AIR-19 Diksha Joshi IAS Topper Mock Interview | UPSC Topper 2021


In the results of UPSC CSE 2021, introduced through the UPSC the place women have secured the top three positions, Diksha Joshi IAS Topper hailing from Uttrakhand secured All India Rank 19th. After going through the rigorous experience of MBBS, where one has to study and work simply hard, Diksha embarked on some other pretty hard UPSC route once more while nevertheless pursuing her internship at Doon Medical College. After four years of hard work and patience, and regardless of two consecutive failures, Diksha ultimately received what she desired. She passed India’s most prestigious and toughest, the IAS examination and is set to grow to be a section of the administration.

Here, in this article, we furnish you with Diksha Joshi’s background, instruction strategy, range of attempts, UPSC non-obligatory issue and more. 

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Diksha Joshi Biography | UPSC Topper 2021

Diksha Joshi IAS Topper and her family are natives of Siloni village in Munakot block of Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand. Her father Suresh Joshi is the country spokesperson of the Uttarakhand BJP. Her mom Geeta Joshi is a homemaker. According to Diksha, her family has been the pillar of assist for Diksha in the complete ride of the UPSC CSE Topper 2021.

Expressing happiness on the success of their daughter, the family said that she would convey the benefit of her medical research to the humans along with the administrative service and as an IAS Officer she would work for the gain of the people via giving her services with full devotion and efficiency. 

Educational Background- 

  • Diksha Joshi has been terrific in her studies when you consider that childhood and has been a brilliant student.
  • She did her classification 10 from Mallikarjun college in Pithoragarh and achieved her education in Dehradun.
  • After school, she joined medical school and carried out her MBBS at Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences in Jolligrant of Dehradun district, Uttarakhand.
  • While doing her internship, she made up her mind to appear for the UPSC CSE exam.
  • Though she did no longer get success in the first two attempts, in the third attempt, Diksha cleared it with the pinnacle 19th rank. 

Diksha Joshi: Preparation Strategy

Diksha Joshi IAS Topper has been making ready for civil offerings due to the fact that 2019. This used to be her third attempt. Despite her disasters in the first two attempts, she saved preparing for the exam with the equal hard work and consistency. She scored a whole of 1020 marks in the last UPSC list. The instruction approach followed through Diksha Joshi UPSC Topper 2021 is:

  • According to Diksha, she took teaching in her earlier attempts, however it was once no longer of a good deal help, so for this year’s attempt, she relied on self-study.
  • She used to study for 7 to 8 hours a day. For this, she divided 24 hours into three parts, morning, day and evening.
  • She set daily targets, weekly ambitions and month-to-month ambitions and sticks to the timetable.
  • She believes consistency is the key when preparing for the civil offerings examination.
  • She followed fundamental books like NCERTs and popular books for the exam and saved the resources limited.
  • As recommendation to the future aspirants, she says that as the examination time approaches, extra emphasis need to be placed on target-wise practise for preliminary, mains and interviews.
  • She also emphasised on multiple revisions of the identical matters for reaching success in the examination and becoming a UPSC Topper.
  • As a suggestion to the candidates performing for the exam, Diksha said:

“My first recommendation would be that you have to individualise your preparation. Rather than following anybody else, you  be targeted on your energy and weakness. Target those and put together accordingly. The 2d would be, to have belief in something you are doing. These are the two primary pointers that I have for UPSC aspirants,”

Start your IAS Exam preparation by grasp the UPSC Syllabus in-depth and planning your approach accordingly.

A few Tips for UPSC Exam Preparation

  • Give yourself time – set apart at least 1 year for the guidance of the UPSC exam and create an motion plan on how to go about it. 
  • Carefully Plan: come up with a lifelike and conceivable find out about time table in mind when you are to start your civil offerings preparation. Creating a plan, sticking to it and monitoring the development will assist you attain your dreams smoothly. 
  • Stick to fewer study materials – refer to a restrained number of books and find out about cloth to cover up your subjects. Out of the multiple assets with ease reachable in the market, you need to choose the excellent and adhere to it for CSE examination preparation, otherwise, it will all confuse you. 
  • Wise use of the Internet – Although the internet is a wonderful source of information and study material, its overuse can kill your awareness and can affect your study and performance. 
  • Avoid being Anxious: If a theme seems tough and you grow to be stuck, do no longer worry; suppose it through and you will attain an grasp of how to hold close that concept. It takes time to increase a training activities for Civil services examination training that works for you.  
  • Analyze your performance: Identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses will help in moulding the practise effort in that direction. Work on your weak spot and hold practising your sturdy subjects. 
  • Avoid distractions – get your self a exceptional and quiet location to learn about so as to concentrate well.  concentration and appreciation will significantly assist you in optimizing each degree of practise to meet your particular needs. 
  • Practice and Revise: Revision is key to touchdown up above all. Keep jotting down notes whilst getting ready to help your self without problems go via all that you have realized again and again. For both the prelims as properly as the mains, you need to take mock exercise examinations earlier than taking the actual exam. This will assist you in gaining self assurance and trip in as it should be phrasing your responses. 
  • Current affairs are perhaps the most essential section of your UPSC preparation. So, supply ample center of attention to what is occurring in the us of a and internationally.