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Medical Colleges in Kerala

Searching for the top medical colleges in Kerala? Look no further, as you can find all your answers right here! We have compiled a list of the 10 best MBBS colleges in Kerala and provided you with the necessary details to make an informed decision. You can learn more about these medical colleges including the admission procedure, eligibility criteria, ranking, contact information and more. So, if you are planning to join one of the top MBBS college in Kerala,  then this post is definitely for you.  All you need to do is scroll through this blog post and choose from our carefully selected list of ten best medical colleges in Kerala. After that, it’s just a matter of filling up an online form for seeking admission into these prestigious universities. Let’s take a look at what we have on offer

Why Choose Medical Colleges in Kerala?

If you are looking for Best Medical colleges in Kerala, look no further! Here is a list of Top 10 MBBS colleges in Kerala that should make your search quick and easy. These colleges have had consistently good rankings across India, so enrolling in one of these colleges can only be beneficial for your future career. So if you are planning to study medicine, we recommend choosing one of these medical colleges.

These colleges offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for their students. At most of these colleges, students can also choose from a variety of specializations after graduation. Some of the specializations offered include Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Doctor of Medicine rights or arbitration.

They also get to study related cases so they can make themselves more competitive for employment opportunities. The best part about studying at one of these top medical colleges in Kerala is that the course fee is comparatively low as well. If you don’t want to pay through your nose, then this may just be what you need! The downside however, is that they usually require higher qualification scores than other universities. But with all this information before you, it’s hard not to see how this wouldn’t be worth it.We hope our list helps you find a suitable Top MBBS College in Kerala for yourself!

MBBS Colleges in Kerala are widely recognized as one of the best medical colleges in the world. Choosing one of these colleges guarantees that you will receive a high quality education and also get a degree from one of the most prestigious medical colleges. Studying MBBS at one of these top medical schools will help you advance your career with increased job opportunities and salary potential. This list should serve as an aid to those students who are looking for the best place to study MBBS.

All the following top ten MBBS Colleges in Kerala have been ranked by both their excellence academically and globally. Some of these universities provide scholarships, grants, assistantships or internships which might make studying MBBS more affordable than you had thought. Every student is different and may prefer a different type of college. Regardless of where you decide to study, the first step is always researching what kinds of healthcare services are available in the area. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to two or three medical colleges near you, it’s time to visit each one. Each college has its own unique personality and culture; this would be something worth exploring before making any decisions about which college you want to attend.

The medical sector is a prestigious and high-paying profession. There are numerous medical colleges in Kerala where students learn about medicine, surgery, representation at colleges of medicine, etc. MBBS Colleges in Kerala which provide quality education do not charge the same tuition fees. Some prestigious MBBS Colleges in Kerala may provide scholarships, research grants, or stipends to students.

It is essential for anyone who wants to live in a society where things function well to study medicine. Many people mistakenly believe that studying medicine means only working in the medical field. In fact, one can shape society as we know it today and tomorrow by studying medicine! MBBS colleges in Kerala offer a number of different courses that provide an excellent introduction to medical studies. Our list of the best medical colleges in Kerala may help you decide which college is right for you.

The total cost of the fee is the key determinant for any MBBS course in India. Compared to other cities, the colleges in Kerala offer a comparatively lower tuition fee and this goes a long way in making them one of the best medical colleges to enroll. The cost ranges from around Rs 18 lakhs to 22 lakhs depending on the course you are opting for. The college fees includes tuition, accommodation and transportation charges throughout your 4 year MBBS course at these best medical colleges in kerala.

The expenses incurred on food, internet, phone and accommodation are less as compared to other metro cities. The total expense for these 4 years will be approximately Rs 28 lakhs when you compare it with Rs 36 lakhs for similar duration at an institute like AIIMS New Delhi. The cost of living is also much lesser than metro cities as renting a place will cost between Rs 15000-20000 per month whereas at places like Mumbai, Pune or Chennai your expenses may range from Rs 25000 – 30000 per month for a decent apartment. Overall one can save over 15 lakhs throughout their MBBS course by choosing one of top medical colleges in kerala rather than opting for an institution outside Kerala state.

How to Choose the Best Medical Colleges in Kerala?

Choosing a medical school is an important decision that can impact your professional and personal life for the rest of your life. The career options you’ll have after finishing school will depend on the prestige and popularity of the university you choose, so it’s good to think about all the factors when choosing which institution to attend.Earning a Medical Degree from one of these 10 best medical colleges in kerala can help you unlock professional opportunities for positions with international companies or startups where high-level research might be possible, as well as high-paying jobs with local hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics. With over 100 medical colleges in Kerala, we’ve compiled a list of ten best MBBS Colleges that offer great education and career prospects. Here they are 10 Best MBBS Colleges in Kerala!

There are many colleges in Kerala that teach Medical programs, but if you’re picking a MBBS college, you need to make sure it will be the best long term investment for you. Bearing this in mind, MBBS colleges in Kerala may come with some excellent qualities and there are some things you should be considering. For instance, how helpful are the professors? From what former students of this medical college think of their education, it sounds like a lot of weight is put on choosing what field you would like to specialize in as some of them may only offer classes and opportunities in one area or another. Nonetheless, if you look into MBBS colleges carefully, paying attention to those factors and taking them into consideration, then you’ll avoid going into debt and racking up debts once you’ve graduated. In order to help you decide which top MBBS College in Kerala is right for you, here’s a list of the ten best ones in our opinion.

Choosing the best college can be a daunting task as there are too many options to choose from. Follow these tips to ensure you get a top medical college in Kerala.

– First, take time to research and find the colleges that are right for you. In order to make this process easier, use the WAC ranking chart below to help compare the top medical colleges in Kerala. To narrow your selection down even further, consider whether or not you want to be a doctor or go into another medical field;

– Once you have narrowed down your selections by researching some key factors such as specialization and cost, ask yourself why you’re attending medical school. It is important to know what type of medical profession you are going into before making any final decisions about where to attend school. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each medical college because it’s an investment-in both time and money-and one should never take this decision lightly. If at all possible, visit different medical schools during open house days so that you can speak with current students about their experiences, which will also give you an idea of what studying at each school would be like. Medical colleges in Kerala offer a number of choices in terms of location, size, programs offered, tuition costs, etc., so it is important for students to make sure they know what they need from their experience before deciding on one.

WAC’s 10 Best Medical Colleges in Kerala

Medical Colleges in Kerala are the colleges which provide a medical education to the students of Kerala state and outside the state through affiliations with universities all over India. Kerala has become one of the most preferred study destinations for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical education in India. Top 10 MBBS College in Kerala are popular among students due to its advanced facilities, high standards of teaching, good faculty and modern infrastructure. We have listed below top 10 medical colleges in Kerala, India.

Rank 1: Amrita School Of Medicine

Rank 1: Amrita School Of Medicine | Medical Colleges in Kerala

As an integral part of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amrita School of Medicine was established in September 2002. It’s situated in Kochi, Kerala. The School of Medicine offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs like B.Sc, M.Sc, MD/MS/PG Diploma, DM/M.Ch, five-and-a-half-year program in Medicine. The curriculum is designed in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Medical Council of India.Amrita School of Medicine is one of the Best Medical Colleges in Kerala and the premier medical institution in the country.

They are situated in a peaceful location right next to Cochin International Airport. For being part of an internationally accredited institution with eminent knowledge, Amrita School Of Medicine is considered as one of the top medical colleges in kerala. With its more than nineteen years of service and laurels, it has proved that it takes only about two decades for them to be among the best medical colleges in kerala.

Along with their excellent infrastructure which includes modern laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, libraries and audio visual aids, they also have an excellent team of qualified faculty members who hold high quality degrees from renowned institutions across the globe.

It provides high quality education to students not just from all over India but also around the world as well because it is open for international students too. If you want your child to study medicine then enroll him or her in any one of these best MBBS colleges in Kerala today!

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹90.68 Lakhs

  • Address: Ponekkara, AIMS (P.O.), Kochi 682 041, Kerala – India
  • Number: +91 484 668 1234
  • Email: medicaladministration@aims.amrita.edu
  • Website: https://amritahospitals.org/
medical colleges in kerala

Rank 2: Azeezia Medical College | MBBS Colleges in Kerala

Azizia Medical College is the first mission of Podikunju Musaliar Memorial Charitable and Educational Institution which was established in 2008 under the chairmanship of Shri Abdul Aziz. The annual undergraduate enrollment of this institution is 100 students in the UG program and 15 students in the PG program. It is affiliated to the Kerala University of Health Sciences and is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Azeezia Medical College, which is located near Kollam, can give a medical degree to those who want to work in one of many diverse fields. This private college is perfect for those who want to get their hands dirty with research and participate in clinical trials. It’s also a great option for those who prefer smaller class sizes and more individualized attention. Azeezia offers degrees across all major subject areas with a strong emphasis on research, teaching and extension activities.

They offer undergraduate programs that are spread across 4 broad disciplines: Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery, Dental Sciences and Paramedical Sciences. The course duration ranges from 3 years for an undergraduate degree to 5 years for a postgraduate program. Accommodation is available on campus at very competitive rates. A student dormitory will be constructed soon, which will accommodate 150 male and female students. With its focus on research and academic excellence, as well as community service initiatives through outreach programs, Azeezia stands out among other Top MBBS Colleges in Kerala – be sure to choose wisely!

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹34.41 Lakhs

  • Address: Diamond Hill, Meeyannoor PO, Kollam Kollam 691537
  • Number: 9447677222
  • Email: medicalcollege@azeezia.com
  • Website: https://www.azeezia.com/
medical colleges in kerala

Rank 3 Dr. Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College And Hospital

 Established in 2002, Dr. Somerbel Memorial CSI Medical College is attached to Dr. Somerbela Memorial Mission Hospital, established in 1894 at Karakonam village on the southern edge of Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala. The hospitals, medical colleges and all the various related institutions are functioning under the Church of South India – Diocese of South Kerala and are managed through the South Kerala Medical Mission.

Dr. Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College And Hospital is considered as one of the best medical colleges in Kerala, due to its excellent reputation. It offers MBBS with 3 years duration. The eligibility criterion for admission is higher secondary pass, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and Central Board of Secondary Education 12th Class examination for Science and Mathematics (with an aggregate score of 60%).

The campus of this medical college at Thiruvananthapuram consists of three blocks which include Hostel and Student’s quarters, Administrative block including office and conference hall, Library block comprising 18000 volumes with online access facility to 74 online databases plus a book bank service that issues books free of cost on the first come first serve basis.

Faculty members are appointed from all over India to maintain its high standards. A hospital called Govt. Maharaja’s Clinical and Research Institute also exists within the college premises where undergraduate students are given hands-on training during their internship. Dr SMCSI, Thiruvananthapuram stands out among other best medical colleges in Kerala because of its stringent entrance criteria which ensures admissions only for deserving students with outstanding academic records.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹63.47 Lakhs

  • Address: Karakonam P.O Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala South India Pin – 695504
  • Number: 0471 – 3074000
  • Email: academics@smcsimch.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.smcsimch.ac.in/
medical colleges in kerala

Rank: 4 Thrissur Govt. Medical College | Medical Colleges in Kerala for MBBS

Located in Kerala, Government Medical College (GMC) Thrissur is one of the premier research institutes in the country with a track record of meritorious healthcare since its inception. At this stage of the state, it remains the leading medical group providing scientific offerings to patients in the three districts of Kerala and nearby areas of Tamil Nadu. It is under the administration of Directorate of Medical Education, Government of Kerala.

UG and PG publications are offered here with NEET UG/PG selection criteria depending on the course chosen.  Most noteworthy thing about GMC, Thrissur is that the college has been striving for excellence in the field of medicine for more than six decades and thereby clinching top positions time after time among colleges in Kerala. For many years now, GMC has been consistently outperforming other private colleges in Kerala by maintaining a sustained dominance over various fields like Urology, Cardiology, Endocrinology etc., including laboratory services as well. 

They have sufficient manpower to ensure regular work hours, which makes this college one of the Top Medical Colleges in Kerala. Some prominent departments include General Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Dermatology and Venereology with Departments of ENT Head & Neck Surgery & Surgical Oncology. GMC’s library includes 1 lakh books making it a haven for academics and researchers alike who come to pursue higher studies. The hospital houses all possible specialties catering to all ailments faced by humanity today thus making this place Best medical Colleges in Kerala too.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹2.44 Lakhs

  • Address: Academic Block, Govt. Medical College Thrissur, Medical College P.O, Mulagunnathukavu, Thrissur, 680596, Kerala
  • Number: +91 487 2201355
  • Email: principalmctcr@gmail.com
  • Website: https://gmctsr.org/
medical colleges in kerala

Rank: 5 Government Medical College

One of the best Medical colleges in Kerala is Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. Established in 1951; 71 years ago as the first self-financing medical school under a government undertaking, it was the only government institution for providing both pre-degree and degree level courses for nearly three decades.

The college has a 575-acre campus on the outskirts of the city with separate boys’ and girls’ hostels, an administrative building and faculty quarters. Apart from indoor games like chess and carrom board; students can also indulge themselves with outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball etc. It offers MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) courses.

The institute has achieved fame as one of the Top MBBS colleges in Kerala. The number of admissions have always been high and this speaks about its popularity among the students. Admission to all departments are based strictly on merit subject to vacancies available. Outstanding sportsmen, performers, teachers and scholars may be given preferential consideration.

Students are required to attend clinical work at various levels: housemanship/clerkship including paramedical sciences if they so wish; postgraduate programs if they meet the academic qualifications. Preference will be given to those who take up regular practice in the district where admission is sought for when filling up vacancies caused by withdrawal or otherwise. There will be no distinction between different types of students with respect to type of accommodation or catering facilities during vacations except when there are more than 500 persons seeking accommodation.One of the best Medical colleges in Kerala is Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹1.42 Lakhs

  • Address: GWFH+F82, Ulloor – Akkulam Rd, near SAT hospital Medical College Junction, Chalakkuzhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695011
  • Number: 0471 252 8300
  • Email:  principal@tmc.kerala.gov.in
  • Website: https://tmc.kerala.gov.in/
medical colleges in kerala

Rank 6: Government Medical College

The Government Medical College, Kottayam (GMCK) was set up in 1962. The organization is approved by means of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. It used to be initially affiliated to Kerala University.

The college gives many guides below the UG and PG tiers in a range of fields like Anatomy, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and many more. The admission to any of the guides is via qualifying the entrance exam like NEET or AIPMT. The college has a quite esteemed faculty and a number of amenities to make its college students cozy and assist them center of attention on their studies.

Apart from the clinical and lecture halls, GMCK additionally offers a library, hospital wards for clinical training, good laboratories with latest equipment for research work. GMCK is considered as one among the best medical colleges in Kerala and so you would not be wrong if you decided to enroll here.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹1.29 Lakhs

mbbs colleges in kerala

Rank: 7 Government Medical College | Top Medical Colleges in Kerala for MBBS

 Government Medical College, Kozhikode,also recognized as Calicut Medical College (CMC). Formerly affiliated to the University of Calicut, the college is now affiliated to the Kerala University for Health Sciences (KUHS). Calicut Medical College is the most popular medical college in Kerala all over India as well as national counseling for M.B.B.S. Calicut Medical College is one of the largest medical colleges in India with an area covering more than 270 acres of land on the outskirts of Calicut city.

Government Medical College, Kozhikode is one of the top MBBS colleges in Kerala. Established in 1957 by the Government of Kerala with a view to educating and training doctors for rural as well as urban areas of Kerala. GMS is the only institute among all medical colleges in India to provide students’ all-round growth through four components – academic, cultural, athletic and extracurricular activity, giving them a firm footing to meet all challenges before them when they enter society.

Top doctors are drawn to come here as professors, guest lecturers and attend on various consultative committees that give immense value for what we do. The excellent facilities available at our college make it one of the most sought after residential medical colleges across India.

Students get well acquainted with international standards of patient care and health care management. In addition, our hands-on approach ensures that they graduate with a set of skills that makes them ready to tackle any situation without fear or hesitation. With some of the top MBBS colleges in Kerala graduating its batches every year, this medical institution has earned an enviable reputation nationally as an unparalleled center for high quality healthcare education.

Ongoing research projects like indigenously designed pacemaker devices and neurosurgery intervention work being carried out by the surgical department offer opportunities not found anywhere else. This hospital has both indoor and outdoor patient wards.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹1.31 Lakhs

Rank 8: Jubilee Mission Medical College And Research Institute

Rank 8: Jubilee Mission Medical College And Research Institute

 The institution is managed by the Jubilee Mission Hospital Trust, a charitable organization under the Catholic Archdiocese of Thrissur. The Jubilee Mission Hospital was established on December 17, 1951 as a small dispensary. JMMCRI is among the Top MBBS Colleges in Kerala for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The top-ranked medical institution is situated in Thrissur, an urban town known for its diversity and educational opportunities. Established by a private, non-profit organization, JMMCRI offers a pre-clinical curriculum in addition to clinical education programmes.

The institute has a state of the art campus with state of the art infrastructure to equip medical professionals with knowledge and skills to tackle various clinical challenges on a day-to-day basis. With regular interactions with experts from around the world, students have access to the best possible learning environment which can be found anywhere in India. Faculty members are actively involved in research that is relevant to modern healthcare practices.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹33.99 Lakhs

  • Address: P.B.No.737,Thrissur – 680 005, Kerala, India
  • Number: +91 487 246 4346
  • Email:  jubileemission@jmmc.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.jmmcri.org/
medical colleges in kerala

Rank: 9 KMCT Medical College Manassery | Top MBBS College in Kerala

KMCT Medical College was established in the year 2008 with an intake of a hundred MBBS seats permitted by using the Medical Council of India. This college is under the jurisdiction of the Kerala University of Health Sciences. The Central Government had accorded awareness for the MBBS course in the year 2013.

Postgraduate courses have been commenced in the academic 12 months 2015-16 in Orthopaedics & Pharmacology and in the educational yr 2020-21 postgraduate courses were started in different specialities (Microbiology, Community Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Anaesthesiology, Psychiatry, Radiology & Pulmonary Medicine). From the tutorial yr 2016-17, the intake of college students in MBBS path was once increased from one hundred to a hundred and fifty by using the approval of Central Government.

KMCT Medical College Manassery is one of the Top MBBS colleges in Kerala with a bed strength of 360, which includes 150 beds for students, 100 for new entrants, 30 for postgraduates and 60 for staff. The college has 37 departments across various medical fields. These include Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dermatology and Venereology; ENT Medicine; General Medicine; General Surgery; Neurosurgery; Obstetrics & Gynaecology etc. 

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹35.58 Lakhs

mbbs colleges in kerala

Rank: 10 Karuna Medical College | Best Medical Colleges in Kerala

 Founded in Palakkad, India, Karuna Medical College is part of Karuna Institute of Medical Sciences and was founded in 2006. Medical degrees include MBBS, B.Sc, B. Pharm, MD, M.Pharm and Pharm D. Admission for these courses is done by way of NEET-UG and NEET-PG, following which there are counseling processes. For other courses, entrance is done by way of the qualifying examination performance. Karuna College is governed by Kerala University of Health Sciences, which provides excellent infrastructure with strong research emphasis, an excellent environment for study, education, and training. They have an amazing faculty that has a lot of teaching and research experience, as well as well-known faculty that give students plenty of opportunities for exposure.

It is a Top MBBS College in Kerala as well as in India with many national awards to its name including two gold medals at the National Level which are the only such awards received by Karuna Medical College so far. Karuna’s emphasis on research means that students get more than just theoretical knowledge – they learn through hands-on experience from academics who have a real-world understanding of how to apply what they teach to everyday scenarios and challenges faced by healthcare professionals on the ground.

 10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹31.64 Lakhs

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best Medical Colleges in Kerala

Opting for the WAC’s 10 Best Medical colleges in Kerala is a wise choice because they have the resources and environment to help you acquire the best knowledge and skills needed in the professional world of medical. When it comes to becoming an effective medical practitioner, one needs to pay attention to not only acquiring knowledge and honing one’s communication skills, but also ensuring that there is ample exposure to practical knowledge of this newfound knowledge. One key way in which these schools are different from many others is their presence of numerous clinics where students are put through hands-on experience in real life situations while being guided by experts with years of experience in their respective fields.  These schools also provide field work at government hospitals as well as private hospitals to offer high quality learning opportunities. With such innovative teaching methods at hand, the What After College (WAC) has ranked them among the top MBBS colleges in Kerala.

The process of finding the best medical colleges in Kerala is daunting. There are a lot of options out there and even though you may be looking to narrow it down, it’s not an easy task. That is why we put together this list, which also doubles as our market research report. It can be difficult to choose your top colleges based on rankings alone and it’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by ranking our 10 favorite medical colleges and giving you plenty of reasons why these are some of the best mbbs college in Kerala . As with any choice, there are pros and cons. We will discuss them below so that you have all of the information necessary before choosing your best college.

If you are thinking about making a career change and would like to be a doctor, then it is best to go to the Best Medical Colleges in Kerala. A lot of people who have been studying medicine around the world are making India their final destination because of how much this country has to offer. Over here, students can find jobs at hospitals that offer some of the highest salaries and many scholarships too, which help them with medical school loans. If you want to apply for these scholarships then make sure that you follow a very strict criteria by applying only through one major institution in your region so that there is no chance of competition from other applicants. Make sure that you meet all requirements so that if chosen you don’t have to worry about money as well. You might think that studying abroad will save you money but actually what it does is increase the cost of your study because they take higher fees. So why not opt for a WAC’s top ten Best MBBS College in Kerala instead? It might not seem obvious but having an Indian degree also has its benefits. When we compare the features and facilities available at these colleges over others, we see how beneficial it is to study there. Our country’s best institutions teach students everything they need in order to become successful doctors, giving them the knowledge required from day one until graduation.

All Other Best Medical Colleges in Kerala

Plenty of medical colleges in Kerala offer a variety of courses to serve different interests and requirements. College research is among the priorities of many prospective MBBS students in the state. Cheap tuition, high placement rates, the opportunity to earn an MBBS or Master of Surgery- MS, etc. offer different student programs and seem quite attractive for any parent who is aiming to give their child a solid academic education. These various factors, combined with their impressive and exclusive offerings, work together in making them one of the best MBBS College in Kerala. It is possible that it might take some time before you finally decide on what course will suit your needs the most. The other Top MBBS Colleges in Kerala because of how competitive they are and also how good their facilities are.

MES Medical College And Hospital

Other: 1 MES Medical College And Hospital

MES is one of the top MBBS colleges in Kerala. It stands out among other medical colleges with alumni that include several highly respected doctors, many who are now serving as renowned professors at MES. With a pass rate over 98%, MES offers excellent healthcare services for students and staff alike. Students benefit from a campus environment that includes good facilities, teaching tools and equipment to help them achieve their goal of becoming quality doctors. Prospective students who are interested in enrolling at MES can take some time to learn more about it by visiting our website or contacting us directly.Standout among other medical colleges with alumni that include several well-respected doctors, many who are now esteemed professors at MES.

At MES you’ll have access to campus facilities including research labs and libraries, clinical laboratories with high-tech diagnostic equipment, patient care centers equipped with modern treatment technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines, Ultrasound scanning devices etc., educational infrastructure including classrooms equipped with multimedia technology and simulation labs where practical lessons on human anatomy are provided through virtual reality software. At this top MBBS college in Kerala we work hard to provide all our pupils both academic success and job security after graduation.

 10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹34.95 Lakhs

  • Address: Valanchery – Nilambur Road, Palachode Post, Malaparamba, Perinthalmanna, Kolathur, Malappuram, Kerala 679321, India
  • Number: +91 4933 298300
  • Email: mesmc@mesams.com 
  • Website: https://mesams.com/
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College

Other: 2 Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College

Ranked among the top ten MBBS colleges in Kerala, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College is a private institute. The medical college was established by the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in medical sciences.

Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College has several interesting features like a great location, world-class infrastructure and dedicated faculty members, making it one of the best MBBS colleges in Kerala. The hostels provide accommodation to all undergraduate students but boarding facilities are only available for girls.

Some other major attractions of this top MBBS college are modern laboratories, an air-conditioned library for conducting research work, free internet facilities as well as Wi-Fi services at all seats for students’ convenience.The first year medical students need to take admission through a national level entrance exam, NEET. As per reports, they are now accepting foreign nationals too! 

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹33.94 Lakhs

  • Address: Medical College Road, Kolenchery P O, Ernakulam – 682311, Kerala
  • Number: 0484 288 5211
  • Email: mmmhn@moscmm.org
  • Website: https://www.moscmm.org/
PK DAS Institute Of Medical Sciences

Other: 3 PK DAS Institute Of Medical Sciences

PK DAS Institute Of Medical Sciences is one of the top medical colleges in Kerala. It has a well-qualified, competent and dedicated teaching faculty, which is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of modern medical education. Established in the year 2014, PKDIMS has now become one of the most desirable options for MBBS courses throughout Kerala. A certified academic institute that ranks among the top MBBS colleges in Kerala, it offers excellent academic facilities to its students. With an aim to improve the quality of medical education and healthcare in India, it follows advanced teaching methodology. To provide better clinical exposure for their students, this MBBS college arranges practical training at hospitals affiliated with the Government of India or under joint venture projects. 

Students are encouraged to attend various seminars, workshops and conferences that help them gain knowledge about latest advancements in the field of medicine. The focus on enhancing managerial skills helps create a balanced personality for each student. A multidisciplinary approach towards studying medicine makes learning more interesting and engaging. Apart from traditional subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry etc., subjects like nutrition sciences, public health etc., are also offered here so as to make every student’s future secure.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹37.66 Lakhs

  • Address: P K DAS Institute of Medical Sciences, Vaniamkulam, Ottapalam
  • Number: 0466 23 44 500
  • Email: info@pkdashospital.com
  • Website: https://pkdashospital.com/
Pushpagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre

Other: 4 Pushpagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre

It is currently a 900-bed multidisciplinary specialized hospital. Pushpagiri Hospital has very humble origins and started as an eight-bed clinic in 1959.There are many institutions which provide higher education to its students; however, Pushpagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre is one of the top medical college that gives preference to proper academic excellence as well as keen observation and evaluation among those who enroll themselves.

The curriculum at this institution revolves around latest advances and innovations with good clinical orientation so that they can make good clinical decisions and take appropriate steps to manage patients which are brought before them.

The degrees offered by Pushpagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre includes M.D., M.S., M.Sc., Bachelors In Nursing (BNS), Bachelors In Medicine And Surgery (MBBS) and much more in the field of medicine, dental surgery, nursing etc.

Pushpagiri institute of medical sciences offers state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities such as library, laboratories with internet access to give their students a complete experience from various perspectives during their stay there. With world-class amenities available here.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

Total Fees: ₹33.97 Lakhs

  • Address: 9HJJ+X5V, Near Pvt Bus stand, Thiruvalla, Kerala 689101
  • Number: +91 469 2733761
  • Email: pcm@pushpagiri.in
  • Website: https://pimsrc.edu.in/

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Colleges in Kerala

We’ve written a detailed guide to help you decide which Medical Colleges in Kerala would be best for your future career if you’re interested in starting a medical career here. The following pages will answer the most frequently asked questions about MBBS College in Kerala and hopefully give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Selecting the right medical school is never easy. Depending on your study area, the length of the course, and other personal preferences it can be hard to make that final decision. It’s worth considering what type of health care system you want to go into when choosing your college.

Out of the 282 medical schools in Kerala, 220 are private and 62 are government-run. Out of these universities, only 77 offer admission to MBBS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, BSMS, MD, MS, DM, M.Ch, BVSc, and BPT.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Medical Colleges in Kerala

We’ve written a detailed guide to help you decide which Best Medical Colleges in Kerala would be best for your future career if you’re interested in starting a medical career here. The following pages will answer the more frequently asked questions about MBBS College in Kerala and hopefully give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Q. What is the salary of an MBBS doctor in Kerala?

Average Government of Kerala Doctor Salary is Rs 4.5 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 10 years. Government of Kerala Doctor Salary can range from Rs 4 Lakhs to Rs 6 Lakhs.

Q. Which is the first medical college in Kerala?

The Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, also known as the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, is located in the Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Founded in 1951, the college was dedicated by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and is Kerala’s oldest medical school.

Q. Is Kerala good for studying MBBS?

There are many top universities in Kerala that offer excellent courses of study in MBBS in a variety of cities and towns. These top MBBS colleges in Kerala are built with high standards to help provide the best teaching and to meet the needs of aspirants of MBBS.