Impact of IoT on Society

Impact of IoT on society

One of the emerging trends in the Internet of Things or IoT. It is a network of physical objects embedded with connectivity and sensory devices. IoT devices include home automation systems, health trackers, cameras, mobile phones, cars, smart cities, buildings, running shoes, fridge, and even ovens. By 2020, it is expected that over 30 billion connected devices will exist. Due to its popularity, it creates a huge impact. Let’s discuss the impact of IoT on society.

Societal Impact of IoT

The Internet of Things is all about connecting machines and systems together via sensors and actuators. Meaningful information from these systems can be collected and actions are taken to enhance productivity and efficiency. IoT promises a way to reduce waste, costs, and inconveniences. Subsequently, it helps in increasing efficiency and helps us to lead a productive, environmentally cleaner, and a better quality of life. Let’s take a look at the impacts of IoT on society –

  • Smart homes and offices can save energy costs.
  • Offering better security by constant surveillance
  • Taking active action, such as alerting the local police body in case of a security breach
  • Remote monitoring of patients and providing medication for them is an impact of the Internet of Things on society through improved health care
  • Reminders of daily tasks such as payment of utility bills
  • Smart lighting of streets and auto-sensing as well as control of traffic signal
  • Remote Monitoring of assembly line and production system to maximize efficiency, safety, and reliability in a manufacturing firm
  • Smart automobiles that can provide assistance if required, assist in controlling vehicle speed on the basis of traffic and environmental conditions


A lot of companies don’t have the technology or in-house talent to apply their new IoT strategies. As a result, people with high tech skills and data analytics will have no trouble finding employment over the next few years. The impact of IoT on the job market is commendable.

Internet of Things has the potential to impact the overall job market, to an extent not felt earlier. IoT’s network of connected devices will gradually take on many of the work tasks of today. But, there is a downside. Some of the people already doing these tiring jobs will lose their jobs.

It is also important to note that, to date, overall employment hasn’t decreased, despite pessimism about the loss of jobs to automation. But, if jobs are lost, other jobs are also created. When machines do work, humans are able to solve bigger problems or spend their time in better ways. Hence, we can summarize that the impact of IoT on society in terms of employment generation has been great.

Health & Fitness

The impact of IoT on society is also taking place physically. From healthcare applications such as remote monitoring of important bodily functions to smart sensors that give us and the doctors real-time data about illnesses and wearables that integrate medical devices, the IoT is working to keep us healthier, safer, and on the receiving end of better health care delivery.

Athletes have improved the way they practice, play, and compete. IoT connected devices track performance and monitor our bodies in ways that help all kinds of athletes to meet and exceed goals.


The impact of IoT on society in terms of increased security has been terrific. Installation of CCTV cameras backed by IoT is a good way to protect the society we live in today. Smart door locks, Facial recognition systems in cars are in fact, a blessing. The impact IoT has on our society is, hence, bettering our lives every day!

IoT impacts on society

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