Bugs In Mobile Application Development

bugs in mobile application


Bugs in mobile app development. A bug is a mistake or a fault in any computer software system and in any mobile application. This implies an issue called a bug. It could result if a user taps the button repeatedly. Though there are additional reasons to cause a bug. That’s a very obvious issue that bugs could arise in any small startup either may be in a giant company like Google, Microsoft, or Apple. The software inside the mobile application may be got stuck and performs incorrect results. It can cause one of the types of bugs. It can be sought out by using many tools.
Bugs in mobile application development!

The unique concept of resolving the bugs issue called debugging. Debugging signifies a term used in computer programming to solve issues. To resolve the issues concerning bug that has happened. A bug within mobile application development either in any computer programming. It can be resolved by debugging.

Bugs in mobile application development and its types:

Repeatedly tapping buttons:
A simple tap on a button can cause difficulty. Let’s take a scenario, while a user accidentally clicks the payment button twice. And, later the user gets charged for it. This could happen unknowingly.
And this type of bugs is usually seen in many cases.

Progress indicator:
Progress indicator works in situations like content loading, uploading images, editing a profile and navigation etc.progress indicator informs the user that the work in progress.
If the progress indicator doesn’t work. Users may get confused and click the button repeatedly. Which could cause a problem? This also the bug in mobile application development.

Crash after tapping on the button:

This is the button is hidden deep inside the app. Tapping on such a button makes the app crash.

Memory leakage :
Memory leakage happens when we don’t de-allocate memory for various objects. If the memory leaks, the app becomes slow and it could crash. There are tools available to detect this type of issue. Tools such as Google android studio’s memory profiler leakage. And ios of apple use Xcode testing tool. This is one of the types of a bug in mobile application development

Push notifications:

It is hard to make push notifications to work for the first time. But it’s very important to make them work.
Because they act as a medium of engagement and communications for the user and application. Hence, push notifications consider being very crucial in mobile app development. If the push notification doesn’t work properly and then this is assumed to a bug that arises in mobile software. This is one of the types of bugs in mobile app development.

Page layout:

Mobiles and other devices that contain apps in android and ios. They are available in different sizes and varied resolutions screens. Then its crucial to maintain the quality and assurance of the app and its functionality regarding their sizes. this also One of the bugs in mobile application development.

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