After 11th, Can I Join IAS Coaching in Delhi?

After 11th Can I Join IAS Coaching in Delhi

After 11th, Can I Join IAS Coaching in Delhi? With the competition level of the IAS exam being very high, IAS aspirants have now started preparing for the IAS exam from a very early age. Although starting at an early age is a good thing, but it should not be the only thing that one concentrates on. Students of 11th grade have a lot of time in hand to prepare for the IAS exam, hence, they should first think about clearing their higher secondary exam with flying colour as these results are deciding factor in their career as to which college they will get admission in, subjects that they can choose, etc. Apart from it, school is time to make memories and enjoy time with friends, and, make sure that you do not miss out on all the fun.

After 11th, Can I join IAS Coaching in Delhi?

Class 11th is too early to join IAS coaching in Delhi. Although having a clear plan for your career goal is an advantage, however, as a student of 11th grade, you must first concentrate on your high school result. Scoring a good percentage in your higher secondary exams will help you to get admission to your desired college, and, thereafter you can start preparing for your IAS exam. One is only eligible for appearing for the IAS exam after graduation. However, as an IAS aspirant, if you feel that you need to start preparing early for the IAS exam, you must keep the following pointers in mind to aid you in your IAS exam preparation.

Practice Self Discipline

 As an IAS aspirant, you might already know that an IAS student needs to spend long hours studying the lengthy IAS syllabus. The syllabus is so vast that it requires a lot of self-discipline to complete it within the desired time frame.  Hence, by developing the habit of self – discipline early in your study routine, you might have a head start over other IAS aspirants. So after 11th grade, you can slowly work on practising self-discipline to ensure higher chances of success.

Choose Appropriate Subjects

Subjects like history, geography, etc, have great importance in the IAS exam. Selecting the right subject in your higher secondary or graduation will be of great advantage. But one has to be careful as to choose the subjects that you like, enjoy studying, and not opt for a subject only because you feel is per the IAS exam pattern. It will adversely affect your grades and lower the chances of success as you are unable to enjoy and understand the subject. Students from all different streams can clear the IAS exam.

Participate In Variety Of Activities

Having a well-rounded personality can help increase your chances of success in clearing the IAS exam. Take part in all different activities that your school has to offer, like performing solo to group activities, to help acquire life skills like teamwork, communication skill, confidence, etc. These life skills will further enhance your personality and add to your resume and help you stand out from the other competitors during your interview round in the IAS exam.

Research About Reputed IAS Coaching

Another thing that you can do to head- start your IAS exam preparation is researching good IAS coaching in Delhi. There are several coveted and eminent IAS coaching institutes in Delhi; however, not all will meet your desired needs and budget. Hence, start browsing through different IAS coaching websites and client’s feedback to get a better understanding of the quality of education and facilities on offer. Several coaching institutes in Delhi offer the scholarship to deserving students too.

Concentrate On General Knowledge

Current affairs rule the IAS exam, and hence, reading the daily newspaper is a habit that you need to develop. Keep track of news updates and research on the relevant topic to understand the information. You should also follow news online in different languages to get detailed and correct information. Current affairs constitute a large portion of the IAS syllabus, therefore, preparing early is a wise call.

Work On Communication Skill

Communication skill is essential life tools that will not only aid you in acing IAS exam but will also help you with your career growth. Practice speaking to ensure that you have a good command of your language and pronunciation to help impress the judging panel during the interview round of the IAS exam. If you have opted for English as your preferred language, make sure that you practice speaking English daily to ensure that you have the fluency to ensure that you can put your points across.

Start Reading NCERT Books

By reading NCERT books from class 6 to 12, you will start preparing for the IAS exam in away. NCERT books are a part of the IAS exam, and by practising it, you will be able to build a strong study base for appearing in the IAS exam. NCERT books are readily available in the market space both online and offline.

 Develop Ethical Thinking

Ethical thinking will be useful for essay papers in the IAS exam. To develop ethical thinking, you can participate in debates to strengthen your analyzing power along with your vocabulary. It will also help you find the connection between two different topics and how they co-relate with each other, which will be of immense help in your interview round and reasoning question in the IAS question paper.

Aptitude Practice

By daily aptitude practice, you will be able to develop time management skills, understanding of your strength and weakness in a particular subject. It will allow you more time to turn your weakness into your strengths and also help you stay focus. You can go online for aptitude practice where several websites conduct such tests regularly for students.

 The above-discussed pointers will allow you to head- start your IAS exam preparation.  You can also go through the study material and syllabus to make a booklist for preparing the pre and mains and try to make the static portion of it very strong. Moreover, you need to develop your study plan and strategy to ensure that you succeed in your goal of clearing the IAS exam in the first few attempts and become an IAS officer within your desired timeframe.