Effects of Internet on our Daily life.

Effects of Internet in daily life

The Internet is sometimes called “the Net”. It is a global system of computer networks. In other words, a network of networks. Over the Internet, users at any one computer can, if they have permission, get information from any other computer. They can also sometimes talk directly to users at other computers. The Internet has turned our lives upside down. It has transformed communication and is now our preferred medium of everyday conversations. Let’s talk about the effects of the Internet on our daily life in detail.

Daily life effect of the Internet

Almost everything we do, we use the Internet. Before the Internet, if you wanted the latest news, you had to turn on the TV or wait until the next morning to buy a newspaper. But today, a click or two is enough to get you any news from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the news is updated up to the minute.

The Pros

The effect of the Internet on our daily life is manifold. It is an advantage as well as a problem. Let’s take a look at some of the positive effects of the Internet on our daily life.

1. Efficient and easy communication

From children to the elderly, the internet has made an impact on everyone’s lives. Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are the most used forms of communication today. It is easy to use and hence, everyone can use it. It takes a minute to deliver even a lengthy text over these social media apps. Gone are the days of writing a letter, thanks to the Internet!

2. Easy access to education

The Internet has made learning a cakewalk. With the help of online access to thousands of study materials and video tutorials, the Internet has made the lives of students easier. You can just Google a question and there will be several answers at your fingertip in a minute.

3. Connectivity

We can connect all over the world because of the Internet. From connecting you to your relative living miles apart via video call, to helping you find your childhood friend on Facebook, the Internet has made life easy. Hence, two people from two corners of the world can now connect, share, and communicate with each other easily because of the Internet.

The cons

Everything that is good, has a bad side too. Likewise, the Internet is no different. If not used wisely, the Internet can turn out to be a major disadvantage. The negative effects of the Internet on our daily life are :

1. Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are a crime that takes place over and due to the presence of the Internet. It takes the form of hacking, theft, fraud, identity stealing and more. Computer viruses and ransomware attacks are some other forms of cybercrimes. Due to large access to the Internet, cyber crimes are rapidly increasing.

2. Problems in social life

Excess internet use, of social media, particularly, is related to feeling lonely. It also leads to social isolation. Private relationships can be damaged by internet use. Bad online behavior, particularly cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking, affects a notable percentage of internet users.

3. Effects on Development

Children’s development can be damaged by excessive internet use. It affects their development of attention span, memory skills, language acquisition, abilities for critical reasoning, reading, and learning abilities. Besides, using the internet also makes people lazy. For instance, a lot of people prefer playing internet supported mobile games than outdoor sports.

It is indeed fair to say that life would be tough without the internet. But, there are two sides to a coin. The effects of the Internet on our daily life are two-fold. Hence, in conclusion, the evolution of the Internet is both a blessing as well as a curse.

Effects of Internet on our daily life

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