Can I Make Through If Prepare for PTE Academic at Home?

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With things changing all around due to this pandemic, there has been a major impact on the aspirants taking the PTE academic test. Few who were in the middle of their PTE preparation are now feeling lost, whereas the others who were going to apply are reconsidering their decisions.

And heavily impacted are those who have just applied for the PTE exam and are now wondering how they start preparing for the exam or who will guide them through.

Hear these words carefully: ‘You are left with only two options either prepare with the PTE online Coaching or prepare for the PTE Exam at home by yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

And to prepare all by yourselves for the PTE Exam at home, you need to be as careful as walking on a bridge holding on a pin. You need to know the preparation methodology applied by the PTE Achievers. Could you read it on this blog?

What do you need to prepare for PTE at home to achieve your desired PTE Score? 

Anchor and aim –Fix your Desired PTE Score:

Before you start preparing for the PTE Exam, know the score you want to achieve in the PTE Exam. And the best way to do this is to know what is score you need for either studying, settling, or working abroad.

Every Score is achievable. Believe you can do it. Decide it now.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step.

PTE Test Format –Know all ins and outs

The very next thing after aiming a target is to know all about the PTE Test. Understand the PTE Test format, know the type of questions that each communicative skill has, know how many questions on average are asked per question type, and finally understand the assessed skills in each question type.

The smartest move that you can make is to know which integrated tasks contribute to the scores of more than one communicative skill.

PTE Mock Test –Do not delay!

After you have decided on your desired PTE Score and understood all about the PTE Exam, the first thing is to take up the mock test. No, you are not doing anything wrong if you are taking after spending hours on PTE Preparation. It would help if you kept taking the PTE mock test timely.

But if you take it ahead of the start of your PTE Preparation, there are added benefits. You will come across the actual exam environment that you will face on the big day. PTE mock test will introduce you to your skills, strong areas, and the areas where you need to work upon to achieve your desired score.

It is as good as you start a relay race ahead of others. The chances of winning grow in both.

How many hours should I practice for PTE Every day?

Getting an answer to this question is important. And taking the PTE mock test answers this to an extent. But along with how many hours you need to prepare for PTE, you also must answer how much time you need to spend on improving various areas of improvement and preparation. You cannot ignore any communicative skills, be it PTE Listening, PTE Speaking, PTE Writing, or PTE Reading. It would help if you gave attention to every section, but measurable.

Spend more hours on the areas that need much of your attention (Your improvement areas), and do not forget to polish your strong areas. If you follow this, you will see that you can easily prepare for 3-4 hours every day.

Add other Preparation platforms

While preparing for the PTE academic, you can never make the mistake of sticking to one platform. You need to add a habit of preparing with different platforms like joining a group of PTE aspirants or PTE professional platforms on the Facebook page, join the PTE aspirants’ community on telegram or watch several videos on the YouTube channel to find motivation, tips & strategies directly from the experts and the PTE achievers. Download a trusted and comprehensive PTE mobile app. It always helps.

You can come across tens of new questions every day on all these platforms, different ways to solve a common problem, or some effective tips or practice methods or materials.

Step out of the den –Think out of box ideas

Of course, you cannot depend only on reading the practice materials and practicing thousands of questions for each section from them. You need to think differently and implement faster.

1. Adapt a habit of speaking in English with friends, colleagues or read out articles loudly to improve your speaking skills. Learn the pronunciation and repeat it to improve your pronunciation skills. Even if you feel shy, it is the first section that you are going to face in the PTE Exam. You can also observe the native speakers understand the minute improvement points.

2. Spend 30 minutes Listening to podcasts, radio shows, ted talks, or various other information to pick up a habit to cope with the speed the recording will play during the listening section. Practice writing as you hear.

3. Practice writing different articles on any topic you like. You will have a sense of relaxation. The best practice to follow is learning new words and writing at least 2-3 sentences that include them. It improves both writing skills and vocabulary.

4. Improve your reading skills by watching the shows, movies with subtitles and keeping up with the audio. Read various articles for at least 30 minutes.

5. Practice preparing for a stretch of 3-hours to get used to the exam timing.

6. Practice taking an entire mock test at a busy café. It will prepare you for the PTE Exam room environment.

Never skip a professional’s help

Even though you are preparing all by yourselves, you certainly need the professional’s help. It will make you analyze and understand your PTE preparation path. You can get various tips & strategies to answer various questions that only come from the experience that the experts have ample. You must also take the professional’s help, as the evaluation services, to get detailed assessment and evaluation as per the PTE Standards.

The outcome will either make you courageous or attentive. If the result is not up to the expectations, you can immediately switch to PTE Online Coaching.

PTE Exam is not easy, but not difficult to clear too. Follow these tips, and you are good to go. And stay relaxed. Experts at PTE Tutorials always got your back.

Krina Patel – Project Manager for PTE Tutorials: Greetings! I and my team have researched in-depth about the PTE test, its modules, process, of course, problems faced by students. After performing micro observations, we have come up with a simple, dedicated, and effective solution – PTE Tutorials. The platform helps students to learn most engagingly with online coaching, test evaluations, video recordings, learn anywhere, anytime, and much more. We aim to assist students to achieve their desired score and fulfill study abroad dreams. Go for PTE Tutorials Today!

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