How To Learn And Grow Professionally With The Awesome IIIT Allahabad Workshops

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How the IIIT Allahabad started its journey as a bright beacon

The IIITA, a fond acronym of IIIT Allahabad, is one of the top institutes of India when it comes to Engineering courses. It is well known for its ambitious objective of providing professional expertise as well as learned and experienced manpower in Information Technology (IT) and related areas. IIIT Allahabad is also known for its awesome courses of MBA, Ph.D. and other degrees in IT.

How the IIIT Allahabad started its journey as a bright beacon

IIITA was founded in 1999 and received the recognition of being a ‘deemed university’ by the Govt. of India as far back as 2000. Right since its inception, IIITA has been striving hard to popularize and enhance marked development in the field of IT and harnessing its multidimensional avenues. IIITA has an aim to establish itself and the country as an IT pro in the vast global platform.

The IITA comprises a beautiful lush campus at Deoghat, Jhawla in the city of Allahabad designed in a Penrose Geometry pattern, a stimulating landscape and an overall soothing environment to inspire students and get things done. IITA is a full residential campus, with all faculty, students and staff being housed under the same campus roof. All residential and academic spaces are well-connected within the bosom of the institute network, come and attend Workshops In IIIT Allahabad.

Simply beyond the borders of mundane learning- how IIIT Allahabad aces the technical run

IIIT Allahabad is not just a forerunner in providing quality education to its diverse culture of students and a learning ambience. It’s also known for providing peers with a chance to portray and apply their knowledge. In today’s era, the peak of competition is higher than the highest one of Mt. Everest and bookish knowledge has long ceased being the ‘only thing’.

Standing in the twenty-first century, students need more practical knowledge and application skills for better placement in life and greater opportunities. Besides having soaring grades, they need to be able to show skill and passion in what they do.

IIIT Allahabad takes care of this aspect of technical learning with a lot of eagerness. It helps nurturing the skills among its learners and enhances their creative thinking with the help of various workshops, seminars, sessions, interactions, group discussions, etc. Out of these, the IIITA workshops are a recommended click among several students in the technical field. These workshops pride themselves in being efficient in providing students with experience and frolic in diverse disciplines.

The governing democratic organization of students in the IIITA is called ‘Students’ Gymkhana’ which is considered to be an advisory body regarding several matters. This body, accompanied by several other smaller clubs enable the participation of the students in such workshops. Out of these, the IIITA platform ‘Effervescence’ pairs up with partners like TechieNest for memorable workshops. These usually include participation of students both on campus and off campus. Inter college events help build up a healthy competitive spirit.

As far as conducting a workshop is concerned, IIITA is a pro in both technical and non-technical opportunities. For instance, you can either get yourself enrolled on a Robotics session as much as you can go for a Photography hiking. It caters to every student, every passion and every burst of creativity.

It has yearlong or limited period clubs for organizing several activities and co-curriculars. Some of these are the IIITA MUN, TEDxIIITA, Spirit- Sports Society IIITA, Sarasva (a literary society), Tesla, LaTeX Workshop IIITA, etc.

The calendar for IIIT Allahabad workshops and conferences

With IIITA, you can explore a new horizon and a new you with each passing day and stay ahead in the race for success life. All year and specifically based around holidays, IIITA workshops are fun to attend and worthwhile to remember. To have a look at the detailed schedule of the IIIT Allahabad workshops, check out their official Facebook page or their home website. There are times when IIITA even teams up with partners like TechieNest and ZNetLive for better exposure.

Out of the myriads, here are the two hand-picked workshops taking place round IIITA.

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What After College Workshops

What After College(WAC) is a much-loved and known brand across top Indian colleges, when it comes to providing in-depth guidance that counts and knowledge that helps. With their tech workshops and motivational sessions, WAC is known to give a great boost to the passionate spirit of students. It helps link worldwide brands, experts, industrial figures and institutions to students easily. It offers good reach and exposure to peers and helps highlight all possible career paths to follow.

Among its list of events, you can go for guidance interviews, career talk, mentoring sessions, courses, training, knowledgeable seminars and even entertainment options.

Aparoksha 2019 Technical Fest

Aparoksha is the ultimate IIITA Technical Fest which features all things perceptible and beyond for the three exotic days of the year (from 16th-18th March). Throughout its span, it attracts students from premier engineering institutes like the IITs, NITs, IIITs and others.

You can participate in various events of Aparoksha that involve ethical hacking and coding. Try out their events and worldwide technical competitions like Grayhound, TOPBOT Game zone, BOOT2ROOT, HUMBLEFOOL CUP, NOVA, Alkhwarizm, Perplexus and CodeRed. You can gear start your day and get motivated with their keynote speeches and startup Intern fairs. They also host paper or poster presentations. With Aparoksha, widen your horizons, put on your thinking caps and broaden your minds. Plus, hone your tech skills!

Coverage and type of participation in the IIIT Allahabad Workshops

IIIT Allahabad Workshops and conferences are open to both on campus students as well as guest students from the premier institutes across the country including the IITs, IIITs, NITs and several others. Large scale events like Aparoksha and WAC workshops attract nationwide participation. There are also few smaller campus oriented courses and workshops which are exclusively for the IIITA-ians. Make sure you check out the details for each event on their registration page before applying.

Why attend IIIT Allahabad Workshops?

IIITA is one of the topmost institutes when it comes to Engineering and has collaborations with some of the best industrial figures and associations all across the country. Through these workshops, such leaders help IIITians as well as out campus students get exposed to worldwide technology and latest innovations. IIIT Allahabad Workshops instil a go-getter passion within students and fan the flame of knowledge within them. Plus, these workshops also help build valuable connections through one on one interaction.

How to reach IIIT Allahabad?

Allahabad, being an important city in Uttar Pradesh, is well-connected by road, air and rail. IIIT is located in Devghat Jhalwa (Peepalgaon Road) in the outskirts of Allahabad.

IIITA is located in a prime place, being at a distance of 7 km from Allahabad Junction Railway Station.

IIITA can also be reached by taking any bus running under Civil Lines bus depot services from any of the major cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Delhi, etc.

For flyers, it’s to bring to your notice that the nearest airport Bamrauli is only 6 km away from IIITA.

For travelling to and from campus, you can easily hire cabs, auto rickshaws or even city buses. The former may charge you about INR 150.

Where to stay over while attending a workshop at IIIT Allahabad?

Good news is that for several events and workshops with nationwide participation, IIIT Allahabad workshops provides free student accommodation directly in their beautiful campus. In the rest of the events, students need to arrange their residence themselves. No worries! Allahabad, being a central city, has a number of hostels, hotels or guest houses to provide you a safe and comfortable stay at reasonable prices. Try arranging your stay over arrangements beforehand.


  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, IIIT Rd, Near Boys Hostel, Devghat, Jhalwa, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211015

Workshops to look forward to at IIIT Allahabad

Keep an eye out for their upcoming on-campus workshop in collaboration with Techie Nest from 1-2 September 2018. They have special sessions including robotics, machine learning, ethical hacking, etc. To keep aware of more such events, check out Plus, make sure to keep abreast of the rules and regulations of each workshop through their official pages. check out the upcoming workshops at IIIT Allahabad