10 Ways You Can Get Scholarships

10 Ways You Can Get Scholarships

Scholarships can help you advance your academic pursuits, get a better education, and provide financing for your studies. The competition for scholarships is strict as your application should convince vetting panels for you to qualify. The prestigious PSAT merit scholarship, for instance, attracts millions of contestants with only a few thousand making it to the finalist group.

You can get great scholarships by employing the right means. Several institutions are providing scholarships to college students to help finance their education. As you eye your application for the next scholarship, here are the subtle ways you can land a scholarship.

1. Consult with the External Linkages Department

Most scholarship providers keep contact with the external linkages departments in schools to get the right pick of deserving students. They also send useful information for emerging opportunities so that schools can get their students ready for applications. Check out for available scholarship offers from the department within your school that is responsible for scholarship connections. You can find information on the latest scholarships on the notice boards and online school boards.

2. Subscribe to Relevant Scholarship Newsletters

You can also opt-in for relevant scholarship newsletters. You can consult with seniors on the most appropriate scholarship outlets and subscribe to receive details on available scholarships. Some schools have student-scholarship email programs where they handpick the most relevant scholarships and regularly send them over to their students for consideration and application.

3. Get in Touch with Prospective Scholarship Providers

One of the commendable ways to get additional information about scholarships is to contact the admissions department of the college offering the scholarship to confirm their current financial assistance offers to incoming students. Inquire about the availability of scholarships and updated application processes. In isolated cases, some colleges offer scholarships on select majors. You can also contact the respective department of your major so you can find out whether they have additional financial cuts for your prospective course of study.

4. Master the Application Process

Increase your chances of securing a scholarship by learning, understanding, and applying the precepts of scholarship application processes. The right application procedure can help you secure the most lucrative scholarship at affordable costs. You need exceptional organizational skills and keenness. Thoroughly examine application instructions. Although most application processes are similar, different scholarship providers might require some fine details that distinguish them from others. Pay close attention to the requirements of each scholarship.

5. Keep off Scammers

Some scholarships might ask you to pay a fee. Remember most such scholarships are scams proposing to take advantage of the many students in a desperate search for scholarship opportunities.

10 Ways You Can Get Scholarships

6. Write a Compelling Admission Essay

The essay is your opportunity to pour your heart to the judges. Tell them why you need and deserve the scholarship more than everybody else. Tell them about your achievements as much as possible, no matter how small they apparently look to you. Mention awards, academic, and other co-curricular achievements.

Admission panels for scholarships use admission essays to filter out most applicants. Read the essay requirements keenly and where necessary seek counsel to get the instructions right. It could guarantee your acceptance. The best way to master writing a great admission essay is to make it a habit to write such essays and ask for feedback from fellow students and your instructors. Their feedback will go a long way in refining your writing skills and it will help you build the confidence for writing a winning essay.

7. Get all Essential Documents

You need a couple of letters from your community and instructors from your school for the scholarship application process. Ensure you get them in time to avoid rush hour inconveniences. Scholarship panels pay close attention and value truthful documents attached to your application.

Request for a letter of recommendation from your school. They reflect you in the perspective of your school and are equally important to strengthen your application. Speak to the individual writing the recommendation letter for you. Instead of assuming they know everything about you, you can instead provide them with more information so that they can understand you well and write an authentic letter to facilitate your admission acceptance.

8. Search for Relevant Scholarships

Once you go through the details of scholarship opportunities, you might discover some of them are specific to certain majors. Skip scholarships that don’t suit your major. Some scholarships may have a clause notifying the applicant that the scholarship is for a year. Determine the kind of scholarship you need. If you need a full scholarship, you can save your time by skipping all partly sponsored scholarships. If you need a partial scholarship with the ability to raise a given amount of money, ensure you go for scholarships that meet your financial muscle.

9. Apply for a Variety Scholarships

Getting free money is a challenge! Be patient. Be optimistic and set yourself for as many applications as your qualifications allow. The easiest way to start is to filter out available scholarships, make a list, and apply to the ones you qualify.

You now have the tips to get a scholarship. There remains one important step, applying for a scholarship. Although some students show interest in the application for scholarships, some get discouraged or delay the application process. Some become too strict and over expectant and end up locking out potential scholarships where they would easily gain acceptance.

Scholarships come in different packages. Some have high offers and some low offers. Work with a flexible mind. Throughout your stay in college, one source of scholarship might not guarantee a comfortable stay. Apply for all possible scholarship options at your disposal. Widen your options and let support flow in from multiple sources. Sometimes relying on one source can disappoint. Apply to the huge amount of opportunities you get. Apply to the small scholarship offers too. You never know when those small bucks will matter.

10. Explore Other Sources of Funds

Even with full scholarships, you still need more funds. You still need funds to spend on various needs. Find other ways to raise money apart from depending on the scholarship on its entirety. You might need to go out with your friends. You may tour places and travel while in college. All these activities need money. In this regard, applying for government student financing can help you get funds to boost your finance kit.


As you search for eligible scholarships for college studies, consult with the external linkages department of your school or external departments that deal with scholarships for the latest offers, recommendations, and application guidelines. Subscribe to relevant scholarship newsletters to receive new offers, contact scholarship providers for details, learn about application processes, and write a top-notch admission essay. Organize all application documents for attachment, search for relevant scholarships, make multiple applications, and also explore alternative sources of funds. You can score a good scholarship deal with a little consistency and effort. Make sure to apply diligently to get one!