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top 10 college fest in rajasthan

Top 10 College Fests to Visit as a Student in Rajasthan

The College Fest Season is like a wave, filled with a plethora of energy and excitement which hits all the students alike! It comes with an atmosphere of new learning and experiences along with a stage to express the inner soul through art. Being a college student you must be looking out for the best college fests to revive yourself!

So, be ready to explore some of the most exciting College Fests in Rajasthan.

Top 10 College Fests To Visit In Rajasthan

First College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Youth Fest :  MNIT,Jaipur

Youth Fest : MNIT, Jaipur 

Celebrating the birth anniversary of youth icon Swami Vivekananda, ‘Youth Fest’ is an annual gathering of youth, organized by Vyaktitva Srijan Club, MNIT, Jaipur. The three day long fest marks a participation of around 3500 participants for around 30 exciting competitions and events consisting of cultural, literacy and Indian- sports activities. Amidst all the fun and entertainment, the Youth Fest provides an open platform to the young minds.

Second College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Plinth :  LNMIT,Jaipur

Plinth : LNMIT, Jaipur                  

‘Plinth’ is the annual Inter-college Techno-Management-Literacy Festival of LNMIIT, Jaipur. With captivating competitions in Astronomy, Coding, Robotics, Management and Literature, it provides exposure to learning along with some fun. One can strengthen their coding language with amazing workshops and seminars. MUNs, Talks and SOPs also add to the glow of the festival.

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Third College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Audacity :  Indian Institute Of Management(IIM),Udaipur

Audacity : Indian Institute Of Management(IIM), Udaipur        

The biggest cultural extravaganza of Rajasthan is organized by Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur, one of the premier Business Schools in India. ‘Audacity’ is one of the most anticipated festivals of Rajasthan with the participation numbers growing every year. It lets the youth explore their unexplored selves with the unique opportunity to participate in events never seen before. The various events include War of Bands, Rap Battle, Play with Clay, Hip-Hop International India and many more, with the ultimate fun at MTV Beats Night. This is something not to be missed!

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Fourth College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Blitzschlag: MNIT,Jaipur

Blitzschlag: MNIT, Jaipur  

Attracting multi-talented youth from all across the states, ‘Blitzschlag’ is one of the largest cultural fests of Rajasthan, organized by MNIT, Jaipur. The event list includes wide ranging activities from Dance, Drama and Music to Fashion, Literacy, Photography and Videography. NGO collaborated activities create a positive impact with the help of the youth gracing this festival. Renowned experts from all across the Nation are invited to address agendas, seminars and workshops. Through its wide ranging events and competitions, it provides a platform to the youth to showcase their inner talents.

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  Fifth College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Zest: St. Xavier & College,Nevta Village,Jaipur

Zest: St. Xavier & College,Nevta Village, Jaipur                             

Packed with plethora of events and competitions, ‘Zest’ is the annual cultural festival of St. Xavier’s College, Nevta Village, Jaipur. The 7th iteration is bigger and better at the Nevta Campus, providing a  stage to the budding youth to showcase their talents and broaden their horizons with competitions and events ranging from Dance, Music, and Theatres to Literary events. ‘Zest’ is witnessing constant growth in enthusiasm and participation each year with students from prestigious colleges across the states. So, what’s your reason to miss out Zest’19?

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Sixth College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Vivacity: LNM Institute Of Imformation And Technology

Vivacity: LNM Institute Of Imformation And Technology

An amalgamation of several contentions of Dance, Music, Fashion, Dramatics and Literature, ‘Vivacity’ is the annual cultural-management festival piloted by the student committee of The LNM Institute of Information and Technology. This three day long fest is a package of informal fun events, authorized workshops, exhibitions and gaming challenges. The best talents are adorned with titanic prizes. The major attractions are Vogue, Razzmatazz, Raddrock and Pronite Events.

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Seventh College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Ignus : IIT,Jodpur

Ignus: IIT, Jodhpur                                 

One the biggest fests of North-Western India, ‘Ignus’, is the annual techno-cult-socio fest of IIT Jodhpur. The fest caters to all the students, whether a techie or a social bird. The three-day-long fest includes numerous events in Technical, Cultural and Flagship domains. From Aeromodelling to Robotics, the technical events captivate with breathtaking competitions seminars and workshops by eminent personalities. The cultural events ensure full-on entertainment with competitions in Drama, Fine Arts, Literature, Music and Quiz. So, get ready to pull down the strings of Euphoria within you!

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Eighth College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Apogee : BITS, Pilani

Apogee : BITS, Pilani 

Playing host to brightest minds and thinkers in the country and World, ‘Apogee’ is the annual technical extravaganza at BITS, Pilani. The 37th edition with The Reality Roulette includes from presenting papers and projects to developing amazing solutions to real life problems. The seminars and events mark the presence of notable speakers like Jimmy Wales(Founder of Wikipedia) in 2011, Simon Taufel(retired elite cricket umpire) in 2017 and Danielle Feinberg(Director of Photography in Lighting, PIXAR) in 2018 to name a few. Events and exhibitions include Indian Navy Demo, NAO BOT, AIC, IDRL, FTGP and RAW.

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Ninth College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan

Inferno:  The College Of Technology And Engineering

Inferno: The College Of Technology And Engineering

‘Inferno’ is the annual technological and cultural festival organized by students of The College of Technology and Engineering, one of the oldest engineering colleges in India. Along with the spectacular display of technical equipments, the fest provides a stage to the technical, social and cultural activities converging Art, Music, Science and Tech. The 3-day fest includes various technical and non-technical events, including competitive activities, encompassing all the branches of Engineering.’Inferno’ is one of its kind with a plethora of events marking its popularity.

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Tenth College Fest you must Visit in Rajasthan


OASIS: BITS, Pilani     

‘Oasis’ is one the largest cultural fests of India organized by BITS, Pilani. Attracting youth from colleges across India and abroad, it gives a chance to stage their inner expressions to the outside world. The 3 – 4 day long fest include events in Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, Fashion, Photography, Oratory, Humor, Film-fest, Quizzing and other miscellaneous activities. The cut throat competition in all the events ensure a full dose of entertainment! So, this October, book yourself to be a part of one of the largest cultural fests in India.

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