JEE Main 2025: Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus

Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus

Are you preparing to achieve your dreams of passing the JEE with flying colours? If you have already begun this journey, then you know the importance of using the best resources you can to make the preparation more effective. When thinking about the educational platforms you can utilise for Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus, the first ones that come to mind are the apps created by illustrious IIT alumni.
These apps are well-rounded as their founders truly know the soul and heart of an IIT. They have not only prepared and written the JEE themselves, but they have also cracked the code of getting into an IIT. So, this makes their apps much more helpful, educational, and efficient than the other apps available. Through this blog, let’s delve into the five best apps that can help you crack the JEE, made by an IIT alumnus.

  1. Melvano

Offering a comprehensive learning platform suiting your individual learning needs, Melvano is an Artificial Intelligence driven practice platform trusted by more than 3 Lakh students. The Platform is renowned for its high-quality question bank & test series created by IIT alumni, mirroring the difficulty level and patterns of the JEE, rendering it extremely important for your Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus. The platform also offers advanced performance analysis tools that provide students with continuous feedback loops. More than 30 students from Melvano have scored over 99 percentile in JEE Main 2024.

Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus

Founded by : Taran Singh, IIT- Madras

Pricing: The app provides free courses, learning materials, videos, and tests that can be used by watching ads. However, if you’re looking to unlock premium features, then you can opt for their affordable yearly package at just Rs. 3000. This is subject to year-round discounts and offers.

Key Features:

  • Content created by IIT alumni
  • Extensive question banks and test papers for JEE preparation
  • Personalised learning with Artificial Intelligence
  • Highest selection rate in JEE Main
  • Basic Features are free of Cost
  1. Vedantu

Led by experienced teachers, Vedantu provides live classes that also allow you to ask questions and interact with your tutors. The website/app offers concise course materials and regular mock papers so that you can assess your progress and understand the areas that have to be improved. Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus, So as to not lose motivation and stay on track, the app also offers you personalised support and mentoring.

Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus

Founded by: Vamsi Krishna, IIT-Bombay; Pulkit Jain, IIT-Roorkee; Saurabh Saxena, IIT-Roorkee; Anand Prakash, IIT-Roorkee

Pricing: While the app provides free study materials, previous question papers, and mock tests for JEE aspirants,The course fees starts from Rs. 51,300 for one year. This includes live classes, interactive doubt clearing sessions, discussion of last year question papers, digital study material, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Flexible learning options
  • Personal tutor
  • Competitive exam preparation
  • Practice materials
  • Live interactive classes
  1. Doubtnut

Doubtnut is a handy tool for JEE aspirants, enabling them to clear all the doubts and queries they have on the go. All the concerns you have will be solved by AI powered videos and answers. All you have to do is snap a photo of the question, upload it on Doubtnut, and the app will provide you with step-by-step solutions and clear explanations on how the question can be solved. This leaves you with reliable support to solve your doubts, whenever you need it.

Best JEE Preparation Apps By IIT Alumnus

Founded by: Aditya Shankar and Tanushree Nagori, IIT-Delhi

Pricing: The app offers revisions of various subjects and important questions for free. However, the JEE crash course is priced at Rs 1,05,000 for 15 months and this comprises daily live interactive classes, doubt-solving sessions, a weekly self-study plan, all India test series, and more. Students have the opportunity to choose between Hindi and English as the language in which the course will be taken.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual support
  • Wide range of subject offered
  • AI powered solutions
  • Question banks
  • Offline access
  1. Toppr

A leading educational technology platform, Toppr has a comprehensive style enabling the JEE aspirant to study easier. Toppr offers a wide range of practice questions, mock tests, and so much more to help the students to prepare for JEE. It also provides personalised learning experiences. Moreover, Toppr has an interactive doubt-solving feature that allows for immediate doubt resolution whenever you have a question or a concern.

Founded by: Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Gotiti, IIT-Bombay

Pricing: Students can clear their doubts and concerns with the interactive doubt-solving feature for free. They can also upgrade and use their comprehensive packages ranging from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000.

Key Features:

  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Performance analytics
  • Personalised learning paths
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Engaging content
  1. Vidyamandir Online Classes (VMC)

Also a renowned coaching institute for NEET and JEE, Vidyamandir Classes is offering online courses for JEE aspirants. The app provides live online classes, recorded lectures, and practice tests for helping students to excel in their exam preparation. The faculty at VMC consists of experienced members who will guide the students in the right direction. VMC helps students reach their goals with personalised support and top-quality coaching.

Founded by: Brij Mohan Gupta, IIT-Delhi

Pricing: The courses offered at VMC start from Rs. 2,19,999 for two years. This covers chat based doubt clearing sessions, non academic and need based mentors, recorded school support classes and the such.

Key Features:

  • Experienced faculty
  • Personalised support
  • Advanced study material
  • Career counselling
  • Parent-teacher meetings

Making the right choice is always important. When it especially comes to choosing the right platform for supporting your JEE preparation, every small aspect has to be considered. This is where Melvano stands out with its personalised learning approach, adaptive algorithms, and extensive coverage of subjects, Melvano helps in maximising the potential of the students. Melvano Plus can be chosen if you’re looking for a more personalised and encompassing course structure.