What are the Examples of Embedded Systems in Everyday Life?

Embedded Systems Examples

In our day-to-day lives, we use many appliances for our convenience. However, did you know that most of the modern appliances and machines use an embedded system inside them to function? Practical embedded systems examples are many in number and we are here to discuss them with you. But first, let us understand what embedded systems are.

In simple terms, embedded systems are a combination of hardware and software. Furthermore, the hardware components function based on the code embedded into them. Hence, they are known as embedded systems. By thinking hard, you yourself may figure out some embedded systems examples in your life. Next, let us look at some less obvious ones.

Daily Life Embedded Systems Examples


Aren’t cars completely mechanical machines you ask? Well, not modern cars, because they use a combination of embedded system components to improve your experience. Modern additions like automatic AC’s, power windows, cruise control, and entertainment systems use embedded systems. The central electronic control unit manages all embedded systems we told you about. Moreover, hundreds of micro-controllers are present in the ECU. Each micro-controller does a specific task.

ATM Machines

Most of you will be very familiar with ATM machines. In fact, some may use it daily. Keep in mind that every small task, like swiping your card on the reader, entering information, etc is controlled by embedded systems. The machine stores all the data that it gets from the user. Then, it contacts the bank computer through a network of host computers. The transaction takes place once the data is verified.

Washing Machines

One of the common embedded systems examples is washing machines. They are heavily dependent on coded hardware to function. A micro-controller, present in the center, is responsible for all actions. By going through your user manual, you will find hundreds of sensors and actuators listed. For example, the sensor measures the temperature of the water, the amount of water required, and dryness. Moreover, three different functions take place one after another, they are washing rinsing and spinning. You can control the timings of each cycle, depending on how dirty the clothes are.

Digital Cameras

All of us would have used a camera in our life right? Did you know that the modern camera is highly dependent on embedded systems to carry out tasks? That became true with the invention of digital cameras. In particular, it converts the images into data and stores them. Once you click the shutter button, the data will be stored as bits. Obviously, there is no need for a film role. This increases the storage capacity so that you can transfer the image easily. Also, it can track human faces and motion.


So, you must be surprised that there are so many embedded systems examples around you. Trust us, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the other examples are calculators and mobile phones. Embedded systems also have industrial applications, but that is a story for another time.

Examples of embedded systems

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