5 of The Best : Most Sought-After Careers Options

5 Of The Best: Most Sought-After Careers

So what are the best and most competitive careers to try to get into? As you have worked so hard to get a good degree, you’ve excelled, so why settle now for an average job in a mediocre industry sector. Here we are going to take a quick look at what types of jobs are the most sought after and why? How do you get a start in these industries? It’s worth at least giving it a go if you have notions of success then give it all you’ve got to see how high you can climb.

Banking & Finance

If financial success is what you are after then it makes perfect sense to look at the banking and finance sector. You don’t even have to restrict yourself to banks and financial firms as every large organisation needs a team looking after the finances and making plans and projections, you’ll find that this area is the heart of any successful business. It’s a highly competitive field so plan ahead and get the best possible education even considering an MBA course to help you get ahead.


Pursuing a military career can be very rewarding and can open a lot of avenues, for certain candidates the military will even sponsor you through higher education. There is no hiding from the fact that this can be a tough career as well and you have to consider if you are comfortable with a military life but it’s a good way of getting an education and training that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.


Practicing law is one of the traditionally most most sought-after career paths and with good reason the salary can be great and there are so many different industries and areas that law can take you, it’s not just courtroom trial law. It is a long path to training towards being a qualified lawyer from sitting your entrance exam to the undergraduate course, the LNAT, to getting your first job as a qualified solicitor.


Working in the media is one of the most difficult industries to break into, it’s very competitive and key to doing well is making contacts and networking. Experience is difficult to come by and a lot of these jobs expect you to take unpaid internships or work experience and so you need to be persistent or make your own luck. One way of making your own opportunities is to create a body of work, examples of what you can do, if you are writing, have examples, if it’s film or TV, create a showreel, if you can concretely prove your skills and experience this goes a long way.


There are few jobs that are more most sought-after career than working for the government as these days few jobs are for the long term. No matter what field you work in the pension security and perks are hard to beat in any other type of employment.