What Should I Do In the Last Week Before Exam? IAS Officer Answers

What Should I Do In the Last Week Before Exam

Discover What Should I Do In Last Week Before Exam? IAS Officer Answers Get expert insights for optimal preparation. Exam success. Civil Service Examination is scheduled for 4 October 2020 and is conducted every year by the Union Public Service Commission. With the exam closing in, aspirants are using this time to revise their notes and prepare themselves. Better India spoke to Jitin Yadav, an IAS officer currently serving as the Sub Magistrate in Coochbehar, West Bengal. He shares some important tips that every aspirant should follow in the final week before the exam.

1) Do Not Take Up Any New Topic

It has been observed that many officers suggest not taking up new topics in the last-minute revision. Aspirants should focus on polishing their knowledge in the topics they have already studied. Jitin advises against wasting time on new topics as they require less practice and can hinder the understanding of previously covered topics. It is important to forget about the remaining topics and focus on mastering the ones already studied.

2) Do Not Attempt Mock Papers Before The Exam

Another common mistake made by aspirants is solving mock tests and additional papers. According to Jitin, this is the worst mistake one can make as it lowers the morale of aspirants and hampers topic revision. It leads to demotivation and can become the main reason for not cracking the exam. Jitin suggests discontinuing mock tests and papers at least fifteen days before the exam. Instead, aspirants should focus on smart studies, analyzing previous year’s papers and identifying risk and reward questions from each topic.

3) Revise everything that you have studied up till now

Jitin emphasizes the importance of revising everything studied so far in the last fifteen days. Going through each topic at least once is crucial as some topics may take time to recall. This period provides the perfect opportunity to grasp and reinforce these topics, instilling confidence in solving related questions. This is considered the most important tip and all aspirants should follow it. Solving multiple MCQs can help refresh topics that are taking time to recall. It is crucial to not get demotivated during this period.

4) Do Not Give Up Now

The Civil Service Examination is one of the most difficult exams in the country, which can easily lead aspirants to lose hope and get demotivated. It is important to maintain a strong mental frame and remember the hard work put into preparation. Giving up is not an option as everyone goes through the same mental breakdown. Aspirants may have low self-esteem and believe they won’t score well, but it’s important to remember that full marks are not required to qualify. Aspirants must aim to achieve around 50 percent of the total marks.

5) Focus Only On Self

One common tendency among aspirants is to compare themselves with others. This can lead to overconfidence or a decrease in confidence, depending on the person being compared to. It is important to understand that everyone is different and has different abilities. Each individual may have different study paces, and this should not affect one’s own progress. There is no competition during the preparation period, so it is essential to follow a healthy mindset and focus solely on the exam.

6) What changes must be made to the routine before the exam?

Usually, aspirants, including Jitin himself, tend to be nocturnal. However, slight changes in the routine should be made to adapt to the exam timing. It is common for aspirants to feel sleepy during the exam, which can hinder performance even with good preparation. Discover What Should I Do In Last Week Before Exam? IAS Officer Answers Get expert insights for optimal preparation. Exam success. Aspirants should prioritize getting a good night’s sleep and adopt a waking time of 6 am. This practice of getting sufficient sleep will help maintain focus and stability on the exam day. It is important to note that this timing cycle is a recommendation and each individual should determine their own routine.

7) What is the right time to Stop Reading The Newspaper?

Jitin suggests stopping newspaper reading fifteen days before the exam. This is because questions can be asked about recent events occurring within the last fifteen days. Spending time preparing new news is not worth the marks it would fetch. Instead, Jitin recommends revising old topics and getting ready for the exam. It is crucial to avoid filling the brain with unnecessary information or news that will not contribute to additional marks. The risk and reward method should be applied to determine the value of newspaper reading during this time.

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