Rau’s IAS Academy In Bangalore: Courses, Fees, Reviews, Online Classes, and Contact Details

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If you’re on the pursuit of excellence in civil services, navigating the sea of IAS coaching institutes in Bangalore can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Among the myriad choices, Rau’s IAS Academy stands out as a beacon of guidance and expertise. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the courses, fees, reviews, online classes, and contact details of Rau’s IAS Academy, your compass to success in the realm of civil services.

Background and History:

In 1953, Dr. S Rau, driven by a commitment to education, laid the foundation for what would become Rau’s IAS Academy. Dr. Rau, seating his students in a circular formation, initiated coaching for the Indian Administrative Service Exam, now known as the Civil Services Exam. Over seven decades, the Study Circle has evolved into a hub of quality education, fostering a diverse community of scholars dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for learning and development.

Academic Programs:

  • General Studies Coaching (UPSC Prelims & Mains Integrated)
  • Optional Subjects for UPSC Mains Exam
  • UPSC Mock Interview Guidance
  • CSAT Foundation course for UPSC Prelims Exam


Alumni Success:

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In conclusion, Rau’s IAS Academy in Bangalore emerges as a comprehensive guide for IAS coaching, standing tall amidst the vibrant landscape of educational institutions. From a legacy of excellence to embracing modern methodologies like online classes, the academy is not merely an institution but a mentor on your journey to civil services success. Stay tuned for the next installment, delving deeper into the success stories and teaching methodologies that set Rau’s IAS Academy apart in the realm of IAS coaching in Bangalore.

Institute NameRau IAS Study Circle
Institute TypeCoaching
Official Websitewww.rauias.com
Contact 080 – 4142 6050
Study MaterialProvided
Test SeriesConducted
Classes AccessibilityOnline, Offline
Youtube ChannelClick Here
Address2nd Floor, AKS Plaza, 10 Industrial Layout,Jyoti Niwas College (JNC) Road,5th Block Koramangala,Bengaluru – 560095

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rau’s IAS Academy In Bangalore

Here, we address some of the most common FAQ queries about Rau’s IAS Academy in Bangalore, providing clarity for aspiring civil servants.

Who founded Rau’s IAS Academy, and when did it originate?

Rau’s IAS Academy was founded by Dr. S Rau in 1953. The institution originated when a group of students approached Dr. Rau to study Political Science.

Where did the initial coaching sessions take place?

The inaugural coaching sessions were conducted in a small room at Hotel Palace Heights & Hailey Road in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

What unique teaching methodology did Dr. Rau employ in the early days?

Dr. Rau adopted a distinctive circular seating arrangement, forming a Study Circle. He personally coached students for the Indian Administrative Service Exam, laying the groundwork for the institution’s legacy.

How has Rau’s IAS Academy evolved over the years?

Over seven decades, Rau’s IAS Academy has remained at the forefront of quality education. It has transformed into a diverse community of scholars and academics, ensuring a contemporary and inclusive approach to learning.

What courses does Rau’s IAS Academy in Bangalore offer?

Rau’s IAS Academy provides a range of courses, including foundation courses covering essential subjects and optional subject modules for specialized study, catering to the diverse needs of IAS aspirants.

Can you highlight the transparency in the fee structure at Rau’s IAS Academy?

Rau’s IAS Academy adopts a transparent approach to fees, with clear breakdowns for foundation courses and optional subject modules. This transparency enables candidates to plan their financial investment effectively.

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