What Is Digital Footprint

digital footprint

A digital footprint is the body of information that exists as a result of actions and communications online. it is a digital dossier. Digital footprints are sometimes into active and passive data traces. Active data traces are those who the user leaves intentionally. Passive data traces connected to private leaves others or gathered through activities.

A digital footprint is comparatively permanent. Once the information is public or perhaps semi-public, with Facebook posts. The owner has little control over how it utilizes others. So, a serious focus of digital footprint management (DFM) is caution about online activities. Therefore to manage the information which will be gathered within the first place.

Digital footprint (DF) is that the electronic trail we leave behind once we access the web or other electronic devices. It creates once we access services, post, or make comments on the web. Digital footprints categorize into an energetic digital footprint and a passive digital footprint. While passive digital footprints are those which leave behind unintentionally through our use of online services. And whose services we, not access.

Importance Of Digital Footprint

Each time you post a photograph on social media, send an email to a colleague or use a probe engine. you permit behind a traceable and permanent trail of information referred to as your “digital footprint”. It makes all of your online activity. It can track, analyze, and use your footprints to construct a novel profile of you.

Also, it includes your location, social groups, behavior, and interests. Your footprint reveals about you. It uses businesses to focus on you with personalized offers and advertisements, social media sites to segment you into groups. And by graduate employers looking to search out information about you online before you meet. But why is your digital footprint important? Whether you upload a picture to your social media profile or just look for something on Google. Anything you are doing online has the potential to measure forever.

How Digital Footprints Evolved With An Example :

Henry was sixteen years old when social networking media became the mainstay of our lifestyle. During this era, he had access to the likes of MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, and Orkut. All of which he accustomed to maintain contact with family and friends. Ten years later, at twenty-six years old, he could hardly remember the login details of his profiles.

On these platforms, he used ten years earlier except for LinkedIn, which he currently uses to trace job opportunities. Two weeks ago, he surprisingly got an invite to attend an employment interview for an expert position during a blue-chip company on Wall Street. He hits with disappointment when he couldn’t get the duty thanks to some disturbing posts he had on one among his social media profiles ten years earlier.

Unfortunately, today, this can be a typical occurrence worldwide. With the appearance of the net. And lack of a well-defined internet use etiquette, a bit like Henry, whose digital footprints grow in large proportion. It is now in danger of not only damaging their reputation but also in danger of fraud.

digital footprint

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