Small Scale Embedded Systems Examples

Examples Of Small Scale Embedded System

An embedded system is a computer system that is a combination of a computer processor, computer memory, and input/output of the nearby devices. It also has a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system!
But, what is a small scale embedded system?
These types of embedded systems are with a single 8-bit or sometimes 16-bit microcontroller. They have very tiny scaled hardware, software complexities and also involve board-level design.
When embedded software is developing for this tiny scaled hardware, an editor, is the main programming tool.
Usually, the C programming language is for developing these small scale embedded systems.
The software has to fit within the memory completely and keep in view the need to limit power wastage when the system is running continuously.

Examples Of Small Scale Embedded Systems

Washing Machine

  • Machines have a microcontroller which is for controlling all the tasks.
  • Sensors and actuators are best level sensors, motor, and also a display and a better keypad to input information are some of the examples!
  • Once you load clothes in the machine, the whole process consists of three cycles. Washing, rinsing, and spinning!
  • Small Scale Embedded System.

Digital Camera

  • A digital camera has basically three functions, first is to capture an image which we call as the data, to store image data, and to represent this data.
  • In other words, Storing and Processing of the images are in the form of digital data in bits.
  • However, there is no need for the film for storing images.
    This feature has increased the storage capacity to its highest limit and made it easy to transfer images very fast.
Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Home Security System

  • Home security systems are very famous!
  • A Microcontroller in this system is for controlling all the necessary operations.
  • Sensors give data and if something wrong happens than safety alarms activate and start beeping.
  • Some examples are gas sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, IR sensors, etc.
Smart Home security
Smart Home security

Industrial Robots

  • This is a good example of an embedded system that comes in a variety of forms and each performs a number of many of the tasks.
  • Some of the main industrial robots are for moving parts.
  • Some are in assembly operations, however, some of them are in manufacturing.
  • These robots have increased productivity to the top level.
Industrial Robots
Industrial Robots

These are some of the examples of the Small Scale Embedded System.

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