Thinking of starting your own business? – Name | Logo | Website | Products

Perhaps you have thought long and hard about your career options, but are still uncertain. Maybe now, you are wondering if starting your own business is the right move for you… have a read through our top things to consider. We are certain that by the end, you will have made up your mind either way.

You have your college education now and, no doubt, you will have gained some work experience. Whether it’s a weekend job in a local pizza restaurant or a regular babysitting gig, there are many skills you can take away from this work and apply to other things. They may have influenced the area you think you would like to set up a business in and could have provided a good start for the research you need to undertake.

Whatever industry you’re keen to make your mark in, it is vital that you find out about your potential competitors. Who exists in your area? What do they do? What’s their reputation like? Find out the answers to those and you’re well on your way. Do consider though if there is room for a newcomer (that’s you!) in the market. Research ought to also include businesses that began, but unfortunately failed. There will be a reason for the failure and you need to try to find it out.

Once you’ve done all your research and you’re ready to start thinking about the logistics, there are a million and one steps you need to take. We will guide you through some of the main ones:

Business name

think of something authentic. It’s no good tweaking the name of a rival and confusing potential clients. What’s more, it is good to stand out from the crowd! Don’t forget to check the name to see if the handle is available on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too. If the name is already taken, it might be worth reconsidering.

There are many free logo design websites available out there, but bear in mind that other companies may have access to the exact same one. Would you prefer to be unique? Maybe call in a favour from a friend whose studies were in design or look into a local designer looking to build up a portfolio.


Are you happy to let the advertising take care of itself or would you prefer to be wearing it? Custom screen printing on shirts, hoodies, bags and many other items is a great way of promoting your venture. Having a large vinyl decal on the side of your car is another possibility.


There are very few businesses who are able to succeed without an online presence. Having a website, which is attractive, easy to navigate, with clear, concise information, and whose address is simple to remember, is vital! It can be straightforward to build your own. However, if you are seeking a more professional finish, employing someone to do it for you may be the better option.


whether you are washing cars of printing stationery, such as business cards, it is important to buy products that are fit for purpose. No one wants the finished result to be under par and the old adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is relevant. Asking companies for free samples or trial periods could work well for you before you make a final decision. However, do make sure you try before you buy months’ worth of something that you may decide against after a couple of week.