Did you Know – What are the Common Mistakes of IAS Preparation Candidates?

Common Mistakes of IAS Preparation Candidates

What are the Common Mistakes of IAS Preparation Candidates?- The candidates preparing for the UPSC IAS exam put in a lot of effort to achieve their dream and outshine their competitors. However, despite their dedication, continuous effort, and determination, some candidates are unable to crack the exam. One of the potential reasons for their failure is the mistakes they make during the preparation phase. The overall process of the exam is strenuous, and without proper preparation, it is difficult to achieve success.

Before embarking on the journey towards success, it is important to identify and rectify the Common Mistakes of IAS Preparation Candidates. We have compiled a list of these blunders to help you eliminate obstacles from your path.

1. No Proper Study Routine

The lengthy process of the IAS exam can often be overwhelming. However, to succeed in this arduous battle, it is crucial to create a daily study schedule. This helps in staying organized and ensures timely coverage of the IAS syllabus. Additionally, it allows time for mock tests and revisions, which are essential for thorough preparation.

2. Inadequate Newspaper Reading Skills

Reading newspapers daily can significantly enhance your knowledgebase. However, it is important to know what to focus on when preparing for the IAS exam. Different segments of a newspaper, such as gossip, issues (reviews and opinions), and events (current affairs), are present. Candidates should identify the relevant segments to the exam, such as current events. International issues that are not relevant to the IAS exam can be avoided.

3. Lack of Familiarity with NCERT Syllabus

NCERT books hold immense importance in IAS preparation. They provide simple and basic concepts on various topics. It is advisable to go through advanced textbooks of NCERT as well. Downloading NCERT books for the UPSC IAS exam is the best option for candidates.

4. Neglecting Mock Tests

The IAS exam is highly competitive, and candidates are selected based on their rankings. To outperform competitors, regular practice through mock tests is essential. It is also important to be aware of the negative marking rule.

5. Lack of Writing Practice

Many IAS candidates tend to focus only on reading without giving importance to writing practice. While reading helps in gathering knowledge, the UPSC exam assesses thinking skills, analytical ability, rationality, and understanding. Therefore, writing practice is crucial to perform better in the exam. Since the preliminary part includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs), mastering the techniques of answering them in a timely manner is necessary. Developing writing skills is vital as a significant part of the exam involves written tests.

6. Excessive Use of Multiple Reference Books

Numerous books are available for IAS aspirants, covering multiple topics and sub-topics. Candidates often get overwhelmed and end up purchasing several books on a single topic in an attempt to gather more knowledge. However, reading multiple books does not necessarily sharpen analysis and thinking abilities. To make effective use of time, it is better to read relevant and popular books rather than referring to multiple sources for each topic.

7. Choosing the Wrong Optional Subject

Selecting optional papers is an important decision for IAS aspirants, as the scores obtained in these papers significantly impact the rank in the merit list. Choosing the wrong subject can have adverse effects on performance. It is advisable to opt for subjects that were part of your graduation course or select a subject based on personal preference.

8. Lack of Balance in Approach

To prepare for the UPSC exam, it is crucial to have a balanced view of every topic, especially on debatable subjects. Candidates should strive to present their answers positively and moderately, considering themselves as future civil servants.

9. Skipping Revision

Many IAS candidates overlook the importance of revision. While reading various topics and issues, it may seem that multiple revisions are unnecessary. However, creating a proper study routine and revising old lessons along with new ones is important to retain knowledge.

10. Focusing on Rumors

During the preparation phase, candidates often come across rumors spread by others. It is important not to pay attention to such rumors and instead maintain confidence in one’s abilities. Self-confidence is essential for success, and being influenced by rumors can demotivate candidates. It is advisable to distance oneself from such rumors.

11. Studying for Extended Hours without Sleep

Candidates sometimes believe that studying for long hours every day is necessary. However, it is equally important to ensure sufficient rest. Allocating time for entertainment, recreational activities, and sleep is essential. Lack of sleep can negatively affect concentration and overall health. It is recommended to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day to maintain good health and feel refreshed for studying.

By being aware of and avoiding these common mistakes, you can increase your chances of achieving success in the IAS exam.

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