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Top 5 College Fests To Visit as a Student in Andhra Pradesh

College is important for building our future path but there is more to it. Fests deserve to be on every student’s to-do-list, so as to have a break from studies and socializing with many people along with discovering hidden talents. Fests may give you the priceless memories that will be cherished forever by you and your friends, so here are some college fests that you should attend to explore more from the world.

Top 5 College Fests To Visit In Andhra Pradesh

First College Fest you must visit in Andhra Pradesh

TECHEUPHORIA:  Sri Vasavi Engineering College

TECHEUPHORIA: Sri Vasavi Engineering College

‘Techeuphoria’ is the college fest organized by Sri Vasavi Engineering College which is one of the premier institutions in Andhra Pradesh. ‘Techeuphoria’ is conducted every year which conducts various cultural, technical and sport activities involving more than 10000 people. So bring out the inner Einstein in you, make machines and robots, build up some new invention and flourish your talent across a wide platform. Boast your photography skills and be a part of the Fashion Show. Technical Events are conducted for various Departments such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and many more. ‘Techeuphoria’ takes place on the 10th of January 2019.

Second Fest you must visit in Andhra Pradesh



IEEE GITAM has instigated its new venture ‘FUSION 2K19’. This fest showcases the new galvanizing innovations in the modern world and is a platform on a national level. This fest is organized by the Signal Processing Society and Robotics and Automation Society of IEEE student branch. Attend this fest for a multi dimensional learning prospect and gain knowledge about the recent technological advancements by Tech Gurus so as to understand the rapidly changing global environment. Attend this inspiring fest on the 4th of January.

Third Fest you must visit in Andhra Pradesh

Eclatecs 2k19

‘ECLATECS 2K19’ is a 2 day technical colloquy organized by the Department of ECE. Any tech junkie out there has a prolific chance to conquer this technical fest by bringing out their skills and working on improving the present technological advancements. Not only does it bring out the best in you relating to the field of Tech but also improves tech knowledge in fields such as Electronics and Communication. Explore various other parts of this fest such as Contests of Photography and Dubsmash and bring out the inner animal in you and win the prize. Show your gaming skills in a fun filled tournament of PUBG and many other competitions. Attend this fest on the 24th of February.

Fourth you must visit in Andhra Pradesh

SUPERNOVA:   SRKR Engineering College (Bhimavaram)

SUPERNOVA: SRKR Engineering College (Bhimavaram)

As the name suggests, Supernova is a star that suddenly increases greatly in Brightness because of the catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. The meaning is metaphoric to the life of a student. ‘Supernova’ is a platform where in the students prove themselves.  Like a Supernova increases gently, a student grows due to the knowledge he has gained during his schooling and college time. So go out there and tell the world about your knowledge in various fields along with the creativity possessed by you. Such a platform not only lets people know about your talent but also increases your problem solving, decision making, assertiveness and listening skills. Don’t miss out on this one. Attend this fest on 7th of January at SRKR Engineering College (Bhimavaram).

Fifth Fest you must visit in Andhra Pradesh

Sanketa: SRKR Engineering College

Sanketa: SRKR Engineering College

‘Sanketa 2K19’, a sub division of SRKR Engineering College is also a National Level Technical Council which consists of various technical  and non technical events so that students can get to explore their talents. Sanketa is an interesting initiative for those students who have a diverse set of skills and can understand the current needs and wants of the world. Events included in this fest are T-shirt painting events for all the creative people who understand the world of colors, PowerPoint presentations, workshops on various attributes on current technical developments, online events and many more. Attend this fest to bring out the best in you on the 7th of February.

So what are you waiting for then? Pull up your socks, grab the opportunity and go on forward with these amazing fests.