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IIT Kharagpur

Turning Pandit Nehru’s Dream into a Reality

IIT Kharagpur, popularly known as IIT KGP, was the first IIT to be established in India in 1951. The establishment was in line with Pandit Nehru’s vision of creating a self-sufficient India after independence in 1947.

IIT KGP is one of the top public engineering institutes in India and has received the Institute of National Importance recognition by the Government of India. The institute focuses on providing an all-inclusive learning experience to the students where not just their professional skills are developed but innovation and entrepreneurship is encouraged. From Sundar Pichai, Arvind Kejriwal, Srikumar Banerjee, to K. Radhakrishnan, a number of dignitaries were once part of this esteemed institute.

Located around 120kms to the west of Kolkata, IIT KGP has a vast campus which is spread across 2,100 acres of land and has more than 22,000 inhabitants. It has 22 student hostels, 19 academic departments, 13 schools of excellence, 8 multi-disciplinary schools, and more than 25 research and development units. Apart from the high-quality education, the institute is equally popular for its cultural festivals, workshops, guest lectures, and conferences.

IIT Kharagpur

Workshops at IIT Kharagpur

As an institute that focuses on helping students sharpen their skills and learn new technologies, IIT Kharagpur regularly organizes a number of workshops. Many of these workshops are attended by industry professionals and innovators to provide the best of knowledge and experience to the students.

IIT KGP has always ensured that there is something for students to look up to beyond the formal education that they receive here. The workshops are part of the endeavor by the institute to help students learn more about the latest innovations and get excellent industry insights directly from the experts.

Apart from engineering-based topics, workshops like IoT, Android development, mobile robotics, cloud computing, and ethical hacking keep the students busy and intrigued. The institute also has a Science and Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park (STEP) for the past students of the institute who do not have the infrastructure to begin their own startup.

Moreover, there is also an Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) which functions under STEP for promoting entrepreneurship not just among the students of IIT KGP but students all over the country. Apart from support and mentoring, the E-Cell also helps start-ups with funding through incubation and venture capitalists. The institute also organizes two entrepreneurship-related events every year, namely Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive and Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Workshops at IIT Kharagpur

Schedule for Workshops at IIT Kharagpur

Several workshops are scheduled throughout the year at IIT Kharagpur workshops. Apart from workshops, there are short courses, conferences, guest lectures and seminars too. Many of these events provide students an opportunity to interact with dignitaries from many different industries, innovators, and learn something new apart from their normal academics.

Some of the most popular IIT Kharagpur workshops are as follows-


Kshitij is the annual techno-management festival at IIT Kharagpur. It was started in 2004 and aims to provide a national-level platform to students who are technically inclined. Apart from the students from IIT KGP, the event is also attended by thousands of students from other Indian colleges/universities and even international students.

Many of the reputed organizations like ASHRAE, IEEE, ACM, and ASME certify many of the events during the festival. Many different types of elucidatory workshops too are organized for free before and during the festival in partnership with some of the biggest of organizations. Professional experts from companies like Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, NASSCOM, and Jaguar conduct these workshops. Moreover, many such workshops are also organized externally in several cities like Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore, and Nagpur before the Kshitij festival.

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WAC Workshops

The WAC (What After College) is one of the most popular workshops at IIT KGP. The workshop is held at IITs and aims to provide insights into potential careers after completing studies at the institute. Organized by the Vidyavilla Foundation, the event is attended by industry leaders, innovators, and academicians to help students pick the right career as per his/her skills and expertise.

Many different workshops like Ethical Hacking, Android App Development, Automobile and IC Engine Design, and Robotics and IoT too are organized during the event to introduce modern skills and technologies to the students. The event is open for IIT KGP and non-IIT KGP students.


Organized by Robosapiens Technologies, RoboNext is a national-level workshop series organized at several colleges/universities throughout India. The event consists of several career-oriented projects and training programs to help students get acquainted with the real-world applications of modern technologies.

Ethical Hacking, IoT, Android App Development, Mobile Robotics, QuadCopter UAV, and Cloud Computing are some of the most popular workshops of the RoboNext event. Students can register themselves for these training programs online.

To know more about the workshops, conferences, festivals, and guest lectures at IIT KGP, you can visit http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/events.

Who Can Attend IIT Kharagpur Workshops?

The workshops organized at IIT KGP are open for students from other colleges/universities. Most of these events have their individual websites where students can find more information about these events and register themselves for the same.

However, there are a few short courses and workshops which are only open for IIT KGP students. Check the official website of IIT KGP or the individual pages of these events to check the eligibility.

Why Attend IIT Kharagpur  

Why Attend IIT Kharagpur
Workshops ? 

During their formative years, it is now very important to provide practical knowledge to the students and introduce them to all the latest technologies and innovations in order to prepare them for the future. The IIT Kharagpur workshops and other events are an excellent opportunity for the students to get detailed insights of how the modern industries function and what are the skills and technologies that they can learn to excel in their chosen fields.

In many of these events, students also get to interact with a host of dignitaries which can be a memorable experience. Networking, meeting like-minded students from other colleges/universities and enjoying a rewarding experience are some other reasons to attend IIT Kharagpur workshops.

How to Reach IIT Kharagpur?

Most students visiting IIT KGP prefer traveling through rail or air. There are several regular trains for the Kharagpur station from most major railway stations throughout India. Alternatively, one can also reach the Howrah Railway Station and then take a local train to reach Kharagpur. The institute is just 5kms away from the Kharagpur railway station.

For students traveling by air, the airport closest to the institute is Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport (CCU). The airport too is well-connected with most major cities and there are regular flights from every popular air carrier on a daily basis. The institute is about 140kms and takes around 2.30 hours from the airport. You can find airport taxis as well as OLA and UBER at the airport.

Some students also take a cab to the Howrah Railway Station from the airport and then catch a local train to reach the Kharagpur Railway Station.

Accommodation in Kharagpur

Due to the presence of IIT KGP, Kharagpur has several excellent accommodations at every price range. While the institute offers accommodation for many of the workshops and events, in case if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a decent accommodation close to the institute.

However, as students from all over the country visit the institute during such events, it’d be better if you make the reservation in advance.


  • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal- 721302,
  • Contact- +91-3222-282255,
  • Website- http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/

Upcoming Workshops at IIT Kharagpur

As workshops and other events are held on a regular basis, the official website of the institute is an excellent place to find all the latest information. Some important links that you can visit-

Know that some events have their own individual websites which you can visit to know more about the eligibility, fees, registration, and more. Details of such events are often not published on the official website of the institute. A quick Google search would provide all the information you need in such cases. check out the upcoming workshops at IIT Kharagpur.