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Law colleges in Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat has many excellent Law colleges which provide quality education to students across the country who are looking to become lawyers and legal counselors. Whether you are preparing to take the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) or looking to join an undergraduate law degree course, there are plenty of options available in this bustling city to make your future bright. Here are 10 best Law colleges in Ahmedabad that you can enroll in if you want to pursue your dreams and become a successful lawyer in the years to come. LLB college in Ahmedabad have helped thousands of law aspirants find their way into becoming esteemed lawyers over the years.

With so many options available for aspiring law students, finding one of the top LLB college in Ahmedabad is not too difficult. However, with so many LLB college in Ahmedabad being good at what they do it becomes very important for applicants to do research before making any decision on which Law college they should be enrolled at. In this article we compiled a list of 10 besLaw Colleges in Ahmedabad. 

What is LLB?

A LLB or Bachelor of Laws is a course that is mandatory for anyone who wishes to practice law. LLB basically means the study of laws and how they are interpreted and applied by courts. There are lots of top-rated colleges where you can enroll in LLB courses and even get scholarships to cover the cost. The eligibility requirements vary from institution to institution, but generally one has to be 18 years old and have cleared 10+2 education.

Why Choose Law Colleges in Ahmedabad?

Law colleges in Ahmedabad are among the most prestigious institutes and greatly respected. As a result, there are many LLB college in Ahmedabad to choose from that offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. This allows students to find an educational institution that best suits their academic needs, career goals and lifestyle preferences.
Students will have ample options when deciding which Law college they would like to attend since there are various national law schools and private law schools all over the country and worldwide. With many options available for students, choosing which Law college to attend can seem overwhelming. Below is a list of some of the top 10 Law colleges in Ahmedabad with all information you need to know about them, including tuition rates, location, size and more. Picking the right Law college in Ahmedabad can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.
Choosing a Law college in Ahmedabad can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many options, and selecting one isn’t as hard as you think. It’s important to consider what is most important to you when it comes to choosing a Law college so that you can find one that best suits your academic needs, career goals and personal lifestyle preferences. Suppose prestige is a top priority for you. In that case, some of your top choices may include Yale University or Stanford University since both schools consistently rank among the top law schools in the country year after year. below is a list of some of the top 10 LLB college in Ahmedabad that you should consider.

When it comes to Law preparations, Law colleges in Ahmedabad have the best chances of ensuring that you get the best education possible. Starting off your career with a degree from a premier institute is the first step to success. Ahmedabad is one of the most happening cities, with an alluring charm that promises to leave you with a magical feeling and a sense of home. The city has a deep history and distinctive culture that makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a little bit of India without feeling too far from their country of origin. It boasts over twenty law colleges and universities, making it home to some of the best law colleges in Ahmedabad. Students looking for law schools in Ahmedabad should put these schools on top of their list, as they offer great job prospects, combined with effective teaching methods and competitive tuition rates.

There are numerous Law Colleges In Ahmedabad. If you are a law student looking for a law college to study and develop your skills, it can be tough to decide which one. For that, here is a list of the 10 best Law Colleges In Ahmedabad. Each of these colleges will help you prepare for life as an accomplished lawyer and give you the best chance at being successful.Be sure to look into each of these schools and learn more about them before deciding on your next step.

Enroll in best law colleges in Ahmedabad: Consider one of these 10 best law colleges in Ahmedabad as a choice for your higher education needs. These schools are excellent and well-known, offering you with a top notch education so that you can go out into the world and succeed as an accomplished lawyer. Take some time to consider where you want to study, what you want to get out of your experience and then see if any of these schools are for you. If so, apply today! Get ready for a bright future as an accomplished lawyer and start by choosing one of these best law colleges in Ahmedabad.

  • Law colleges in Ahmedabad have considerably lower fees and expenses than in other cities.
  • Tuition fees in some other cities can be excessively high.
  • Studying law in Ahmedabad can be cost-effective for those seeking a quality education.
  • Going abroad for higher studies may not be suitable for everyone due to various factors such as family and financial constraints.
  • Law colleges in Ahmedabad offer affordable education without compromising the quality of education.

In addition to affordable tuition fees, law colleges in Ahmedabad also offer scholarships and financial aid programs to help students who may be struggling to finance their education. This makes it easier for students to pursue their dreams of becoming lawyers without worrying about the financial burden. Moreover, the faculty at law colleges in Ahmedabad is highly qualified and experienced, which ensures that students receive top-notch education and training. Many law colleges in Ahmedabad also have tie-ups with leading law firms and legal organizations, which offer students opportunities for internships and jobs. This helps students gain practical experience and build their professional network while still in college. Overall, law colleges in Ahmedabad provide a great environment for students to learn and grow as lawyers, and the affordable fees and expenses make it an attractive destination for students looking to pursue a career in law.

How to Choose the Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad?

Choosing the best law colleges in Ahmedabad can be difficult. There are many aspects to consider, such as affordability, programme fees, faculty profile and so on. It is important to check out each of these things before you choose a college. We have compiled a list of some of the best law colleges that are currently running and where you can enroll if you happen to live close by. This is by no means an exhaustive list but these colleges should give you an idea about what’s available for prospective students.

There are numerous factors that can influence your decision. Of course, you need to take into account fees and affordability, but also keep in mind that there are other things to consider as well. For example, what is your budget like? How important is campus location? Are there any entry requirements that you need to fulfill? How much importance do you place on the physical resources of a college? All these questions matter when it comes to deciding which college is best for you. 

There are some factors that you need to consider when choosing the best law colleges in Ahmedabad. These factors include: how long the program is, how many credits will be awarded at the end of the course, what is taught during the program and how fast one wants to finish school. Other factors for consideration include: tuition fees for the course, whether or not you will receive any help with housing and is there a local community there to live in. It is best to research these before committing so as not to waste money on courses that are too short or too expensive. All these considerations should be made before deciding which Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad will suit your needs best. When you have narrowed down your options, it would be best to speak with someone from each potential college so they can explain their programs more thoroughly. Once all this has been done, the decision is up to you about which Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad will work best for you!

Before choosing the best law colleges in Ahmedabad, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, think about your preferences and consider if any of the following are important: do you prefer to attend a college with a strong reputation for successful alumni? Do you want to study for an evening program that lets you continue working during the day? Or do you want to find an accredited university with flexible evening classes and weekend programs? In addition, it’s crucial to be mindful of what type of student experience you’re looking for and if attending online courses is appealing.

As we mentioned before, not all law schools offer distance learning, so if this is your preference then consider whether or not it aligns with your priorities when looking at our top ten list.

WAC’s Top 10 Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Whether you’re a student who wants to take law as your career option or someone looking to pursue law as part of your graduate studies, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of the following 10 law colleges in Ahmedabad. Each of these institutions has been carefully selected by our experts and has received high ratings from students and alumni that have studied there before. The list includes both private and government colleges, giving you plenty of options to choose from based on your budget and preferences. Read on to find out more about each school and its qualities.

Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 1 Institute Of Law Nirma University | One of the Best LLB College in Ahmedabad

There are many options when choosing an LLB college in Ahmedabad, but Nirma University stands out as the best choice in terms of quality of education and legal training. The faculty has good years of experience between them, which means you’ll learn from some of the most knowledgeable law teachers around. From corporate laws to criminal law, every aspect of the law will be covered in-depth.

You’ll even get an opportunity to hone your practical skills through internships and competitions with local and international companies.Established in 2007 as part of the Nirma Education and Research Foundation (NERF), this university is located in Ahmedabad. ILNU offers 4 programs including the undergraduate LL.B. (Hons.), LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M. and PhD. 240 undergraduate students and 20 graduate students are allowed in each year. Admission to all undergraduate courses is based on the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and admission to the PhD program is based on an admission test conducted by the institute. 

  • L.L.M : L.L.B. with 55%
  • B.Com + L.L.B {Hons. : 10+2 with 45% + CLAT
  • BALLB {Hons.} : 10+2 with 45% + CLAT
  • L.L.M : ₹1.3 Lakhs (Total Fees)
  • B.Com + L.L.B {Hons. : 10+2 with 45% + CLAT
  • BALLB {Hons.} : 10+2 with 45% + CLAT

Contact Details

  • Address:  4GHV+2VV, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382481
  • Number: +9171652803/804/815 +912717241911
  • Email: ar.il@nirmauni.ac.in
  • Website: https://law.nirmauni.ac.in/
Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 2 Rai University | Best Law College in Ahmedabad

Rai University (RU) is one of the most prestigious LLB College based in Ahmedabad. It is a self-financing private university established by the Gujarat State Legislature in 2012 under the Gujarat Act No. 12 of 2012. The University is approved by the Government of Gujarat as well as the Bar Council of India and also is a member of the Association of Indian Universities.

Rai University won the Best Future Private University in 2012 from ASSOCHAM. Rai University Ahmedabad has 1,383 total students, including males and females, and over 75 faculty members. Focusing on educating, social awareness, and research, RU strives to graduate the best of the best in law. Besides traditional undergraduate degrees like a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Business Administration, or Master of Business Administration, RU also offers a part-time evening program for those who work and wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree. One you won’t want to miss. 

L.L.B : Graduation with 45%

L.L.B : ₹60,600 (1st Year Fees)

Contact Details

Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 3 GLS University | Top Law College in Ahmedabad

Gujarat’s GLS University, founded in 2015, is a private university in Ahmedabad. With more than 25,000 students and 500 instructors, it offers its students a wide variety of academic opportunities. Gl S University provides various courses with a focus on four categories: Education, Engineering, Management, and Law.

There are four categories of courses at GLS. Certificate and diploma, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree are for undergraduate levels, and bachelor’s degree and master’s degree are for postgraduate levels. At GLS, we offer bachelors as well as masters courses for students to explore their potential in the field of management and pursue knowledge at the highest standards of UGC.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] {Hons.} : 10+2 With 50%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : 10+2 With 50%
  • Ph.D. (Law) : Post Graduation
  • BBA + LLB (Hons) : ₹ 186,0001st Yr Fees
  • B.A.L.L.B : ₹ 150,4001st Yr Fees
  • Ph.D. (Law) : ₹ 60,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: Netaji Rd, Opp.Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006
  • Number: 079 2644 0532
  • Email: info@glsuniversity.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.glsuniversity.ac.in/
Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 4 Indus University | LLB College in Ahmedabad

Indus University has a commitment to providing quality education for students who wish to become members of the legal profession. This is one of the Top LLB college in Ahmedabad. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to law at a variety of levels. In addition to classroom learning and educational field trips, most students take part in on-site training that covers different aspects of law and provides real-world experience.

Their graduates have been successful enough to start their own enterprises or are well on their way up the ladder by working as junior lawyers. If you’re looking for an institute with experienced faculty and top class infrastructure, then Indus University is one of the best law colleges in Ahmedabad. Indus University is amongst one of the best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad, India. It has a reputation of providing quality education at affordable costs to its students.

  • [BBALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2 or Diploma
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] {Hons.} : Graduation with 45%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2 or Diploma
  • [BBALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] {Hons.} : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: Rancharda, Gruh Gardens Rd, थलतेज, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382115
  • Number: 090999 44242
  • Email: info@indusuni.ac.in
  • Website: https://indusuni.ac.in/
Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 5 Daulatbhai Trivedi Law College

Daulatbhai Trivedi Law College is one of the best LLB college in Ahmedabad. Having a good law college name can attract new students and retain old ones, so it’s important to choose a quality institution. They offer a range of courses for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. Along with that, the on-campus life has made us one of the best colleges to study at in India.

Their campus has facilities like an amphitheater, well equipped auditoriums, seminar rooms, high speed internet connection and there are plenty of guest lecturers visiting our campus each year from different parts of the world too.

Their library also acts as a hub for co-curricular activities organized by students as well as teachers. Trivedi Law College holds several programs throughout every semester. So if you’re looking for the best law colleges in Ahmedabad then come to Daulatbhai Trivedi Law College. Apart from its academic values, Daulatbhai Trivedi Law College has many clubs and societies which are mostly student managed. Students manage each society individually and perform different social, recreational or cultural activities under them.Along with these clubs & societies other than academics, extra curricular events are very important to enhance your personality traits like leadership skills ,sportsmanship ,social skills etc through different events like state level quizzes & debates . Without any hesitation we can say that Daulatbhai Trivedi Law College, Ahmedabad is one of the best law colleges in Ahmedabad. 

Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : Graduation

Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : ₹ 80000 TotalFees

Contact Details

  • Address: 2HVC+M47, Navgujarat Campus, Ashram Rd, opp. Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380014
  • Number: 079 2754 1593
  • Website: https://dtlawcollege.com/
Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 6 LJ University | Law College in Ahmedabad

The LJ University, Ahmedabad is an institution that has gained popularity. LJU provides different streams of education, with the law course being one of them. Students find this an interesting and exciting prospect as they get to explore the world of law through their academic pursuits. The course covers all aspects of legal study and prepares students to take on roles in the future like an advocate, magistrate or judge. Other than this, LJU also offers general courses like arts or science undergraduate level.

Apart from this the university also offers postgraduate courses with specialization options ranging from human rights and sustainable development to modern literature and community development studies. With a strong student base and infrastructure, one can be assured of excellent teaching standards. The curriculum at LJU ensures that students are given exposure to various facets of law so that they are well-rounded individuals when it comes to practice. Additionally, the faculty members at LJU have been handpicked by experienced academics and professionals who ensure rigorous training and regular evaluations of the students.Thats why this university is one of the best law universities in ahmedabad.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : 10+2 with 45%
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation with 45%
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] – ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 20,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: Near Sarkhej-Sanand Circle Off. S.G. Road, Ahmedabad-382210
  • Number: 18001210082
  • Email: info@ljku.edu.in
  • Website: https://www.ljku.edu.in/
Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

Rank: 7 Maneklal Nanavati Law College

Maneklal Nanavati Law College is one of the best LLB college in Ahmedabad. They provide excellent facilities to ensure that everyone enjoys an excellent experience throughout their studies. There are a number of courses offered by this institute which include a Bachelor in Arts (B.A) LLB course, Masters in Business Administration (MBA), an LLM course, and a Ph.D. program.

The faculty includes a number of well-qualified individuals who will provide a high-quality education while also engaging with their students in a manner that is focused on assisting them to not only succeed academically but also flourish personally. The college has excellent infrastructure and offers its students world-class facilities including air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, library, hostel and many more. It helps students with disabilities through its disabled access ramps, ramps in all classrooms, cane/walker holder and sign language interpreter services as well as others.  It helps its students find placement before they graduate by collaborating with recruitment agencies so that they can find jobs. This college is one of the best.

Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : Graduation

Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : 1,35,000 for 3 Years

Contact Details

  • Address: Opp. Dinbai Tower Laldarvaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001
  • Number: 079 2550 4755
  • Email: mnlawcollege@gmail.com
  • Website: https://mnlawcollege.org/
Rank: 8 Sir L A Shah Law College

Rank: 8 Sir L A Shah Law College

The Sir L A Shah Law College, Ahmedabad is a much-loved law school in the country. They offer several courses to potential students including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs. Sir L A Shah offers such extensive programs because they want students to have many career options once they graduate from their time there. Sir L A Shah is one of the best LLB college in Ahmedabad because it not only teaches legal knowledge but also prepares students for a variety of career paths. For example, those who wish to become lawyers will be given plenty of experience with cases as well as lectures.

In addition, Because of its extensive programmes, Sir L A Shah is ranked as one of WAC’s best law colleges in Ahmedabad. As a student there, you will be given an opportunity to participate not only in academic work but also research and networking opportunities that will help you gain experience before entering a specific career path. Students can choose from several courses when they enter, including Bachelors in Law (LLB), Masters of Arts (MA) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD). These options allow students to explore different interests that they may have without being forced into something they are not comfortable with. No matter which course a student chooses at Sir L A Shah, he or she will always receive high-quality instruction.

  • Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B.
  • Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : ₹ 5,4001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 8,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: GLS Campus, opp. Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006
  • Number: 079 2644 5736
  • Email: lashahlaw@gujaratlawsociety.org
  • Website: https://sirlashah.org/
Rank: 9 Gujarat University

Rank: 9 Gujarat University | Top Law College in Ahmedabad

Gujarat University is one of the most respected universities in India, and it’s become the state university of Gujarat. However, if you’re seeking to become a lawyer and are looking for the Best LLB College in Ahmedabad, then this is not your university. Sure, you can get your bachelor’s degree from GU but if you’re looking to practice law

GU offers their students an excellent law program where their courses are not only provided by qualified lecturers but also by international experts. This allows those who are studying at GU to be exposed not only to the Indian legal system but also international ones which will ultimately make them stronger and more competitive when they enter the workforce. Furthermore, another reason why Gujarati Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad should be considered is because GU has some of the best faculty members. They have a library that contains books that range from ancient laws to modern Indian laws; all these resources are free for anyone enrolled as a student. Moreover, with 100+ research labs and over many departments there’s something for everyone; whether you want to study law or engineering!

  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Human Rights) : Graduation: Graduation
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation : Graduation
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] + Bachelor of Laws [LLB] : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : 10+2
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Human Rights) : ₹ 1,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : per semester rs 2600
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] + Bachelor of Laws [LLB] : ₹ 70,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : ₹ 120,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

Rank: 10 Sabarmati University

Rank: 10 Sabarmati University | Law School in Ahmedabad

This University is one of the best universities in Ahmedabad. It will equip you with the skills to create your own future, and that opportunity should never be taken lightly. The student experience at each law school will vary based on program type, course requirements, and extracurricular opportunities offered by the college. Students can also get a joint degree or certificate from any number of other departments, such as business or accounting; these options are not typically available through all universities or colleges offering law degrees.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual student to decide which type of law degree best suits their educational goals and interests—whether they want an undergraduate degree followed by graduate studies or they want to earn their master’s after completing their undergraduate education. Regardless of what path students choose, attending one of WAC’s best law colleges in Ahmedabad guarantees quality legal education.

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : LLB
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 50,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 50,0001st Yr Fees

Contact Details

  • Address: Greenwood Lake Resort, Vaishno Devi Circle, Sardar Patel Ring Rd, Ognaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382481
  • Number:  090819 11124
  • Email: info@sabarmatiuniversity.edu.in
  • Website: https://sabarmatiuniversity.edu.in/


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Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad

The WAC is an organization that helps aspirants who wish to pursue careers in law. The WAC has just released a list of the ‘10 Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad’. This list features names of some best LLB colleges in Ahmedabad and gives details about each one of them, like the type of courses offered, fee structure, areas they specialize in, etc. These best law colleges not only offer degrees and certificates but also undertake research on related topics. Besides academic excellence and alumni connections, these colleges are also nationally ranked as top institutes in India. 

An established team of university graduates and professionals with an extensive network of international relations, WAC has put together an excellent, thorough list of law colleges in Ahmedabad. The list includes the best law colleges, colleges with a good history and all-round career-centric institutions. Our team is dedicated to meeting students’ needs while also fulfilling our own high standards. Our top tier research methodology leaves no stone unturned, which is why you can trust us when we say that these are some of the best law colleges in Ahmedabad.

Our Blogs have helped many students join the Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad. It’s important to understand the best LLB college in Ahmedabad before making a decision. That way, you can get an idea of what is most important to you, and take a look at schools that might be a good fit. Use this list of ten best LLB college in Ahmedabad as your starting point to help you find the right school. When it comes to making decisions about life and career planning, there are many factors to consider. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is whether or not the school has merit based on rankings. The students here have listed their rankings as well as qualitative assessments that were unique for each school; which helps break down how each ranked with regards to individual student experience-level interests.

All Other Notable Law Colleges in Ahmedabad 

You’ve heard of the most prestigious law colleges in Ahmedabad, but there are many other notable options that you might want to consider as well. These lesser-known law colleges have so much to offer, and they deserve your consideration when choosing which one to attend. Here are a few of the best LLB college in Ahmedabad that might not make it onto your radar right away.  Now it has many students enrolled and it has quickly become one of the most popular LLB college in Ahmedabad. Its campus is designed to be both eco-friendly and sustainable. It offers an LLB (Hons) course with specialization options including Company Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Insurance Law, Income Tax Law etc.

Other: 1 Khyati Institute Of Integrated Law - [KIIL]

Other: 1 Khyati Institute Of Integrated Law – [KIIL]

Khyati Institute Of Integrated Law – [KIIL] is one of the best LLB college in Ahmedabad and every year when most law colleges release their results, they usually have the top-ranking numbers. It is an advantage if you are from this area because it will make it easier to apply for your degree. All information about applying and admission to the school can be found on the website. This can be a good option if you want to continue living with your family while earning your degree which can take up to five years. There are many students that have attended this college and they speak very highly of it so you will have great opportunities here no matter what degree path you choose.

This institute prides itself as being a center for legal excellence since its founding many years ago. With alumni all around India, there is proof that completing your degree from here guarantees you to get placed into any position within or outside of India as well as be able to save plenty of time and money. All these factors make them one of the best Law colleges in Ahmedabad.

Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws [B.Com.L.L.B] : 10+2

Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws [B.Com.L.L.B] : ₹ 68,7001st Yr 

  • Address: Plot no.116, Behind electrotherm industries, Near Vraj Gopi Society,Palodia Ahmedabad – 380058
  • Number: 9099287000, 9099285000
  • Email: admin@khyatifoundation.com
  • Website: https://www.khyatifoundation.com/
Other: 2 L.J. School Of Law - [LJSL]

Other: 2 L.J. School Of Law – [LJSL]

L.J. School of Law (LJSL) is a public law school located in the beautiful city of Ahmedabad, India, and has had an esteemed reputation as one of the best LLB college in Ahmedabad. The Lok Jagruti Kendra established the LJ School of Law in 2015 to prepare lawyers who would not only hold degrees but may also appear in court as lawyers. The school is affiliated with Gujarat Technical University (GTU), Ahmedabad. Students at the institute will have the opportunity to learn from several practitioners of local, high and supreme courts, as well as full-time faculty members.

The institute will provide a unique learning experience for the students. Some additional reasons these institutions have seen an increased success rate among their graduates and offer state-of-the-art facilities. The college offers programs like BA LLB . Besides being recognized as one of the best law colleges in Ahmedabad.

The institute will provide a unique learning experience for students by mixing theoretical with practical, using technology and providing easy access to all kinds of information. This ensures that students get a grasp on modern methods of legal study and realize what is required to be successful as an attorney. That makes them one of the best Law Schools. 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : Graduation
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : ₹ 20,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Sarkhej-Sanand Circle Off. S.G. Road, Ahmedabad-382210
  • Number: 63546 25665, 098255 55613, 086002 16513
  • Email: ljsl@ljinstitutes.edu.in
  • Website: http://ljschooloflaw.org/
Other: 3 Monark University, Ahmedabad

Other: 3 Monark University, Ahmedabad

If you are considering the best LLB college in Ahmedabad, be sure to explore Monark University, a well-respected institution. In addition to its credentials and commitment to excellence, it has several things that make it stand out among the rest. For example, students have more opportunities to take part in moot court competitions as Monark has qualified professors with experience across India and abroad.

These benefits plus a variety of other factors makes Monark University one of the best law colleges in Ahmedabad. Further Reasons to Consider Monark University (three sentences using the words: Best Law Colleges in Ahmedabad): Monark is an A+ ranked university; Provides MBA degree; Faculty is knowledgeable and approachable; Concentrates on making students employable. It offers internships through which students can apply their skills and knowledge in practical settings, thereby gaining hands-on experience that will set them apart from other applicants when they enter the job market. The university even provides resources for students looking to start their own business ventures before graduating from Monark. With all these things going for it, Monark should be at the top of your list when searching for best law colleges in Ahmedabad!

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Criminal Law) : Graduation
  • Ph.D. (Law) : Post Graduation with 55%
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : 50000 per Year
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Criminal Law) : 70000 Per Year
  • Ph.D. (Law) : ₹ 61,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: 3QM5+M2F, Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering AT Vahelal, Naroda, Vahelal – Dahegam Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382330
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  • Websitehttps://monarkuni.ac.in/

Frequently Asked Questions about Law Colleges in Ahmedabad 

There are many LLB college in Ahmedabad with distinct advantages and disadvantages, making it important to do your research before making any final decisions about where you’ll study. Here are some questions that can help guide you when choosing the right law college in Ahmedabad.

Yes, law colleges offer internships to students so that they can gain some practical experience. If you’re interested in law as a profession, it’s advisable to do an internship in law, so that you have a better idea of what the life of a lawyer is like.

Yes If you’re looking for distance learning law courses then Law Colleges in Ahmedabad can be a great place to start. All course content is delivered digitally and through interaction with the world’s best lecturers. Lectures are filmed, meaning students can also watch lectures at their own pace from any device with an internet connection. There are no limits on when and where you can study – all you need is an internet connection, an email address and a telephone number. The majority of Law Colleges’ courses use video lectures which means they’re engaging, entertaining and easy to follow. You don’t need previous knowledge of the subject or any exams – so if you have what it takes, why not see if there’s a place for you?

Yes, most law colleges offer placements to their students, typically around October or November of each year. The salaries offered are based on a student’s grades, the type of job and experience gained during college. 

Regardless of the course you pursue, it will take at least three to five years. If you choose to study law after finishing your schooling, you can expect it to take five years. Generally, pursuit of the position takes about three years post-graduation.

More Frequently Asked Questions about Law Colleges in Ahmedabad 

Here are Some of the most common questions asked by aspiring law students about attending one of the top law colleges in Ahmedabad.

Which career options are offered after a course in law?

Legal Counsels, attorneys, Solicitors, Pledge Officers, Judge and numerous further. The course also offers scholars colorful specializations like felonious law, civil law, moral rights law amongst others.

What are the types of courses available at law colleges in Ahmedabad?

Law colleges in Ahmedabad offer many course types, including Bachelor of Laws (LLB), LLM, and LL.M. However, the curricula may vary according to the type of degree you are pursuing and the college you are enrolled in. 

Can I do LLB after 12?

Legal degrees are among the most prestigious out there. In India, a legal degree can be pursued only after an undergraduate degree, in almost any field. Additionally, aspirants may pursue law courses in 12th arts, commerce, and science.

Is law good as a career?

It all depends on what type of law you want to do. In most countries, law is regarded as a difficult and prestigious career path. If you can handle the challenges and are passionate about helping people then this could be a great choice for you.