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CLAT Coaching in Patna

In the effort to bring you all the information related to CLAT and for the ones seeking admission to the best CLAT coaching center in Patna, For the aspirants who want to pursue law as their career, it is essential to opt for the best CLAT coaching center in Patna that can help you ace your exam and boost your chances of getting a good college and job. Here we have enlisted the 7 best CLAT coaching classes in Patna which is known as one of the best coaching institutes not only in Patna but also in India. This article is for students aspiring to study Law and who seek CLAT Coaching for themselves.

Why Choose CLAT Coaching Center in Patna?

If you are a resident of Patna, you may get good opportunities to find yourself excellence in the field of Law by searching CLAT coaching center in Patna. As an aspirant seeking admission to CLAT, you should understand why you should choose Patna for your law preparation. We will be helping you in selecting the best coaching for CLAT in Patna suitable for yourself through some information we have collected for you. From all the information about law coaching in Patna to the location, we ensure to provide you the knowledge of the few best coaching for CLAT in Patna.

Patna, the capital of Bihar, is no less than an education hub for students preparing for various courses for their future paths. At the same time, the city provides a lot of sources for the preparation through various institutes. It also gives you glimpses of the competition present in the various fields. Here we are talking about the legal arena. We will read about multiple available CLAT coaching classes in Patna.

As we know that the city provides lots of institutes available for various courses. It becomes a core question for why a student should opt for a particular coaching institute or the multiple parameters. They should be used to select one of the best CLAT coaching classes in Patna, which may definitely help a student in achieving their targeted goals for getting admission to their dream law colleges.

CLAT coaching in Patna is much cheaper when compared to other major cities in India. The average cost of coaching in Patna is Rs. 1.5 lakhs, which is significantly lower than the average cost of coaching in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

However, the cost of living in Patna is also much cheaper than in other major cities. This means that when you factor in the cost of living, the cost of coaching in Patna is actually lower than in other cities.

Overall, if you’re looking for CLAT coaching at a reasonable price, Patna is a great option.

How To Choose the Best CLAT Coaching Center in Patna?

Initially, when starting with the preparation, one needs to be clear with the points they need to consider in evaluating the best CLAT coaching in Patna or selecting the top law coaching in Patna. At What After College (WAC), we present seven primary factors that would play an essential role in making an important decision that would definitely be a beginning point of your preparation.

WAC follows a 7 Steps Evaluation Process before rating, Ranking, and reviewing any Institution. Here are our 7 Factors of evaluation, hope they will help you in your evaluation and selection process. Go through these to make up your mind. At WAC, we intend to guide you in the best direction for your career.

An essential thing is the fee structure of any institute that you would be preferring to be a part of. A coaching center that would meet your budget requirements would be proven as an institute suitable for you in all circumstances.

Best CLAT Coaching in Patna for you will definitely be the one that provides you with the quality of education and presents you with easy, steady material access. It would be more convincing if it is in both online and offline mode.

The faculty is one of the essential factors that should be considered while selecting the best CLAT coaching in Patna because the better the faculty, the easier the preparation process would be.

  • Now the access to the coaching centre, depending on the distance from your resident, is one of the most influential factors that help one with the decision-making process.
  • Because as a student, one cannot spend a lot of time on traveling to the coaching centre and then coming back to the home, this would just kill some extra time that may be precious to the aspirant.

A student must consider that their chosen institute should meet their needs with all the subjects they need to study and have a clear stance with.

The reviews and achievements of the past could help the students in understanding the success rate of the coaching institute they are planning to join. Usually, the coaching centre with a higher selection rate or successful candidates gets a lot of students every year.

Last but not least, a little bit of study based on your needs and requirement of a coaching centre would definitely be a masterstroke towards your selection criteria for getting into the best CLAT coaching classes in Patna.

You won’t just go to an institution and pay the fees straight away. Right? We’re talking about investing years of your life and a lot of your money as well, you should follow these tips to get the best return on your investment.

The primary and most essential thing while looking for a coaching institute should be the fee structure, so you know it’s in your budget. Because obviously, you can’t spend a fortune on a coaching center that will be helping you get to the college of your dreams that will cost you to complete your degree.

 A coaching institute should be accessible easily according to the area because the more near it is, the less time it will be consuming to reach and thus saves time and energy for further work and self-study as well.

It would be more beneficial if you search for required faculty as well, for example, teachers available for specific papers and subjects so that you get the crux of all your preparation.

One of the things that mainly attracts the students is the results for last years for specific coaching centres in different subjects, which is usually the factor to move ahead with opting for the Best CLAT coaching centre in Patna.

WAC’s 7 Best Law Coaching in Patna | CLAT Coaching Institute in Patna

Finally, we’re here. For which you have come. Here’s the list of the topmost institutions in Patna, these are the 7 best CLAT Coaching in Patna according to us. We have crafted this list evaluating these institutions based on our 7 factors of evaluation.

We researched and filtered through their presented online media, their websites, their social channels, and offline visited their institutions, and now this is our conclusion. We’re optimistic that this list will help you make the right choice for yourself.

Best CLAT Coaching in Patna

Rank 1: Legalight | The Best CLAT Coaching in Patna

Vivek and Ayush decided to start a CLAT test preparation organization in 2016 based on two concepts. They were fed up with overpriced CLAT prep sessions and poor instruction. As a result, they figured out how to ace the CLAT and founded Legalight to share their techniques with students.

They intended to make their lessons and materials exciting enough for students to enjoy learning and create a company for which they would want to work. They have owing obsessive focus on quality. The best CLAT coaching in Patna aspires to perform their best by giving every student access to adequate, affordable, and engaging test prep tools at Legalight law coaching in Patna.

  • Legalight CLAT institute, the best CLAT coaching in Patna, prepares students for the test and a lifetime of success.
  • Their Passion is based on providing the best available help to the students who might be seeking help or a push towards making a move in their career.
  • Legalight’s mission and values are firmly invested in the belief to provide educational opportunities to those who might otherwise not have them.
  • CLAT Full Time Classroom Program
  • Crash Course Batches for CLAT
  • More Details on the Programmes are Given In the Batch Size Toggle.

The fee structure in any CLAT coaching classes in Patna is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can easily contact the institute with the information given below, as per the preference of their courses.
More Details on the Programmes are Given In Batch Size Toggle.

Online/Offline Batches for CLAT 2022


  • Online Crash Course (CLAT 2021)
  • 45 Mocks | 200 Sectional Tests
  • 300+ Online Sessions
  • Study Material | New Pattern
  • Live Doubt Clearing sessions
  • Batch Size: 20


  • Mode: ONLINE | Duration: 1 Year
  • 60 Mock Tests | 300 Sectional Test
  • 450+ Online Sessions
  • Study Material | New Pattern
  • Personalized Mentorship
  • Live Doubt Clearing sessions
  • Batch Size: 20


  • Mode: OFFLINE | Duration- 1 Year
  • 75 Mock Tests | 400 Sectional Test
  • 550+ Classroom Sessions
  • Study Material | New Pattern
  • Personalized Mentorship
  • Live Doubt Clearing sessions
  • Batch Size: 30

There are Online Batches for CLAT 2023 with a similar structure available on the site.

  • Offline/Online resources are given by the Insitution.
  • One to one session (Online/offline) are Given
  • Additional resources like a self-study kit

Online classes are conducted 3 – 5 times a week by India’s best CLAT teachers, which helps in maintaining A routine needed to finish the course on time.

  • Top Scorers like
    • Aadya Singh; AIR 02, CLAT 2020
    • Jai Singh Rathore; AIR 03, CLAT 2020
    • Anand Kumar; AIR 05, CLAT 2020
  • Online classes by India’s best CLAT teachers
  • Live Doubt Solving
  • Video lessons by CLAT experts
  • All India Test Series
  • Personalized Mentoring by Personal Mentor
  • Practice Sheet & Extra Classes

What After college and the team have been working their best to provide the people with ample unbiased and honest reviews about certain institutions. To make your search easier and clear out the blues and blurs, WAC has initiated with best of the reviews and information available for the readers. Legalight has been ranked No. 1 for a Reason. In our opinion, it is the best CLAT Coaching Institute in Patna.

Contact Details

Best CLAT Coaching in Patna

Rank 2: Law Prep Tutorial | CLAT Coaching Center in Patna

Law Prep Tutorial is one of the best CLAT coaching centers in Patna. As the rivalry for passing the CLAT exam has grown, Law Prep Tutorial has devised a course structure that will enable students to catch up with ‘speed and accuracy in order to achieve their aim of passing the exam.

Law Prep Tutorial offers more than 18 years of expertise teaching law students and assisting them in achieving their goals. The coaching institute boasts a 40% student selection success rate, and over 5000 students have already secured their futures with us, making it one of India’s best CLAT coaching institutes. In addition, one of our students received an AIR 1 in CLAT 2019 and AILET 2019.

  • The institute provides the most comprehensive study package for numerous legal entrance exams around the country.
  • You will be taught by the most experienced and well-trained academic professionals who will help students reach their career objectives.
  • The Legal Prep Tutorial has created a package to assist you in passing law entrance examinations and gaining admission to a prestigious law school.
  • CLAT TARGET; One Year Classroom Coaching
  • FOUNDATION; Two Year Classroom Coaching
  • FINISHER; Dropper Course
  • Online classes
  • Mock tests

The fee structure in any institute is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can easily contact the institute with the information given below, as per the preference of their courses.

Comprehensive batches according to the various types and courses provided for the students.

  • Offline/Online
  • Study Kit based on New CLAT 2020 Pattern
  • Well-equipped Library
  • Highest no. of Mocks

60+ faculty members. Experienced and well-trained academic professionals.

Law school alumni

ex-Law school faculty

aptitude test trainers

subject experts and research associates.

  • All India Rank 2 in CLAT 2020
  • All India Rank 1 in CLAT 2019, 2018 (G), 2017
  • 3 Students in Top 10 All India Rank in CLAT 2020 and 2019
  • 10 Students in Top 50 in CLAT 2020
  • 34 Students in Top 100 in CLAT 2020
  • 400+ NLU selections in CLAT 2020
  • Live Interactive Sessions
  • 360° Guidance
  • Structured & Comprehensive Material
  • Mentoring From the Experts
  • Flexible & Customised Courses
  • Smart Classroom
  • Centralized Air Conditioning
  • Centrally located in Patna

What After College and its personnels have been working hard to promote the public interest with unbiased and honest ratings of various institutions. WAC has compiled the most exemplary ideas and information available for users to make things easily accessible for you and to clear out the blues and blurs.

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Rank 3: CLATians

Rank 3: CLATians | CLAT Coaching Center in Patna

One of the institutes providing the best CLAT coaching classes in Patna. The institute was established in the year 2015, and since then, it has been one of the renowned coaching institutes all over India, marking its specialty in law entrance exams. The institute is known for its success in the last few years.

All the efforts have come up in the face of succeeded students in the field of Law. Students have preferred the institute because of its success ratio. The students have been able to have remarkable fame quickly, looking forward to their success in the coming future. Also, the institute has a well-equipped library and online services that would help you with online classes assignments and more. There are also scholarships for students who are economically weaker but carry great potential within them.

  • The institute makes sure that they are not just a Centre providing you a course for a year or two, but they try to be e appropriate support and guidance for its students who seek the coaching institute for their career guidance.
  • The focus is on the preparation of the students keeping in mind the updated syllabus related to law entrance exams.
  • It also engages students in various development skills, for example, that provides opportunities for students to enroll In different youth parliament and debates.
  • Providing them 24/7 online doubt sessions where students can contact their faculties and similarly some scholarships for deserving candidates would help a student in their personality development.
  • CLATians Vital
  • CLATians Success
  • CLATians E-success
  • CLATians test series
  • CLATians rapid
  • CLATians E-rapid

The fee structure in any institute is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can easily contact the institute with the information given below, as per the preference of their courses.

  • Small/medium/large – Depends As per the course requirements
  • Offline/Online material is made available by the Institute.
  • Mock tests are taken time to time.
  • Test series aer created by the centre to keep it’s students ahead of others.
  • Excellent faculty with 24*7 live sessions available for students in law coaching in Patna.
  • Well-qualified and experienced
  • Notable Alumni & Top Scorers
    • Nihal swaraj pal; CLAT BLAT 2019
    • Kumar Satyam; CLAT2020
    • Saatvika Singh; CLAT 2020
  • A.C. classrooms
  • Special scholarships for EWS
  • Regular assignments and guidance
  • Additional Classes (Online/Offline)

According to the review of What After college and the team the institute is good in terms of all the facilities available including availability of study material and faculty. Apart from that, test series and one on sessions help students in clearing daily doubts and scholarships for economically weaker sections to avail the facilities at convenient prices.

Contact Details

Rank 4: CLAT Gurukul

Rank 4: CLAT Gurukul | CLAT Coaching Institute in Patna

CLAT Gurukul is one of the best CLAT Coaching centers in Patna. They ultimately introduced online CLAT courses as a classroom coaching facility to help applicants successfully prepare for law entrance exams throughout India. For CLAT, AILET, BHU, and other law entrance exams, the coaching provides a combined experience of classroom and online tutoring. They strive for greatness as a coaching unit. The institute has a good reputation in the educational field. And every day, it expands at a rapid rate.

This one of the best CLAT Coaching Institutes in Patna strives for the most significant number of CLAT exam selections possible, guaranteeing that as an institute, they deliver the best CLAT preparation in Patna. The law entrance exam was passed by one out of every three CLAT Gurukul students. CLAT Gurukul has a pleasant learning environment. Aspirants are provided with numerous opportunities to clarify their queries on a variety of topics. There are interactive sessions that bring students and teachers closer together. As a result of these characteristics, have been established as a leading CLAT Coaching Institute in Patna as a result of these characteristics.

Courses Offered
  • Offline Foundation Course – 2 years
  • Online Foundation Course – 2 Years
  • Online Target Course – 1 Year
  • Offline Target Course CLAT – 1 Year
  • Mock Test Series for CLAT
  • CG Express Crash Course

The fee structure in any institute is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can easily contact the law coaching in Patna with the information given below, as per the preference of their courses.

  • Small/medium/large
  • Comprehensive batches for various courses.

  • Offline/Online
  • G.K.
  • English
  • Legal aptitude
  • Maths
  • Logical reasoning

  • Faculties are very qualified and have many years of experience.
  • Both offline and online classes for students
  • Series of Mock Tests and Online tests

  • Alumni
  • Top Scorers
  • CLAT 2020 and CLAT 2021 were successful.
  • In the CLAT-2019, every third student from the institute was accepted into National Law Schools.
  • Forty-two from a group of 168 students that took the exam in CLAT-2018 were succeeded.
  • We also produced the most picks from any institute in Bihar and Jharkhand in CLAT-2017 and CLAT-2016.

  • High-Quality Content in the form of books & study material
  • CLAT online Preparation Videos
  • Tests Based on the actual CLAT Exam Pattern
  • Detailed CLAT Mock Test analysis to help you improve faster
  • CLAT Discussion Forum to help you discuss doubts and queries
  • Mentorship from the team that trains CLAT toppers each year

The institute is one of the renowned CLAT institute in Patna focusing on students preparation and helping them to achieve their goals through excellent faculty and study material. the online videos is an extra asset for students.

Contact Details

  • Address1: 24/B, Beside Bikaner Sweets, Sahdev Mahato Marg, S K Puri, Patna – 800001 (Pin Location)
  • Address2: B-5, A. G. Colony, East of A G Colony Park, Pin-800025 (Pin Location)
  • Address3: N-6, Professor’s Colony, Near Munna Chak Beside Aasthalok Hospital Kankarbagh Patna – 800020 (Pin Location)
  • Contact Number +91 7903086545, +91 8294394519 +91 7903086545
  • Email Address: admin@clatgurukul.com
  • Website: https://www.clatgurukul.com/
  • Social Links: FB| Twitter| Telegram| YouTube
CLAT Coaching in Patna

Rank 5: CLAT Focus Tutorials | CLAT Coaching in Patna

CLAT Focus lessons are the result of the efforts of Neeraj Kumar, who was a youthful and energetic individual. A Chanakya National Legal University law scholar intends to provide comprehensive CLAT and other law entrance exam preparation to his pupils. Presently CLAT Focus Tutorials is running its center in Patna at two centers at Kankarbagh and Boring Road.

In his previous five years of teaching experience, he had left no stone unturned in transforming more than 500 students from law aspirants to proud law students. The institute has given high education in the field of law entry and has served as a source of motivation and information for its pupils. The law coaching in Patna is also noted for maintaining a balance of quality and fee affordability.

  • One of the best CLAT coachings in Patna was able to realize their ambition and produce AIR-15 in CLAT 2018 after a magnificent journey of 6 years of CLAT FOCUS Tutorials.
  • It was just a beginning; their goal is to place at least 25 students from the institute among the top 100 CLAT candidates every year.
  • CLAT FOCUS Tutorials are directed and administered by Neeraj Kumar, a Chanakya National Law University student.
  • The goal of establishing the school was to make aspirants’ dreams of pursuing Law as a career a reality. “Our task of imparting education is more of a mission and vocation than a profession or business,” they emphasize that the student’s best interests are their priority.
  • Their goal isn’t merely to teach students but also to make them aware of the most incredible job options and the measures they may take to get there.

The fee structure in any institute is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can easily contact the law coaching in Patna with the information given below, as per the preference of their courses.

  • Small/medium/large
  • Batches according to the type of courses selected
  • Comprehensive batches for better understanding
  • Offline/Online
  • Video testimonials
  • Correspondence course
  • Mock tests
  • Tests series
  • One to one session (On/offline)
  • Neeraj Kumar
    • B.A, L.L.B – Chanakya National Law University, Patna.
    • He is the youngest and most dynamic Legal Aptitude Faculty, known for his legal Knowledge and practical Implementation.
  • R. K. Jha
    • Author – Arihant, Pearson, TMH, Vidya Sagar etc.
    • R. K. Jha Sir, widely known in the field of Logical Reasoning and Author of many books from different publications, including Arihant, Pearson, Vidya Sagar Etc. is a Permanent Faculty and Academic Advisor of CLAT FOCUS Tutorials with 24 Years of Teaching Experience making him one of the best Faculty of India.
  • Amit Kumar
    • LLB – Campus Law centre, Delhi University
    • 9 Years of experience teaching English in institutions like Made Easy, IAS Academy makes him the Best Faculty of English.
  • Er. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava
    • B. Tech, M. Tech – IIT Delhi
  • Ragini Jaiswal
    • B.A, LLB – National law University, Delhi
    • Ragini Jaiswal, a Law graduate from National Law University New Delhi, teaches English.
  • Samarth Trigunayat
    • a law Graduate from Chanakya National Law University, and Postgraduates from South Asian University Delhi.
  • Alumni & Top Scorers
    • Lakshya Grover; AIR 15, CLAT 2018
    • Bhawani Singh; AIR 87, CLAT 2018
    • Prakash Kumar; AIR 833
  • Hostel facilities
  • AIR-15 IN CLAT 2018
  • 7 SELECTIONS UNDER TOP 200 in 2018

In the review by What After College and its team, it is concluded that the institute has been working hard to promote the public interest with various facilities mentioned above, students have been preferring the institute because of its excellent services and results every year.

Contact Details

  • Address Centre 1: Boring Road center 2nd Floor, J.J. Complex, East Boring Canal Road, Opposite Bharat Petrol Pump, Boring Road, Patna-800001 (Pin Location)
  • Address Centre 2: Kankarbagh center N6, Savita Sadan, Professor Colony, Beside Aastha Lok Hospital, Near Munna Chak, Kankarbagh Patna-800020 (Pin Location)
  • Contact Number: 6202258736 (+91) 9661117063
  • Email id:clatfocus@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.clatfocustutorials.com/
  • Weblinks: Online Payment Link| Blog of Institute
  • Social Links: FB|YouTube
CLAT Coaching center in patna

Rank 6: CLAT Edge Patna| CLAT Coaching Center in Patna

CLAT Edge Patna is one of the best CLAT coachings in Patna, with a Batch size of 20 Students Per Batch. The institute provides the students with the best infrastructure, like Online Lab, Library, etc. The law coaching in Patna offers the facility of Mentoring by the best Faculty & Guest Faculty.

CLATEdge is a leading provider of law entrance preparation and legal education. We have a variety of programs and courses at BS-CLATedge to help you prepare for the top NLUs and premier LAW entrance exams in India. CLATEdge, Patna provides coaching for law entrance exams like CLAT, AILET, LSAT, SET, BHU BLAT, and MHCET.

  • This CLAT coaching institute in Patna provides the students with Comprehensive Study material following a Unique Pedagogy.
  • Plus, points towards your preparation could be Online and Offline Test Series and Exam Analysis provided by the institute.
  • Also, if you’re a resident from a different city, there is a Hostel Facility for both Girls & Boys.
  • The best part is that coaching provides you with law college names and form dates on their portal.
  • Foundation Course; 2 years
  • Target Course; 1 Year
  • DU LLB Course; 6 Months
  • Crash Course; 6 to 8 weeks
  • Online Classes/ Test Series

The fee structure in any institute is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can quickly contact the institute with the information given below, as per the preference of their studies.

Batch size – 20 Students Per Batch

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs

  • Program tailored by law graduate from the best National law universities
  • Course structure and directed by NLU and IIM graduates
  • Comprehensive Study Material of English, Maths, Reasoning, Legal Aptitude & G.K.
  • Specialized facilities from top NLUS
  • Faculty from NALSAR &NLU
  • Mentoring by best Faculty & Guest Faculty

Reasonable selection rate in last year’s law exams of the following CLAT coaching classes in Patna, all the efforts have been helpful for students.

  • One on One counseling sessions every week to track students’ progress till CLAT/AILET.
  • Classroom Assignment & Topic Wise Test
  • Online/Offline Mock Test & Small Batch Size of 20
  • Best infrastructure- Online Lab, Library
  • Comprehensive Study material
  • Online / Offline Test Series/Exam Analysis
  • Hostel Facilities (Girl’s & Boys)
  • Wi-Fi Campus

The institute is very famous among students for its limited intake in a particular batch. with the facility of online library and classes it has been claimed as a good coaching centre among students. also, the results have been commendable and fee structure is fine according to the courses.

Contact Details

  • Address: 101, Maa Sharda Building, 1, E Boring Canal Rd, near Panchmukhi Mandir, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Contact Number: +91 7677884005, 7677884055
  • Email: Clatedge@Gmail.Com |, Info@Clatedgepatna.Com
  • Website: http://www.clatedgepatna.com/
  • Social Links: FB
CLAT Coaching in Patna

Rank 7: CLAT Path | Best Coaching for CLAT in Patna

CLAT PATH has grown to become India’s largest CLAT coaching center in Patna. CLAT PATH provides the best CLAT preparation in Patna as well as Ranchi. They offer the best CLAT Mock Tests and also offer the best CLAT online classes. Built on the values, Teaching Passion, and Principles of Legal Educationists, CLAT PATH is a professionally managed yet very Passionately driven Coaching Institute.

CLAT PATH is a professionally managed yet passionately driven Coaching Institute built on the beliefs, teaching Passion, and principles of legal educators.

Why Choose CLAT Path? 
  • CLAT PATH has been committed to providing intensive and high-quality education alongside academic success since its inception.
  • Innovation and improvements in teaching quality drive the value system. With over 05 years of expertise, we know how to prepare for an exam like no one else.
  • As a result, we produce excellent results and top rankings.
  • Students can practice for the CLAT|AILET|SLAT|LSAT|BLAT using online resources and mock tests.
  • Joining CLAT PATH guarantees you excellent marks and a top ranking in your law entrance exam.
Courses Offered
  • Online class
  • Test series
  • Crash courses
  • 1-year target course
  • 2-year foundation course
Fee Structure

The fee structure in any law coaching in Patna is usually according to the kind, of course, you are opting for. One can quickly contact the institute with the information given below, as per the preference of their classes.

Batch Size
  • 1 December; Offline/Online  HIGHLY ENROLLED
  • 28 October; Offline/Online   ALMOST FULL
Study Material
  • Both Offline/Online
  • Mocks
  • Library
  • E-counselling

Experienced faculty of CLAT coaching classes in Patna are providing the best help and guidance to their students at all the times they need.

Past Results
  • Maximum Results in CLAT
  • Maximum Bihar Toppers
  • Anand Kumar, CLAT 2020
  • Ritik Raj, CLAT 2020
  • Ankit Bhardwaj, CLAT 2020
Features / Facilities
  •  In House Library 24*7
  •  CLAT Video Lectures
  •  Hostel Facility
  •  Cab Facility
  •  CLAT Crash Course
  •  CLAT Online Mock
WAC’s Review

The institute provides the students with various facilities including residential facilities which makes it easier for the students from different states to avail the institute’s services. The amazing faculty and study material are plus points to choose the institute. Also, they provide a lot of courses.

Contact Details

  • Address: Head Office: CLAT PATH Building, Near Indraprastha, Opp Godrej Interior, West Boring Canal Road, Patna – 800001 (Pin Location)
  • Online Centres: Patna, Ranchi, Gaya, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur, Indore, Bhopal, Varanasi, and Muzaffarpur
  • Contact Number:+919835244404; +919204444404
  • Email: clatpath@gmail.com
  • Social Links: FB| IG| Quora| YouTube| Telegram


The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at 91 9818198188 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 7 Best Law coaching in Patna?

We have presented you a whole blog on 7 CLAT coaching classes in Patna, but the question may arise why should you trust WAC in analyzing your interest and preference? It should be because we ensure you with information best to our knowledge so that you can have a viewpoint of the institute you’re aspiring for, from your home.

Our Market Research Team is the best in bringing you the best of your interest. Our priority is to provide you the accurate information regarding your searches. Our Top Blogs have helped people Pursue the right Career Paths, which is one of our achievements that we can proudly rely upon. like in this article we provide you with information regarding CLAT coaching classes in Patna.

With our hard work and the pledge to provide you the best with all the information you can rely upon for your decision-making, we consider the institute’s credibility covering all the best law coaching in India. WAC always tries to keep an upper hand for the readers by giving you the most accessible available information through our blogs.

Other Notable CLAT Coaching In Patna

There are many CLAT coaching centers in Patna, but only a few are truly notable. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the other notable Law coaching in Patna

Alternative for CLAT Coaching in Patna

Whatever your reason for not being able to Join the Best Clat Coaching Classes in Patna, there’s still a possibility of getting into your Desired College or University. It totally depends on your hard work and the right mentorship. We encourage you to try other cities. If not, Online or self Study options are always open for you. Go on give it a read.

If you can’t get into an excellent Top law Coaching in Patna, there should not be any stress and worries as the purpose for all the coaching institutes is the same, getting a seat in one of the best law colleges. So, give it a shot and Try for another City. WAC has been releasing such blogs for the best institutes for various courses in different cities so that you can easily search for alternatives.

Don’t Forget the Power of Self-Study.
There can be certain preferred books available on the internet that you can take as reference.
And suppose you have a defined strategy on how to track your preparation. In that case, you can also refer to online mock tests, which will help you analyze the condition of your practice.

You can go for online live classes available at different sites and platforms, one of the easiest accessible being YouTube. You can look forward to online Paid Courses or such subscriptions. You can easily avail them from your rooms rather than CLAT coaching classes in Patna
Online CLAT Coaching instead of CLAT coaching classes in Patna is an alternative if you wish so.

Other Important Information Regarding CLAT and CLAT Coaching

This section will help you get the basic knowledge about the CLAT examination, eligibility, and other important details like exam dates, patterns, and everything you need to know about CLAT before you make Law as a Career Choice.

Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a centralized test for admission to 17 prominent National Law Universities in India. After the Higher Secondary Examination or the 12th grade, the test is taken for access to integrated under graduation programs in Law and after Graduation in Law for Master of Laws (LL.M) programs conducted by these law universities. This test was conducted for the first time on 11 May 2008.

No upper age limit is prescribed for appearing in CLAT. One should have Passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with the minimum of:

  • Forty-five percent (45%) marks in case of candidates belonging to unreserved OBC/SAP (special Abled Persons) Categories and
  • Forty percent (40%) marks in case of candidates belonging to the SC/ST Category
  • No upper age limit is prescribed for appearing in CLAT.

The next entrance exam to be held in the coming year is in 2022. The exact date will be updated Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions About CLAT Coaching Center in Patna

This section provides you the basic information about the CLAT examination, eligibility, and other important details like exam dates, patterns, and everything you need to know about CAT before you make Law as a Career Choice.

As per our research, a particular rating has been found. There are several coaching centers in Patna, but seven are ranked among the best CLAT coaching centers in Patna. Out of which Legalight has been ranked No. 1.

The fee structure varies according to the different coaching institutes, and the kind one opts for. It could be different between a crash course and a regular course.

CLAT coaching classes in Patna are one of the best to go for because of their facilities and commitment to their students. One can opt for one of the available institutes.

More Frequently Asked Questions About CLAT Coaching in Patna

There’s so much you want to know about CLAT Coaching in Patna, Information on the CLAT coaching center in Patna, and the advantages of enrolling in the best Clat Coaching classes in Panta. You’ll have to go through the entire article to understand the depth of all of it. We have added the jump-to section Links for your Convenience

Which institute is best for CLAT Coaching Center in Patna?

Various institutes are said best for CLAT coaching in Patna. We have ranked the 7 Best of them in this article. Rank 1 is considered to be the best.

How much do institutes for CLAT coaching Center in Patna charge?

The fee structure of each institute is different. Here, we have disclosed the fees of every top CLAT coaching in Patna.

Which CLAT coaching Center in Patna provides the best study material?

All the institutes in our Best CLAT coaching in Patna list provide good study material, but Rank 1 has been considered the best among students.

Is Patna perfect for CLAT coaching?

Patna has been called the best place to go for CLAT coaching many times in the past. CLAT coaching institutes in Patna this city have produced a large number of CLAT to date. Here, you will find the 7 Best CLAT coaching in Patna

How would I know whether the timings for the best CLAT Coaching in Patna will suit me or not?

We have specified the timings of each institute out of Our 7 Best CLAT Coaching in Patna Article. You can join the one that best suits your requirements & needs.

Is increasing batch strength in coaching an issue in preparation for Best CLAT Coaching Center in Patna?

1. With the ever-increasing competition to get into coaching, many students are wondering if increasing batch strength is an issue when it comes to preparation.
2. The answer is both yes and no. While a larger batch size can sometimes mean more distractions and less individual attention, it also means that the coach is more experienced in handling a large group.
3. Ultimately, it is up to the student to decide what kind of environment they learn best in and choose coaching accordingly.

What are the best ways to improve your score on CLAT?

A study plan, Schedule, and practice is the best way to increase your performance. Now, in an era of exams and CLAT coaching centers, it becomes more challenging to find good coaching centers.