AIR-44 Anjali Shrotriya UPSC Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2021

Anjali Shrotriya UPSC Topper 2021

IAS Topper Anjali Shrotriya scored an AIR of 44 to top her status and made it to the UPSC Toppers 2021 list which she missed by 8 marks in her previous attempt. Know more about Anjali Shrotriya Background, Preparation Strategy, Number of Attempts, UPSC Electives, etc.

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AIR-44 Anjali Shrotriya IAS Topper Mock Interview | Shankar IAS Academy

Anjali Shrotriya UPSC Topper Background

  • IAS Topper Anjali Shrotriya is a computer science engineer.
  • It comes from the cleanest city in India i.e. Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • UPSC CSE 2021 ranked 44th.
  • Anjali appeared for UPSC Interview twice but it was her 4th attempt at CSE altogether.
  • She missed the first interview attempt by 8 points.
  • Her optional subject for Mains was Geography. Her areas of interest in geography include ecology, wildlife, and nature.
  • Anjali likes to paint Gonda and likes to watch tennis.
  • Candidates who want to appear for UPSC CSE Exam by taking Geography as their optional subject can go through UPSC Geography

Educational Background | UPSC Topper 2021

  • Anjali completed her schooling in Indore.
  • She studied computer science at the Medicap Institute of Science and Technology.
  • She started preparing for the state exam after graduating in 2017.
  • It took 5 years to get the UPSC topper title with AIR 44.

Anjali Shrotriya Success

Anjali Shrotriya’s road to success used to be not clean but instead pretty struggling. She started her Civil Services training after completing her graduation. Anjali had faced failures and fell down many times and especially after her 0.33 strive in which she made it to the interview but now not past that.

  • Anjali did now not join any private job after her graduation on the grounds that she knew she had to supply her head and coronary heart to prepare for the coveted exam.
  • She used to comply with motivational videos, and toppers videos to keep herself calm and confident.
  • Anjali additionally connected with her seniors to assist in her preparation.
  • After seeing the failure. Anjali took assistance for education from large institutions’ structures which made her believe that someday it will click.
  • She cleared her prelims in the third strive and then the most important component she wished to assist with was the reply writing techniques. So she practiced a lot for answer writing however unfortunately failed to clear the interview.
  • She again regarded for the examination in simply 15 days and cleared the Prelims.
  • She decided that this time she gain suitable marks in the Mains examination so that the interview would now not determine her rank or placement. Finally, she was successful in her efforts.

Anjali Shrotriya UPSC Toppers Strategy

Below are some UPSC preparation strategies shared by Anjali:

  • It focuses on keeping limited material for study and completing a broad course. One should be very careful in choosing the material.
  • In the examination, retention is the most important.
  • Don’t just focus on specific aspects. If you are good at prelims, don’t just focus on practice tests. Work on your weaknesses as well and try to balance all subjects well.
  • He believes that patience and perseverance are the two P’s that would help anyone pass this exam.
  • Anjali supported her preparation by reading newspapers regularly to focus adequately on what was happening in the country and internationally.
  • Anjali advised that setting short-term and long-term goals is what will help the aspirant to be consistent with his studies as the syllabus is quite extensive.
  • She took personal written notes while going through the topics which helped her a lot in revising the vast UPSC syllabus.

Anjali Shrotriya AIR 44 – UPSC Scores

Written Total838
Personality Test Total163
Final Total 1001
All India Rank 44

How to go ahead with CSE Preparation?

  • The main footstep towards the coaching of CSE is to make yourself acquainted with the pattern of the examination. Get to know the exam pattern better and apprehend the wants and expectations of the exam.
  • Make positive to stick to your routine. When you sense like straying, remind yourself of your goals.
  • The newspaper is considered the first-class pal of a UPSC aspirant. Reading the newspaper on a daily basis will provide a facet to your guidance strategy. Choose one- two proper newspapers that supply proper information. The ordinarily suggested newspapers are The Hindu, Indian express, Business Standard, and Economic times.
  • Along with reading the newspaper one has to make a short observation on current affairs.
  • If one does now not carry out normal revision of the topics covered, then all the efforts will go down the drain. Allocate some time for revision at the top of every day, revising all the subjects blanketed in the week over the weekend helps recollect all the topics with ease.
  • It would be quite challenging to clear the exam if you do now not take ordinary mock tests. It helps you apprehend your tiers of practice and helps you remain at ease in the authentic examination environment.
  • Avoid distractions each in the form of human beings and gadgets.
  • Take proposals from your icons or previous IAS toppers. Read motivational costs to pep yourself up.
  • Consistency is the key to Success – Treat each and every day as identical and prepare with equal dedication and degree of commitment.

Anjali Shrotriya – UPSC Topper Info

IAS Topper 2021 Background
NameAnjali Shrotriya
Civil Service Exam 2021
All India Rank 44
Number of Attempts4
Age 26
Optional Subject Geography
Native Indore Madhya Pradesh
EducationGraduation is Computer Science

Keep yourself inspired and remain positive. Always appear at the shiny facet of things and be confident about your ability to crack UPSC 2022.