Future prospects in Lighting industry for engineers (Part 2)

Lighting industry is growing at a rapid pace and demand for skilled engineers is also increasing. The future of the industry is very bright and choosing to make a career in the domain is an intelligent decision.Go and read our article on lighting industry for engineers

        lighting industry for engineers       

     Lighting industry for engineers   

Marketing and Sales officer: Lighting sales representatives are responsible for selling lighting products. While some of them are directly employed by the companies manufacturing these lights, others are recruited by agencies responsible for selling them in regional areas. Sales engineers work with the sales team and marketing team in coordination. They get relevant information from both the departments and then provide their expertise to develop better products for customers. Being into marketing and sales, these engineers are also expected to spread the product in their assigned territory. This requires them to have a good network among architects so that their product is introduced in their projects.

Skills: A sales engineer should be well-versed with lighting design and application along with lighting software. Business development skills, design knowledge, communication skills, knowledge of AutoCAD and ability to support teams undertaking lighting projects are other skills that a company wants in sales engineer. Good communication skills are a must as one needs to talk to architects on a regular basis. This talent is what ultimately helps them to sell their product.

Education: Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor in Technology degree is a must. As it involves sales skills, MBA is looked at as an advantage.

Test engineer: This position is available only in companies that manufacture lighting fixtures for various domains, such as the automotive industry. That is one reason for a limited number of openings in the field. A test engineer validates and tests LED Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. He ensures standardization of products and equipments and undertakes test procedures.

Skills: A test engineer should understand LED PCBs thoroughly and also related components as that is what ensures that the job is done well. Supplier capability and Capacity assessment and basic Microsoft office skills are also required.

Education: Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor in Technology degree is a must.


So if you are looking to enter a new domain as an engineer, make a career in the growing lighting industry.

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