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With the growing popularity of Architecture courses, a large number of students have taken it up as their main subject and made a professional career out of it. M.Arch colleges in Kolkata, are quite popular in this regard. If you are passionate about the subject, attracted to design and structure, M.Arch is undoubtedly the best post-graduation choice for you. The top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata are well known across the country. And Kolkata is one of the finest places where you can pursue your career in an M.Arch. There are a number of colleges to choose from and hence, we have curated a list of top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata.

Different M.Arch colleges in Kolkata offer you the choice of different course specializations. We have discussed all the key aspects of M.Arch colleges in Kolkata in this article and curated our list accordingly.

Increasing Demand for M.Arch

M.Arch degree holders are rapidly being added to the workforce across the globe. Our list of top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata will help you get an idea of how to go about kick-starting your career in M.Arch. Career prospects in M.Arch are rising to an overwhelming level. This is particularly because of the fact that the focus of our world is shifting from the need for basic housing and shelter towards comfortable yet aesthetic design and styling.

M.Arch options In India VS Abroad

There is a stark contrast between studying M.Arch from India and abroad. For example, pursuing a degree from an M.Arch college in Kolkata, India costs around 3 to 5 lac. On the contrary, the cost is around 40 to 50 Lac if you decide to study abroad. But, the exposure to different cultures as well as lifestyle and having access to a better quality of education may prove to be valuable for your career in the long run. However, you also cannot deny that there are a lot of advantages to learning in your own country. To give an example, you can easily get a job through campus hiring if you study in one of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata. On the other hand, placement is not a surety in case you study in a foreign land.

Types: Degree Vs Diploma in Architecture

M.Arch colleges in India give you the choice of studying a Degree program in M.Arch or a Diploma. The Diploma usually takes 1 to 3 years depending on if it’s part-time or regular, while the degree program is generally about 2 years. Students with prior work experience in Architecture, normally choose the Diploma program from one of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata mostly to decorate their CV. Whereas, students with little or no work experience and those who are keen on learning more about the subject, pursue the Degree course. One of the basic differences between the two is that the Degree program is more expensive than the Diploma. Don’t worry if you wish to take up one of these programs and feel confused about where to start from, we have listed some of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata to help you shortlist from.

Why choose an M.Arch in Kolkata? – Factors in points

Besides having a significant impact on traditions, heritage, culture, and food, Kolkata is also famous for its quality of education. These are a few reasons why M.Arch Colleges in Kolkata are a great choice for students-:

  • Availability of great colleges: Some of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata are constantly ranked by ranking websites, both in India as well as abroad. Besides, it is one of the best places to study as the city is full of career-driven students.
  • Student Amenities: Kolkata is a city booming with top-ranked colleges. At the same time, it also has some of the best student amenities including fine cafes, libraries, movie halls, restaurants, and well-connected transport system. Hence, M.Arch colleges in Kolkata will always be a good choice to study in.
  • Career opportunities: M.Arch colleges in Kolkata provide great opportunities when it comes to getting hired. It is a city with many growing startups. You can get placed easily if you study in one of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata.

There are a number of highly reputed M.Arch colleges in Kolkata and here is our list of the top options available to you.

Top M.Arch Colleges in Kolkata

Rank 1: Jadavpur University

The department of architecture at Jadavpur University is one of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata. The college is often addressed as the best Architecture school in Kolkata due to its excellent track record. It was established in 1965 and since then, it has produced thousands of architecture students who are successful in their field of work, across the world.

Course name- Entrance and Eligibility

It offers a full-time M.Arch course in Urban Design and Housing which has a duration of 2 years. A candidate needs to have completed a B.Arch from a recognized university to be eligible for admission. The program is offered as per the guidelines of the COA and is widely known across the country. Follow their website for more details regarding the fee structure.

Placements at JU

Due to its rich history and notable alumni network, the department of architecture at Jadavpur University ensures a decent placement scenario. You can expect to get a good job once you complete your degree from this M.Arch college in Kolkata.

Differential Factor

Located at the heart of the city, this popular M.Arch college in Kolkata is known for having excellent corporate relations as well as alumni network. The placement statistics of this institute are one of the best in the city. In fact, it also one of the oldest M.Arch colleges in Kolkata.

Contact Details

  • Address: Prayukti Bhawan, 188, Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Road, Jadavpur University Campus Area,
    Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032
  • Phone: 033 2414 6667
  • Website: www.jaduniv.edu.in/

Rank 2: IIEST

The department of Architecture, Town & Regional Planning at IIEST, Kolkata is ranked as the second-best M.Arch college in Kolkata. Although they do not provide a degree particularly in M.Arch, their course structure covers all the necessary modules of an M.Arch program in general.

Course name- Entrance and Eligibility

IIEST offers a Master of Town & Regional Planning degree which is a 2-year full-time program. It is an equivalent to an M.Arch degree if you are willing to learn about the town and regional planning specialization. The candidate should have 50% aggregate marks in B.Arch to get admission. The fee for the course is given on the course website.

Placements at IIEST

You will go through a rigorous training process at this M.Arch college in Kolkata. IIEST has a great reputation across the world and its name speaks for itself. hence, you can expect decent placements once you pass out of this M.Arch college in Kolkata.

Differential Factor

IIEST is the only M.Arch college in Kolkata that offers you a great campus life. Additionally, it also has a high NIRF ranking. Along with that, it has the latest software equipped, modern, studio classrooms which fulfills all necessary student requirements.

Contact Details

  • Address: Howrah, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Botanical Garden Area, Howrah, West Bengal 711103
  • Phone: +91 (033) 2668 4561
  • Website: www.iiests.ac.in/

Rank 3: Techno India University

The school of architecture at the Techno India University is also a popular M.Arch college in Kolkata. Established in 2012, the school is approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi, and also recognized by the AICTE.

Course name- Entrance and Eligibility

TIU offers a 2-year full-time M.Arch general degree. Candidates looking for admission to TIU are required to have a B.Arch or B.Tech Civil degree. The fee for the course duration is given on their website.

Placements at TIU

Generally, barring a few, Architecture colleges do not offer you any direct placements from campus. Like other M.Arch colleges in Kolkata, here too, you will be assisted with an internship in your specialization. But, getting a job, depends on how you utilize your skills.

Differential Factor

A few things that make TIU stand out from other M.Arch colleges in Kolkata are its top notch faculty and campus location. Additionally, they provide all the necessary benefits to their students for them to have a great campus life at the heart of the City of Joy.

Contact Details

  • Address: EM-4, EM Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar,
    Kolkata, West Bengal 700091
  • Phone: + (91) 9836544419
  • Website: www.technoindiauniversity.ac.in/


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Specialization in M.Arch programs

There are a variety of specializations in M.Arch. Some of the most popular ones offered by the M.Arch colleges in Kolkata are:

  • M.Arch in Building Construction Management: This course teaches you how to deal with various construction works, including that of the buildings.
  • Environmental Design: M.Arch colleges in Kolkata also provide you a choice of taking up Environmental design as your specialization. This course particularly teaches you about the components and elements of the surrounding environment and how to deal with them.
  • M.Arch Sustainable Architecture: In this course, you learn how to use eco-friendly design and build structures that are not going to harm the environment.

Careers after M.Arch

There are endless career paths available to you after the completion of your M.Arch. Some of the top career opportunities that are available if you complete your course from one of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata are as follows-

  • Landscape Architect
  • Art Director
  • Building Researcher
  • Urban Planner
  • Project Architect
  • Architect
  • Digital Architect
  • Town Planner

Coupled with the above-mentioned options, you can also choose to study further and do a Ph.D. in Architecture or become a professor. Research is another good option once you graduate from one of the top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata.


To summarize, there are myriad reasons for you to study M.Arch. It helps you improve your knowledge of architecture as well as polishes your practical and theoretical skills. However, it is upon you how you utilize your learning. Hence, to conclude, if you are looking to study in the beautiful city of Kolkata, these are the list of top M.Arch colleges in Kolkata. In case of any query, feel free to use the comment section provided below.

Best wishes for your academic journey towards a successful career in M.Arch!

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