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Best BTech College In Dehradun

While you may think that the Best BTech Colleges In Dehradun are difficult to find, that’s actually not true! Just check out this list of the 10 Best BTech Colleges In Dehradun and enroll in the program that fits your career goals, job options, and budget! Plus, get to know more about BTech College In Dehradun and why it’s one of the best BTech Colleges In Dehradun!

Why Choose BTech College In Dehradun?

BTech Colleges In Dehradun are renowned for their high-quality curriculums, great teaching staff, and expansive placement opportunities. The best BTech College In Dehradun offers a variety of courses for all interests. Whether you want to find a degree, diploma, or certificate that matches your needs, these colleges have it all. Choosing a BTech College In Dehradun is one of the smartest moves you can make! Check out our list below for more reasons why choosing a BTech college will be the best decision of your life.

There is no other place like the BTech College in Dehradun to get an education. Ranked as one of the best BTech colleges in Dehradun, BTech is considered the perfect college for you and all your dreams. When enrolling in tech college, it will be your responsibility to make sure that you are enrolled at the right place with the right people. The best BTech colleges in Dehradun will have everything you need and want while attending classes here. You are also given a chance to take on different extracurricular activities or sports when attending this university because they understand how important it is to balance things out.

There are numerous BTech colleges In Dehradun to choose from. But, don’t just go for any college – take your time to find a college that will teach you to use all of your passions and talents. Take a look at this list of the best schools in town and choose one that will be perfect for you.

Dehradun is a large city, with plenty of opportunity to work, and life being very affordable for those who can find work. College fees are often very reasonable, and expenses are even lower than other larger cities like Mumbai or Delhi. There are also many opportunities to further your education as well. Many Dehradun based colleges offer Masters programs such as MBA, MTech, and PGDM at affordable rates that compare favorably with their counterparts from around India. 

How to Choose the Best BTech College In Dehradun?

Finding the best BTech College In Dehradun is about deciding on an institution that matches your specific requirements and academic goals. You will also want to find the BTech College In Dehradun that is the best for you financially, whether that means the cheapest or most affordable. I can offer some advice for finding a good BTech College In Dehradun and being happy with it- make sure that it’s a reputable college with a good reputation so that the education is high quality, so you can be confident of its value. You should ask current students and alumni of any potential schools what they think of them before making your final decision; feedback from current students who are still currently attending classes may be more helpful than reviews from alumni who are no longer enrolled at the college.

Great facilities are essential for any BTech College In Dehradun, but they’re not the only thing that makes a school great. Here are some factors you should consider before enrolling at your chosen BTech College In Dehradun: 

Tuition rates and other fees vary greatly between schools. Make sure to find out how much your chosen BTech College In Dehradun charges and compare it to other schools to see which one is more affordable.

What’s the best location for you? Schools might be located close to an urban center or rural area and this can affect your ability to find employment after graduation as well as what types of social activities you’ll be able to take part in while attending classes.

Some BTech Colleges In Dehradun place an emphasis on business and computer science, whereas others focus more heavily on technical education. If you want to specialize right away then you’ll want to find a college with a program focused on your chosen field.

The type of courses offered at a BTech College In Dehradun will depend largely on its size and background, so it’s important to research both the type of students who attend as well as their backgrounds when considering where you would like to go. For instance, larger colleges often have strong theater programs, but smaller colleges may offer more opportunities for personal attention from professors.

Like most things in life, your experience at a BTech College In Dehradun depends largely on those who teach you and provide guidance throughout the process.

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a BTech College In Dehradun is if it has the right program for your desired career. Consider whether or not they have your desired major available before you enroll, or find an online campus close by if that’s an option for you. You should also make sure that all their facilities meet your standards. Some colleges offer training in areas like automotive engineering, digital media design, animation and multimedia engineering as well as general management studies and computer sciences. So check out all the details before deciding which college will best suit your needs!

WAC’s 10 Best BTech College In Dehradun

Choosing a BTech college is an important decision that you can’t afford to make blindly. That’s why our experts have compiled a list of 10 best BTech colleges in Dehradun to help you make an informed decision. Before we get started, let me tell you why we believe these are among the 10 best BTech colleges in Dehradun. They all have high success rates and produce many successful individuals every year.

best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 1 Graphic Era University, School of Engineering and Technology

GEU Dehradun is a private engineering college located on Bell Road, Society Area, in Dehradun. It is a co-educational institution, established by the GEU Group of Institutions, an autonomous and privately funded body. GEU Dehradun was established to impart value-based quality education that leads to professional excellence and entrepreneurship. It has always emphasized innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking while educating its students. With its modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities that span 30 acres, it has become one of the top private institutions with educational diversity of engineering, management sciences, and humanities sciences.

The campus houses various academic blocks, residential halls for boys and girls, administrative blocks, auditoriums, gymnasiums and playgrounds. The institution offers courses in engineering at undergraduate level (Bachelor’s Degree) such as Computer Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electrical Engineering (EE). The School also offers programs in business studies at graduate levels (Master’s Degree) such as MBA in Marketing Management, MBA in Financial Markets Management, MBA/MS Dual Specialization etc.  Post Graduate Diploma Programs are available in areas such as Marketing Management, Banking and Finance, Strategic Supply Chain Management etc. Besides this Graphic Era University Dehradun offers many more interesting disciplines like Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Fashion Designing and Textile Designing etc.

Btech-10+2 with 75% + JEE Main

₹3.23 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: 566/6, Bell Road, Society Area, Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248002
  • Number: 1800 270 1280
  • Email: admissions@geu.ac.in,
  • Website: https://www.geu.ac.in/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 2 University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

After building their own country, new-age industrialists and entrepreneurs are starting to build universities. Is it any surprise then that UPES, Dehradun – a not-for-profit institution, set up by the industry bigwigs themselves is one of India’s top institutions for Higher education? The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) offers Graduate programs in Engineering and Business Management from its campuses at Dehradun (UPES -Dehradun) and Pune (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies – Pune). Students can be enrolled at either campus with no question about which program they would like to pursue. A student can enroll as an engineering student at UPES-Dehradun or as a business management student at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies – Pune. 

When you enroll at one of these campuses, you are automatically enrolled for all courses offered by both campuses. With many courses available, there is ample opportunity to work on different aspects of your career, whatever your interests may be. And if you want to explore a wide range of disciplines within engineering or business management, the flexibility of this dual degree programme makes it possible. We invite prospective students and parents to visit our campus at Dehradun and experience firsthand what we have on offer. We are confident that UPES will soon become the best university in India!  It’s one of the few institutes in India that is driven by industry professionals. It has a hands-on approach towards research and development and delivers quality education to students who are primarily looking for jobs rather than just gaining knowledge. Every department at UPES is equipped with state-of-the-art labs, faculty members who teach using real world examples and expert instructors who create opportunities for budding engineers/business managers through internships and practical knowledge gained through case studies.

Btech-10+2 with 50% + UPESEAT

₹3.44 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: ENERGY ACRES, UPES, BIDHOLI, via, Prem Nagar, Uttarakhand 248007
  • Number: 1800 102 8737
  • Email: enrollmentsupes.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.upes.ac.in/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 3 JB Institute of Technology | BTech College In Dehradun

JB Institute of Technology is ranked as one of the best engineering colleges by MHDC (Manav Rachna Development Corporation) and NIRF. Established with a focus on integrating social and economic values, JBIT provides an excellent education in varied areas of engineering, applied sciences, and humanities. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent faculty and dynamic staff JBIT ensures quality education across varied disciplines. The college offers top ranking academic programs that prepares its students to compete successfully against global challenges – be it industry or entrepreneurship. Apart from regular coursework, emphasis is laid on hands-on projects that involve analyzing industries, producing products for enterprises and implementing policy changes to solve complex problems. 

Students are trained to become creative thinkers, analytical problem solvers and principled decision makers. Students also have access to world-class laboratories and other resources which give them an edge over their peers across India. It is situated on 5 acres of land with 12 teaching blocks. It has a library, hostel facility and transportation services. It accommodates more than 1000 full-time undergraduate students. JBIT has highly qualified faculties who specialize in specific areas of Engineering, Management & Social Sciences.  Alongside, there is no dearth of opportunities for extra curricular activities such as clubs, seminars and workshops. Besides this, JBIT regularly conducts events like Cultural Showcase, Annual Day Celebrations etc. All these features make it one of the most sought after colleges in Dehradun for studies.

Btech-10+2 + JEE Main

₹2.48 Lakhs (Total Fees)

  • Address: 23 Milestone, NH-07, Chakrata Rd, Shankarpur, Uttarakhand 248197
  • Number:  093686 23664
  • Email: info@jbitdoon.com
  • Website: https://www.jbitdoon.com/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 4 DIT University

DIT University, Dehradun is one of the best engineering colleges that provides an awesome platform to study engineering. The college has been ranked as one of the best colleges among other engineering colleges. As such, if you are an aspiring engineer who wants to excel your technical skills, then there is no better place than this college. The infrastructure at DIT University of Engineering and Technology consists of individual laboratories for every department from electronics and telecommunication to civil, mechanical and IT disciplines. These labs have been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide students with modern techniques for teaching about industry topics as well as a chance for hands-on experience with them. The faculty members of the college take pride in providing a high quality education to its students. 

Their constant involvement in research has enabled them to develop new technologies which are implemented in everyday projects carried out by the students at DIT University – , Dehradun. Moreover, they strive hard to keep up with technological developments happening around the world so that they can impart relevant knowledge upon their wards. To do all these, DIT University of Engineering and Technology follows a strict curriculum that is focused on developing the spirit of self-reliance and practicality in their students. Hence, whatever be your career goals; whether it’s related to software development or aerospace engineering or mechanical design or mechatronics or robotics; enrolling yourself at this college will be your first step towards making your dreams come true. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and make your future bright.


₹2 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Mussoorie, Diversion Road, Makka Wala, Uttarakhand 248009
  • Number: 096390 01954 
  • Email: admissions@dituniversity.edu.in
  • Website: https://www.dituniversity.edu.in/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 5 BFIT Group of Institutions | Top BTech College In Dehradun

BFIT Group of Institutions is one of the best colleges that offer courses in engineering, computer sciences, and management. The college’s prime location makes it a popular choice among students as it is situated on Grand Trunk Road, Dehradun – a main thoroughfare of Dehradun and an important route for travelers coming to Dehradun. The campus has some of the finest facilities that other colleges in India can only dream about. The highly qualified faculty gives personalized attention to every student who joins BFIT Group of Institutions. 

The university boasts high academic standards and quality programs that are comparable with top schools across India and provides an amazing opportunity for students from all around India to study at BFIT Group of Institutions. There are nine different degree programmes offered at this prestigious institution of higher education which includes Bachelor in Science (BSc) Courses: Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BE), Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BCE) and Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (BME). 

With its rigorous curriculum and wide array of industry leading features, these courses offer you a head start towards your future career. Although there is not much information available online about this school yet, this institution undoubtedly offers excellent opportunities to pursue your higher education. For more information on BFIT Group of Institutions visit their website today. In addition to being well-known for being one of the oldest universities in India,  

BFIT Group of Institutions is also well-known for producing excellent engineering graduates. With eight decades of excellence behind them, BFIT Group of Institutes produces graduates that are sought after by some of the most renowned companies in the world such as Microsoft Corporation, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., ICICI Bank Ltd., Wipro Limited and Google Inc.


₹85,000 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Chakrata Rd, Sudhowala, Uttarakhand 248007
  • Number:  073009 00900
  • Email: info@bfitdoon.com
  • Website: https://www.bfitdoon.com/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 6 Uttaranchal University

Dehradun is one of the best college places, in Uttarakhand. Dehradun has a good infrastructure and lifestyle so there are many good institutes here. Uttaranchal University, Dehradun (also known as UU, DEHRADUN) is one of the oldest universities with a great education record. With a hostel accommodation facility for every student, study environment at most leading educational institutions to choose from and world-class faculty, Uttaranchal University has something to offer every student that’s looking for a quality education.  To make the students feel comfortable while they live on campus, it also offers 24*7 water supply and power back up facilities along with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

It also organizes various sporting events like sports day, winter festival, summer festival etc. Moreover, Uttaranchal University gives special importance to research work too. There is a research center which helps researchers develop projects related to agriculture sciences or applied sciences among others. Furthermore, each department of this institute holds an annual seminar where students can showcase their talent in front of their seniors and peers alike. Apart from academics Uttaranchal University prepares its students by conducting personality development programs like leadership skills courses etc., to shape them into confident individuals who will be successful no matter what field they choose later on in life.

Btech-10+2 with 50%

₹2 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Arcadia Grant, Chandanwari, Prem Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248007
  • Number:  0135 277 0300
  • Email: lcd@uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in
  • Website: https://uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank:  7 Tula’s Institute | Best College for Btech in Dehradun

Tula’s Institute is a top B-tech institute located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. It is one of those renowned engineering colleges in India, where the education provided at Tula’s Institute is consistently ranked among the best and well-recognized for its curricula that cater to various streams. The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced, having specializations across multiple fields of Engineering and Science including Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and other major disciplines. Tula’s Institute conducts regular lectures from reputed professional scholars on topics such as Management Science & Systems Technology(MST), Internet Technology (IT), Material Science & Chemical Technology (M&CT) etc. 

These lectures are open for all budding engineering aspirants for enrichment. All students enrolled here are given priority for research work under the guidance of mentors. Besides academics, students also have opportunities to compete in conferences with potential employers, talk with alumni and avail industry training courses. Graduates from Tula’s Institute usually land jobs which offer salaries ranging from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs annually. They also go on to pursue higher degrees in management or design. For example, some graduates from Tula’s Institute go on to complete their Masters degree in Finance and others specialize further in Design or Computer Science. We hope this brief overview has been helpful in deciding if Tula’s Institute is the right fit for you. We wish you all the very best in your journey ahead.


₹1.26 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address:  Tulas Institute Dhoolkot Near Selaqui, Dhulkot Rd, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248197 
  • Number:  063669 37159
  • Email: info@tulas.edu.in
  • Website: https://tulas.edu.in/
best btech college in dehradun

Rank: 8 Doon Institute of Engineering And Technology

Doon Institute of Engineering And Technology (DIET) is India’s foremost institute to train engineers and professionals. Our state-of-the-art campus enables students to gain a complete understanding of engineering and technology across various streams, including – civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronics engineering, computer science & application, mining engineering, and instrumentation and control. If this sounds like your perfect future. As one of the best institutes in Uttaranchal, our faculty can offer you opportunities that no other institution can. For instance, we have courses such as rock mechanics where students are taught how to extract minerals from rocks. 

Moreover, we have different laboratories where you can work on designing the most cutting edge software or hardware. You will also get ample opportunity to participate in seminars and conferences which will open up new avenues for growth. Doon Institute of Engineering And Technology (DIET), was established with an objective of imparting knowledge to those who aspire for excellence in their chosen field. We promote critical thinking skills so that graduates emerge as innovative leaders able to solve complex problems faced by industry and society. DIET not only provides world-class facilities and outstanding teaching faculty but also offers a plethora of student activities from sports to cultural events. With DIET’s wide range of programmes, there is something for everyone to enjoy! It’s time to enroll in the best college for your career prospects today!

Btech-10+2 with 75% + JEE Main

₹ 80,0001st Yr Fees

  • Address: 83R8+2R7, Mayur Vihar, Road, Sahastradhara, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
  • Number:  135 – 2454353
  • Email: Dooninstitute@Gmail.Com
  • Website: https://dietdehradun.ac.in/
Rank: 9 Shivalik College of Engineering

Rank: 9 Shivalik College of Engineering | Best BTech College in Dehradun

The Shivalik College of Engineering (SCE), Dehradun has four departments- civil engineering, computer science engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, and mechanical engineering. The motto of this college is Fearless Challengers.  SCE was established with a vision to create an environment where every student feels free to explore new possibilities in their field and take on difficult challenges.  Their aim is to make students life-long learners who are knowledgeable about the latest developments and innovations in the field of technology. They encourage students to think outside the box, question everything and come up with innovative solutions for challenging problems. They want their students to be fearless challengers and lifelong learners. 

SCE is one of the best colleges in Dehradun that has made its mark not only in Uttarakhand but also across India as one of the top institutes. There are multiple opportunities for both campus placement as well as off-campus placement depending on qualification of individual candidates.These students have bright career prospects owing to the skill set they gain while studying at this institution. Some students may go on to work as engineers, research scholars or entrepreneurs. All the courses are designed by industry experts keeping in mind the needs of the job market. Facilities such as design studios, laboratories, workshops and testing facilities allow students to learn through hands-on experience. A lot of emphasis is given to practical training and these labs are equipped with all the necessary tools required for practical classes. Along with traditional teaching methods, some of these labs use state-of-the-art equipment which allows students to see how things work first hand. Teaching here starts from basics so students can acquire advanced knowledge in all fields.

Btech-10+2 with 45%

₹ 93,9001st Yr Fees

  • Address:  P.O, Shimla Bypass Road Shiniwala, Sherpur, Uttarakhand 248197
  • Number: 099971 55111
  • Email: admission@sce.org.in
  • Website: www.sce.org.in
Rank: 10 ICFAI University

Rank: 10 ICFAI University

International Management and Financial Engineering college of Icfai University, Dehradun was established in the year 2003 with the purpose to educate, train and equip young minds. The goal is to produce competent professionals who will lead India into a new age of economic prosperity.  ICFAI University strives for excellence in teaching, research, and training programs by offering quality education at affordable costs. It offers undergraduate programs in various disciplines like engineering, information technology, management studies, and commerce as well as postgraduate programs like MBA (Business Administration) program or MS (Information Technology) program etc. 

It also features laboratories, libraries, internet access and world class infrastructure that is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern day learning environment. The institute offers campus placements and after-placement support services to its students. Other than these, it provides highly qualified faculty with excellent knowledge about latest industry trends and demands.  It is one of the best colleges in Dehradun and aims to provide professional education with an emphasis on industrial relevance. It is one of the most popular colleges in Dehradun among youngsters. With many innovative and unique courses available from this university; you can be sure that your time spent here would be fruitful and productive.

Btech-10+2 with 50%

₹ 480,000  For 4 Year Total Fees

  • Address: Rajawala Road, Selaqui, Central Hope Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248197
  • Number: 0135 300 3009
  • Email: admissions@iudehradun.edu.in
  • Website: https://www.iudehradun.edu.in/

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best BTech College In Dehradun

Choosing the right college for your higher education is a difficult decision, as there are a number of factors to take into account. At the same time, the cost of higher education is skyrocketing. The WAC has compiled a list of 10 Best BTech Colleges In Dehradun based on the admission criteria and reviews from students like you. Get enrolled today at the Best BTech College In Dehradun For Your Degree.

We dedicate ourselves to providing our readers with the most accurate and up-to-date information about best BTech Colleges In Dehradun. At the end of each year, we release our list of the top ten colleges for every region so that you know where to get an education. These lists are not based on any opinion but on facts and statistics that are gathered from various trustworthy sources.

Our blogs have helped thousands of students join the Best BTech College In Dehradun. Our blog offers great advice on which BTech College to join and other general info. We hope our blog will be helpful to you as well.

All Other Best BTech College In Dehradun

There are so many great BTech colleges in Dehradun and you can enroll in any one of them. To help you choose, here are the top 10 Best BTech Colleges In Dehradun where you can enroll. If you’re not sure which to choose, here is a list of other BTech colleges to choose From.

Himgiri Zee University

Other: 1 Himgiri Zee University

Himgiri Zee University is an excellent engineering college in Dehradun and offers affordable and quality education to all students. With around 400 acres of land, the campus provides many opportunities for students to explore a vast variety of career options. Hostel facilities include 3 hostels for girls and 2 hostels for boys. All of them have a dining facility and can accommodate 500 students. For food, they have a mess facility that serves vegetarian food. 

All these factors combined help HZU to rank among one of the best colleges in Dehradun. Not only is it well-equipped with infrastructure, faculty, and curriculum but also has staff members who are trained in communication skills. In addition to providing higher education with excellence, this university also caters to specific needs by offering courses like Masters in Computer Science and Engineering Management. Alongside this rigorous coursework, students are given ample opportunities to hone their skills through extracurricular activities like cultural programs as well as sports tournaments which take place every year. It takes pride in its eco-friendly environment where new methods of reducing pollution are being implemented while simultaneously maintaining sustainability through practices such as reforestation and recycling.  To conclude, if you’re looking for a progressive institution that fosters innovation and helps you grow intellectually, then Himgiri Zee University is the place for you!


₹95,000 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: P.O. Sherpur, Chakrata Rd, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248197
  • Number: 1800 180 4181
  • Email: info@hzu.edu.in,
  • Website: https://www.hzu.edu.in/
Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions

Other: 2 Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions | Top BTech College in Dehradun

Founded in 2009, Dehradun-based Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is one of the finest colleges across Dehradun with some of the best faculty members and a great student body. A well-known engineering college, DBGI offers undergraduate courses as well as postgraduate courses in Engineering.   Apart from teaching technical skills, the institute also focuses on making its students aware about entrepreneurship and leadership skills that will help them succeed in life. The institute also hosts many events throughout the year to make sure that it keeps up with times and changes. For all those looking for a career in engineering,  DBGI is an excellent choice. Offering good placements and internships, DBGI has had a lot of success stories over the years. 

With competitive fees and good placement opportunities, this institution definitely deserves to be among the top ten engineering colleges in Dehradun. From mechanical engineering to civil engineering, DBGI offers courses in various fields of engineering. Alumni have gone onto do amazing things such as becoming successful entrepreneurs or senior engineers at multinational companies like Wipro and TCS. If you want a quality education at affordable rates, then go for DBGI. It has low tuition fee rates, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank just for your degree. Their projects are also worth mentioning. They are not just theoretical exercises but actual hands-on activities that prepare students for real life problems they will face once they enter their careers after graduation. Students are given ample time to conduct their project work and discuss any queries related to their projects with the mentor anytime during office hours; they can even email them if necessary. The mentors provide feedback on the work done by their students so they can understand where they went wrong and improve upon themselves accordingly in order to come up with better solutions next time around.

Btech-10+2 with 60%

₹1.14 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Dev Bhoomi Campus, Chakrata Road, Manduwala, Naugaon, Uttarakhand 248007
  • Number: 1800 103 4049
  • Email: info@dbgidoon.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.dbgidoon.ac.in/
Swami Rama Himalayan University

Other: 3 Swami Rama Himalayan University

We all want to be surrounded by a diverse and culturally stimulating environment and getting your degree from SRHU gives you just that. The university offers a variety of courses and every student who joins, has the opportunity to study abroad. If you’re looking for an education with various opportunities, then SRHU is the place for you. With its beautiful campus near the foothills of Himalayas and its hospitable culture, it’s no wonder why SRHU was ranked as India’s best private university. Students are also encouraged to pursue their passions through many extracurricular activities offered by the university such as Music or Yoga classes. 

A lot of students come here with the idea that they’ll simply complete their studies and leave afterwards, but SRHU helps them to live like locals so they feel more at home while completing their education.  For those that would rather stay local, the university offers off-campus accommodations close to the main city center. From day one, students are introduced to meditation sessions which help them find peace in between their rigorous coursework. As if that weren’t enough, each student receives spiritual guidance when they need it most and have access to everything they need on campus thanks to SRHU’s excellent facilities.

Btech-10+2 with 55%

₹2.46 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Swami Ram Nagar, Beside Jolly Grant Airport Jolly Grant, Doiwala, Uttarakhand 248016
  • Number:  0135 247 1135
  • Email: admissions@srhu.edu.in
  • Website: srhu.edu.in
Shri Guru Ram Rai University

Other: 4 Shri Guru Ram Rai University

Shri Guru Ram Rai University, Dehradun is one of the best colleges for engineering studies. This university was established in 1986. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields like Computer Science Engineering, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Applied Mathematics. Shri Guru Ram Rai University also has a well-equipped academic environment with laboratories and tools to help students excel academically. The faculty members are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their respective fields. All these facilities make this university a top engineering college in India. With its excellent infrastructure, professional teaching staff, and affordable fees, 

Shri Guru Ram Rai University is an excellent place to enroll if you’re looking for a good quality engineering degree programme. Prospective students should consider it as one of the top engineering colleges in Dehradun before making any other decision. Its affordable tuition fee makes it the perfect choice for those who want to study in a high-quality institution without spending too much money.  Students get plenty of chances to interact with experts from different backgrounds and gain knowledge from them which helps them develop life skills that will be beneficial in future careers.Shri Guru Ram Rai University is famous for its campus placements and most of the graduates get job offers from reputed companies within two months after completing their degrees. If you’re interested in studying at Shri Guru Ram Rai University, apply now!


₹ 104,0001st Yr Fees

  • Address: Chamanpuri, Govt.Industrial Estate, Patel Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248121
  • Number: 072488 89111
  • Email: admission@sgrru.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.sgrru.ac.in/
Women Institute of Technology

Other: 5 Women Institute of Technology | Top BTech College in Dehradun

Women Institute of Technology is one of the best engineering colleges for girls. Women Institute of Technology, Dehradun was established to provide technical education and training to women with a view to contributing towards the economic development of India by integrating their talents and skills into technological professions. The college believes that providing technical education is an important step towards attaining socio-economic emancipation of women. Women at WIT are leaders in business, academics and industry, with professional degrees ranging from engineering and computer science to education and healthcare. 

At WIT, students not only excel academically but also participate in extracurricular activities such as Toastmasters International, social work at nearby schools and vocational training. WIT focuses on improving leadership skills as well as promoting entrepreneurship among female students. Students develop leadership potential through various workshops led by alumni mentors who have achieved success in their respective careers. Female entrepreneurs also help mentor the students and make presentations on how they manage both personal and professional lives successfully. WIT has state-of-the-art classrooms where new technologies are taught alongside traditional methods like lab experiments, lectures and project work. For those looking for internships or full time positions after graduation, partnerships with companies like Microsoft ensure that there will be plenty of opportunities available upon completion of studies here.

Btech-10+2 with 75% + JEE Main

₹ 75,5001st Yr Fees

  • Address: Women Institute of Technology – [WIT], Dehradun
  • Number: 076683 74877
  • Email: directorwit2012@gmail.com
  • Website: wit.ac.in

Frequently Asked Questions about BTech College In Dehradun

If you are a student, you may have many questions about BTech College In Dehradun. However, don’t worry because I will do my best to answer them for you. There are many questions about BTech College In Dehradun that new students have asked such as:

In order to study at a BTech College In Dehradun, you’ll need to be a high school graduate and obtain either 12th standard or equivalent qualifications. Additionally, applicants should have scored a 50% percentile (50/100) or higher on their class XII exam.

Choosing the right BTech College In Dehradun is important because choosing the wrong one can severely hamper your chances of success. Finding the best BTech College In Dehradun will ensure that you’re learning from some of the brightest minds in the country and have access to all the facilities you need to succeed. It’s an investment worth making. With so many BTech Colleges In Dehradun to choose from, it can be difficult to know which are the best. 

A BTech Course is one of the popular courses that are offered at a BTech College In Dehradun. The course deals with subjects like engineering, science and technology. There are many different streams of study that you can pursue in this course, such as Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Aeronautical Engineering and Electronics Engineering. If you choose to pursue any one of these streams then your course would be focussed on a certain field and after completion of your graduation from any of these courses you will find it easier to apply for jobs related to your stream – which means you could get some good benefits if you are able to find employment through this course.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best BTech College In Dehradun

Many people are eager to study at the Best BTech College In Dehradun, but they don’t know the right way to get in or they’re not sure where to look. If this sounds like you, you’re at the right place. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions About the Best BTech College In Dehradun and answers! 

Is Dehradun good for BTech?

Yes, Dehradun is an option for BTech, but there are many things to consider when deciding on where to study. 

How many engineering colleges are there in Dehradun?

There are many engineering colleges in Dehradun but few of them can be called as ‘good’. Here is a list of ten good engineering colleges that you should consider before going to any other college.

Who is the best college in Dehradun?

If you are looking for the best college in Dehradun, the goal is to find a balance of the right academic and social culture. Our List Of 10 Best BTech Colleges in Dehradun is Best.

Is Dehradun good for engineering?

Yes, Dehradun is an option for Engineering, but there are many things to consider when deciding on where to study.