The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for most Graduate Schools in the United States. It was created in 1949, and is still   owned and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which aims to evaluate verbal and quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills that have been developed over a long period of learning. The content of the GRE consists of certain specific algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and vocabulary.

The GRE General Test is offered as a computer-based exam administered at Prometric testing centers. Basically, the GRE Test is a test used to get admissions in various graduate schools or business graduate schools in various English speaking countries, especially the United States. More than 100,000 graduate school applicants from around 160 countries take the Test every year at 700 test centers. Candidates interested in pursuing a master’s degree, specialized masters course, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering Management, or a doctoral degree can appear for the GRE Test. In addition to the GRE revised general test, there are seven GRE subjects tests that evaluate candidates’ knowledge in their respective field.

Applicants do not require any special criteria to appear for the Test. The only eligibility requirement for GRE is a document to prove your identity. In India, that document is a valid Indian passport. Candidates have to get their original passport which clearly mentions their full name, photograph and signature. No photocopies are accepted. The authorities are very strict about this particular rule. No other documentation (like birth certificate, international driving license, etc.) can be used as an alternate identity proof. Aside from this eligibility condition, the ETS itself does not set any age, qualification, or timing related pre-requisites.

Any further eligibility criteria are set by the individual universities that accept GRE scores. For each of their programs, they may have a different minimum age, experience and qualification related filters. That is, you may have a high GRE score, but in order to get into your university of choice, you will have to satisfy the criteria set by the university itself. A high GRE score does not guarantee admission into a university of your choice.

But a high GRE score definitely makes your job easier. And for that, you need the right guidance. Choosing a good coaching centre is a very important. Joining a coaching centre helps in more ways than merely covering a set syllabus of study. Coaching centres aim to provide concrete results.

When choosing a coaching centre, you must keep in mind the credentials of the teaching staff, the fees being charged, the services being provided against the said fees, the distance from your home and the time it will take you to commute back and forth, and the overall environment of the place as you will be spending a major part of your day there. So, here we have compiled a list, based on popular opinion, of the Top 7 GRE coaching institutes in Chennai for you to choose from

Princeton Review

Princeton Review happens to be one of the most popular coaching institutes in Chennai for a well-rounded GRE preparation. It is a branch of the Manya Group, which happens to be one of the prominent GRE coaching institutes in India because it offers several GRE courses, including online course. They have coaching centers all across India and even offer free demo of online classes to the GRE aspirants. This is one of the reasons why the Princeton Review is highly recommended by students.

They provide all-inclusive online practice tests, all the latest study materials, a comprehensive course arrangement and even boast of free-of-cost refresher courses for their students. They claimed to have trained approximately 60 thousand students since 2011. Students registered with them are provided with a full and free online access to their recorded sessions.

This feature is extremely helpful for students who wish to review the study material and go through the lectures once again even at home for better concept clarity. Moreover, they provide applicants with eight full-length simulated tests along with essay grading at no extra cost. They have over 7 locations all over Chennai, so it is easily accessible to students living in any part of the city.

Official website:



With its headquarters located in Chennai, GREedge is an online coaching institute with no actual physical classrooms. The upside of this is that a student does not have to leave the comfort of their home to get GRE coaching. This makes it accessible to students all over the country. The downside is that the applicant has to be a highly disciplined person who can stick to a timetable without fail. Although one saves a lot of time that is normally spent on traveling to and from the coaching centers, procrastination can be very tempting. An aspirant can prepare for GRE from their home.

All they need is just a decent internet connection and some strong commitment towards clearing the GRE with excellent marks. GREedge has a team of subject experts who can guide aspirants through the entire GRE process without any hiccups. They boast of having the perfect mix of technology and human touch. Any aspirant enrolling with GREedge is assigned not just one but two exclusive personal trainers called Student Facilitators & Analysts (SFAs) – for Quant and Verbal.

And even though it is just an online course, they provide all sorts of assistance. For example, this is what their website calims – Our “Ask a Doubt” feature, built into every lesson, lets you raise doubts from any question you’re on. Whether you have 2 doubts or 20, your SFAs will clarify them for you within a single working day and ensure that your learning remains uninterrupted!

Official website:



Kaplan is an institute that provides coaching for a wide range of disciplines and promises to provide aspirants with an authentic test day like experience. They have a tie up with Prometric® testing center, which is the company that administers GRE.

Kaplan claims of having simulated the official exam environment and settings that will allow students to practice exams there with focus and dedication. Kaplan’s USP is that it provides an experience that no other test provider in Chennai offers. This is especially beneficial for aspirants who are more prone to stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It helps them to get familiarized with the surroundings.

Taking such mock tests on a regular basis helps as a confidence-building exercise that eventually results in a better performance. Another plus point in favour of Kaplan is that it helps the aspirants crack GRE, but also focuses on the country and university of the aspirant’s choice, providing a more streamlined help tailored to help the aspirant get into their preferred.

Official website:



Jamboree clearly wins the popular vote for being one of the best institutions in India for GRE coaching, thanks to their centres that are spread all across the country and the quality of coaching that is offered by their experienced faculty. The features that makes Jamboree stand out from the competition is personal attention they give to each and every student, the vast experience of their faculty, their exhaustive collection of books, notes and mock tests, traditional and time tested teaching methodology and individual customization.

Their program is built to cater to discipline and convenience. They offer 10 week intensive or 5 week fast track classroom programs researched and optimized to cover each topic extensively. Any doubts and difficult concepts are tackled by one-on-one support with faculty at the center or online. They also give you the freedom to space your GRE prep around your internships and other exams. They provide aspirants with 8 full-length mock tests that are designed as close as the real tests. They have also developed a special GRE vocab app along with 1000+ practice drills. They conduct weekly webinars and offer admissions counseling to give a human touch to the entire experience.

Official website:

Aadele Training Centre

Aadele Training Centre is another coaching centre that provides coaching for a wide range of disciplines, but is especially known for the quality of its GRE coaching. It boasts of having a highly experienced and dedicated faculty. Applicants are provided with a “Comprehensive Course Material” that includes Vocabulary Flash Cards, Quants Work Book, Verbal Work Book & Question Bank. They offer flexible timings for the class scheduling and the fact that they make each class a small batch ensures personal attention to each student.

They also provide special and unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions, besides regular classes. They also provide System Based Time Bound GRE Mock Tests that focus on preparing students for the actual GRE. Their USP is the additional complete video lessons they stream from US Based Faculties to prepare students for the future. There is professional assistance for registering for the GRE wherein they also assist students in short listing of Universities before appearing for the test.

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Crack Verbal

Crack Verbal is a GRE coaching institute that offers coaching for aspiring students in Bangalore and Chennai. They have an acclaimed faculty and details study resources. They claim to have an approach tailored especially to help Indian students crack the GRE. Their methods are researched and tested solutions that work specifically for the Indian GRE aspirant, and they have built all the elements of an excellent coaching system around it.

They don’t count their course in classroom hours or days of tutoring. According to them, their aim is not fulfilled till you have taken the test & reached your dream school, with their unmatched guidance & support all the way. This is why they say that their students continue to stay in touch with us years after they’ve completed their course and entered their dream B-schools. They evaluate the profiles of individual students to ensure that each student gets special treatment.

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Previously known as TOPGRE, Wizako is a Chennai based GRE coaching center that offers weekend classes for GRE Preparation. Their GRE classroom course is a 60-hour contact class that includes comprehensive study material and online practice tests. They boast of dedicated faculty members, smaller batch size for student attention and updated courses. According to them, many of their faculty members have taken the real GRE and so they know how one should prepare for the test.

A few of the faculty have scored 337 in GRE. All members have a post graduate degree from a top university. Each of their tutors has at least 3000 hours of experience teaching for the GRE. Individually and as a group, their tutors invest time and effort in making the learning process not just effective but also interesting for the aspirants. They claim that with their well-structured classes, just 9 power packed weekends can make sure you crack the GRE. Each topic or concept is taught from the “very beginning”. Basics are never skipped. GRE places a great deal of emphasis on testing whether your fundamentals are strong. The course is organized according to related topics so you know not only what you are doing and but also why you are doing it.

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We hope that this compilation of GRE coaching institutes in Chennai will make your job of short-listing a coaching centre for yourself easier. Best of luck.



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