The Art of Handling Relationship and Career together

Handling Relationship and Career together- The synchrony that needs to happen

Handling Relationship and Career together

In his recent Video, Bobby D’souza tries to shine light on the rising need of keeping a balance between Relationship and Career. The world with its rapid pace seems to be neglecting on the need on embracing relationship and basic humanity. In the video Bobby Dsouza talks about ways of Handling Relationship and Career together.

The video is a brief outlook on  ‘how to handle your relationship & Career problem’ especially during your move from college days to that first job placement. This video is very valid also for any relationships, working couple, partners, friends & more.

Through the video you will learn Bob’s technique of ‘Powerr of SPACE & PAUSE’ in managing these challenges effectively without sacrificing ‘ Relationship ‘ or ‘Career’.

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About Bobby Dsouza:

He is a keynote- motivational speaker, Leadership Trainer, coach, a budding writer & musician.You can check out his work

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