about contributing to the economy of your country? Do you think that you can contribute directly towards the developmental needs of the country? In case your answer is ‘yes’, then your career path should be Indian Revenue Services. This is the only service in India, which is responsible for revenue generation, which can be used for developmental purposes. Getting into the Indian Revenue Services is not an easy task. However, dream of serving the country is always worth giving a try.


What will be my role?

If you can manage to join Indian Revenue Services, the initial designation will be Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax. As an Indian Revenue Service officer, your primary responsibility will be collection of direct taxes from Indian citizens and organizations. Apart from this, there are several other responsibilities an Indian Revenue Service officer has to take up:

  • Design and implementation of policies: Taxation policies are always designed in keeping with the demand of the economic statue of the nation. Sectoral incentivization is done by designing sector specific taxation policies. The collected tax revenues are thereby disbursed to government for developmental purposes.
  • Reducing the influence of parallel economy: One of the major responsibilities of Indian Revenue Services is to bring down the impact of parallel economy, which is majorly based on the black money. Officers of this department are responsible to scrutinize the international financial transactions and tax forestalling. For this purpose, they are also required to work in conjugation with the revenue departments of other nations.

How can I get in?

Recruitment of Indian Revenue Services is only carried out by the Civil services examination, which is carried out by Union Public Service Commission.


What will be my career path?

You will join as Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, and you can reach up to Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.

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