What Is Data Mining And Its Examples

examples of data mining

Data Mining :

Data Mining refers to the extraction of knowledge from a great amount of information. In today’s world, data processing is important. Because a huge amount of information is present in companies and different sorts of organizations. It becomes impossible for humans to extract information from this massive data. So machine learning technology processes data fast to extract information from it. There are many examples of data mining.

Companies employ data mining inducing customer preferences, determine the price of their product and services called Knowledge Discovery in Database (K D D).

Data mining features a long history and applications known as examples of data mining. It emerged with computing within the 1960s through the 1980s. Historically, data processing was an intensive manual coding process. And it still involves coding ability and knowledgeable specialists to wash, process, and interpret data processing results today. Data specialists need statistical knowledge and examples of data mining. They also use the knowledge of a few programming languages to complete data processing techniques accurately.

Examples of Data Mining frequently used in day-to-day life:

Service Providers :

Service providers are one of the examples of data mining. They use data processing to retain customers for an awfully very long time now. Using the techniques of Business Intelligence and data processing allows these service providers to predict the “churn”. It develops when a customer leaves them for one more service provider.
Today, every service provider has terabytes of information on their customers. This data includes things like your billing information, customer service interactions, website visits, and such. Using mining and analysis of this data, the service providers assign a probability score to every customer. This probability score may be a reflection of how likely you’re of switching the vendors. Then, these companies target the people at the next risk by providing incentives and personalized attention, to retain the shoppers.

Supermarkets and Retail Stores :

Supermarkets are important in examples of data mining as they provide information on output. Data mining allows the supermarket owners to grasp your choices and preferences even better than yourself.
Following the acquisition and behaviors of female customers, targets conclude she is pregnant. This was even before the girl herself knew. Such is the power of information, patterns, and analysis.
These retail stores divide the shoppers into Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) groups. And also into specific groups with different campaigns and techniques. So, a customer who spends plenty but infrequently deals differently than a customer who spends little. But often the latter kind may receive loyalty or cross-sell offers. Whereas the previous kind may offer a win-back deal. Retail Stores are major sources in examples of data mining.

Crime Prevention Agencies :

These prevention agencies process valuable information. They play a major role in extracting output. So we discuss Agencies as examples of data mining. The use of information Mining and Analytics doesn’t restrict to corporate applications or education and technology. Therefore examples of data mining on this list go to prove the identical. Beyond corporate organizations, crime prevention agencies also use data analytics to identify trends across myriads of information. This data includes information including details of all the most important criminal activities that have happened.
Mining this data, studying, and understanding patterns allow these crime prevention agencies to predict the long run events with accuracy.

With the assistance of information Mining and analytics, these agencies can learn everything from :

1. Where to deploy maximum police manpower.

2. Who to look at a border crossing (based on the type of the vehicle, number of occupants).

3. To which intelligence to require seriously in counter-terrorism activities.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning :

Both computing and Machine Learning are gaining plenty of relevance within the world today. And therefore the credit goes to data processing.
One of the common samples of AI and ML you stumble upon daily is the recommendation systems. After buying a product from Amazon, it shows a list of recommended products. But you finish up buying in an exceedingly those in a blink of a watch. By thoroughly studying and analyzing your past data and behaviors. Using your behavioral trends, Amazon can categorize products reckoning on the probability of your purchasing the merchandise. While Amazon and other e-commerce websites use AI to indicate product recommendations, video. Music streaming platforms like Netflix use the identical to higher curate your playlists.

The examples of data mining mentioned above use computing on top of the mined data. However, reverse usage is additionally possible. You’ll be able to develop theories then use data processing to strengthen your theory. This AI can then use data processing methods to strengthen or weaken the speculation.

By using examples of data mining there is high processing and less time to produce output.

examples of data mining

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