IIT Bombay Workshops Updated Guide

IIT Bombay – The Genesis

Established in 1958, as the second IIT in India, IIT Bombay has a long history that has spans decades. Since the day, the institution opened its gates, it has grown from strength to strength, to become one of the coveted technical institutes not just in India, but the world. Located in Powai, a busy northern suburb of Mumbai, the students of IIT Bombay enjoy the advantage of being right in the centre of India’s financial capital.

Though IIT-B is in the heart of Mumbai, residents of the institute can enjoy the serenity and peace offered by the lush verdant campus. A fully residential higher-education institute with a sprawling campus of over 200 hectares, IIT-B has 15 hostels to accommodate all the students. Additional sports facilities and recreational activities help in the all-round development of the students. The surrounding lakes of Powai and Vihar, the lush green hills add to the beauty of the campus.

In 1961, the institute was declared as an institution of national importance, which granted it the status of a university, meaning it had the power to issue its own diplomas and degrees. Recently, the Ministry of Human Resource and Development conferred the title, “Institute of Eminence” to IIT-B, sanctioning government grants worth 1000 crores in the next five years.

Transforming Theoretical Study into Practical Knowledge

Transforming Theoretical Study into Practical Knowledge

To help students gain practical knowledge and an uncompromised learning experience, IIT Bombay partners with several leading companies, eminent technical leaders and other industry experts to offer a wide range of workshops, seminars and conferences throughout the year. The workshops cover a wide range of topics like robotics, artificial intelligence and more. Apart from technical IIT Bombay workshops, the institute also conducts cultural and art workshops, seminars and cultural fests to hone the creativity of the students.

IIT-B also conducts several outreach programmes to help larger society that exists beyond its walls. Some of the popular activities of this programme include:

  • Continuing Education Programme (CEP) for working professionals.
  • Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) for faculties from other institutes to develop their skills.
  • Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme (CDEEP) – Around 81 colleges have registered as Remote Centres for this programme.
Transforming Theoretical Study into Practical Knowledge

Schedule for Workshops, Conferences and Seminars at IIT Bombay

IIT-B provides a dynamic learning experience for students. Apart from the regular classroom curricula and lab lessons, students are regularly provided with ample opportunities to keep themselves updated with the various developments happening in their field of interest. The faculty at various academic departments of the institute regularly conduct workshops to help students bring out their hidden potentials.

Here is the list of the popular events held at IIT-B every year:


Started in 1998 as an inter-department festival, today Techfest has emerged as one of the largest science and technological festivals in all of Asia. The annual event draws more than 1,75,000 participants from colleges across the country and the world. A team of 800 event co-ordinators and organisers work synchronously to pull of this event successfully every year.

Techfest conducts numerous cut-throat competitions, seminars and summits to engage and pique the curiosity of the young minds of today. Techfest holds an International summit every year, where participants get an opportunity to interact with renowned experts from various walks of life, and are introduced to the latest technological advancements happening all over the world.

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WAC (What After College) Workshops

What After College is a popular online portal that has been helping thousands of students make the right career choices. With the noble aim of promoting and aiding skill development for engineering and other technical graduates, WAC has been conducting extensive workshops at eminent institutions all over the country.

WAC conducted a series of innovative workshop at IIT Bombay during the last year. Some of the popular workshops conducted by WAC in association with Padarth, the Annual Technology festival of Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science in the campus of IIT-B include – Ethical Hacking Workshop, Big Data and Hadoop Workshop, Automobile & IC Engine Design Workshop, and more.

With students from over 100 institutions participating in the events, the WAC workshops are one of the most anticipated annual events held at IIT-B.

Mood Indigo

This is the annual cultural festival of IIT-B and enthralls thousands and thousands of participants and spectators every year. Started way back in 1971, the event has seen legends like Asha Bhonsle and R.D.Burman performing on its stages. Today, Mood Indigo has grown big to become the largest cultural festival in Asia, and serves as a launchpad for upcoming, talented artists from all across the country.

Who Can Participate in Workshops at IIT-Bombay?

Who Can Participate in Workshops at IIT-Bombay?

Most of the IIT Bombay workshops conducted on campus are open to students from all across the country. Yes, you don’t have to be a student of IIT-Bombay to participate in the events. However, a few workshops conducted by department heads and other professors are exclusively for IIT-B students.

Make sure to check the individual registration pages of your preferred conferences, seminars and workshops to find out more about the registration details and eligibility.

Why Attend Workshops at IIT-Bombay?

Why Attend Workshops at IIT-Bombay?

Today, there are lakhs of engineering graduates finishing their education from thousands of colleges across the country. This has led to a cut-throat competition among graduates to land the right jobs. In this highly competitive scenario, it’s essential for students to stand out from the rest. By attending prestigious IIT Bombay workshops, engineering graduates can boost their resume. Additionally, most workshops, seminars or conferences conducted at IIT-B are held in partnership with renowned companies. This helps you gain valuable certification which will boost your prospective in the employment market.

Another often overlooked benefit of attending IIT Bombay workshops, conferences and seminar is the opportunity to network. When you attend such events, you get to interact with like-minded peers, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs thereby building and enhancing your professional networks.

How to Reach IIT Bombay?

How to Reach IIT Bombay

Using Public Transport

IIT Bombay is centrally located in Powai, which lies on the north-eastern part of the city. Mumbai is one of the cities in India that has excellent and reliable public transport. You can take taxis or autos to get to IIT-B from any one of the nearby stations. If you’re coming from the Central Railway station, then the nearest stations to the campus are Ghatkopar, Vikhroli or Kanjur Marg. If you’re arriving from the Western Railway station, then the nearest stations are Malad, Bandra, Andheri or Goregaon.

By Air

Mumbai is well connected with daily flights to major cities across India and the world. International flights land at Terminal 2 of the Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport which is around ten kms from the campus. Domestic flights land at Terminal 1A or 1B, which lies at 15 kms from the campus.

You can hire either prepaid taxis, autos or cab-sharing rides from the airport to IIT Bombay.

IIT Bombay is centrally located in the city and you find plenty of accommodation suiting all budgets near the campus. If you’re attending a workshop on campus, then it makes sense to book a hotel or hostel in Powai, so that you can travel quickly from your accommodation to the campus.


  • IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400 078, Maharashtra, India
  • Contact Number: +91- 22 – 2572 2545
  • IIT-Bombay: http://www.iitb.ac.in/

Upcoming Workshops at IIT Bombay 2018 – 2019

For a list of all upcoming workshops, seminars, conferences and other events at IIT B, check out this official event calendar – http://www.iitb.ac.in/en/calendar-node-field-event-date. Clicking on each event gives you further details about it – eligibility, entrance fee, registration procedure, venue, date and more.