AIR-23 Sadaf Choudhary UPSC Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2020

Sadaf Choudhary UPSC | UPSC TOPPER 2020

Roorkee resident Sadaf Choudhary IAS Topper secured the 23rd rank in the UPSC Exam topper 2020, and she is currently working as an IFS officer in the Government Of India. Sadaf Choudhary IAS Topper is a best example of clearing CSE examinations with the assist of self-study. Sadaf, who hails from Mohitpur village, said that she worked hard for two years to put together for the UPSC exam. She did not have many assets and self-study was the solely solution. Sadaf’s optionally available challenge was Political Science. She was once usually fascinated in the difficulty and that was once a game-changer for her.

She advises the candidates to also select the situation of their own interests, which will add them a benefit. The type of books you learn about from, the pals and the company, and the things you take phase in are some of the factors, according to Sadaf, that additionally affect your UPSC examination preparations and results. 

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Sadaf Choudhary Biography | UPSC Topper 2020

Sadaf is the eldest daughter of Shahbaz Bano and Israr Ahmed of Roorkee, and she is 27 years old. Her father, Israr Ahmed, was once a former manager at the Deoband branch of Gramin Bank. Sadaf has been ranked 23rd all over India in the lately launched UPSC 2020 results. Among Muslim aspirants, she has the best ranking.

Sadaf, a native of Joya, a small town in the district alongside the National Highway, graduated from LSA Amroha with an Intermediate diploma. With a 10 CGPA on the board high school examination CBSE 12 months 2010, she was once the district’s pinnacle student.

In 2012, she acquired a ninety one percent on the CBSE Board Intermediate Exam. Following that, she handed the JEE Mains exam. She was once everyday into NIT Jalandhar. From here, she earned her bachelor’s diploma in Chemical Engineering. In 2016, she started out working for an American bank and remained in Delhi till 2018. 

Journey to Become IAS

In the year 2018, she left her job. She started her practise for the IAS on her own, barring any coaching. The effects of the IAS exam, which have been launched on Friday, 1st October, added her gorgeous joy after two years of hard work. In the benefit list, she got here in at number 23. Sadaf’s joy, as well as that of her family and friends, knew no bounds when the information arrived.

Sadaf Choudhary UPSC Marksheet

Below is the UPSC marksheet of Sadaf Choudhary IAS Topper.

Written Total804
PT Marks206
Final Total1010

Sadaf Choudhary Optional Subject

Sadaf’s elective challenge was Political Science.  She was continually involved in the concern and that was once a game-changer for her. She advises the candidates to also choose the difficulty of their very own interests, which will add them a benefit. 

Sadaf Choudhary’s UPSC Strategy I UPSC Topper 2020

Sadaf referred to that turning into an IAS officer has been a lifelong ambition of hers. The aim used to be difficult but no longer not possible to achieve. There was once a search for a backup at first.

This is why she first completed her BTech and then worked for a while in the expert world. When it became clear that the steps had settled in location and that the aim of childhood dreams was not a ways away, she quit my job. She began making ready for the IAS with zeal. Saima Chaudhary, the parents’ youthful sister, motivated courage and encouragement at each turn. 

Optional Preparation

  • Make an effort to reply all of the questions.
  • Three average responses are preferable to one splendid response.
  • The first two or three questions are the most vital due to the fact the examiner will decide candidates and form an opinion of them based totally on the answers. Here’s the risk to wow the examiner.
  • As a good deal as possible, practise writing answers.
  • Try to join the dots with your imagination. 

Preparation at Home

  • Candidates have to prepare themselves for the journey earlier than making an attempt to parent out how to begin getting ready for UPSC at home.
  • Prepare mentally and bodily for the examination earlier than establishing the preparation. Set goals and allocate time wisely.
  • Any exam’s soul is the syllabus. Before candidates start studying the books, they must first apprehend the syllabus.
  • The UPSC has laid out a designated syllabus for the Civil Services Mains and Preliminary examinations. 

IAS S A Huda’s Congratulations to Sadaf

Former Andhra Pradesh Director-General of Police IPS (Retd), S A Huda, congratulated Sadaf Choudhry on her great achievement. S A Huda, who is conventional in mental circles for his scholarship and brilliance, wished Sadaf well and wished her a brilliant future in the civil offerings in the service of the society, nation, and community at large.

He counseled Sadaf to act as a beacon of hope for absolutely everyone in universal and the community’s girls.

Despite the fact that there are severa teaching institutes catering to the needs of college students fascinated in pursuing a career in the civil service, representation in the civil carrier has continually ranged between three and 5%, he added. 


Sadaf took the IAS exam for the 2nd time, however she had by no means been to an interview before. Political Science used to be her elective concern in the exam. She had decided to end up an IAS on the foundation of self-study and barring any coaching because she used to be a child. Sadaf is now decided to use the Indian Foreign Service to represent India as a Rajput and to give the usa a new identification on the global stage.

Hopefully, this article has enlightened the aspirants with hope and better dreams. Sadaf has shown us that nothing is impossible, one  only have the zeal and approach to attain it. Want to examine greater inspiring stories like Sadaf’s then, hop onto UPSC Pathshala’s Guidance area to increase UPSC training and confidence.