Does CAT Have Negative Marking?

Does CAT have Negative Marking

Almost all the competitive exams have negative marking, including CAT. Negative marking is the process of deducting marks for every incorrect answer. In CAT, you get 3 marks for each correct answer, but -1 for every incorrect one. And an unanswered question will grant you no marks. Not negative too. Now, one should be careful while answering the questions. As every incorrect answer will reduce your marks by 1. So, here are some guidelines you should follow to reduce negative marking in your CAT exam:

  • Be Focused: One should develop focus, speed, and concentration before taking the exams. Solving as many mock tests as possible and practicing as many questions as possible will help you develop your focus. This way you’ll not make silly mistakes and will be much faster. 
  • Don’t Do Guesswork: One should avoid any question where you are not confident of arriving at an answer. Doing guesswork comes with the risk of negative marking. One should not gamble during CAT. 
  • Carefully Read the Questions: If you rush during reading a question, you will end up solving it in the wrong way and arrive at a wrong answer. You will lose marks if you won’t read the questions correctly. 
  • First Solve the Easy Questions: Priority should be to solve all the easy questions, which can be solved in less than a minute. It helps to save a lot of time for the hard and lengthy questions. They will also boost your confidence. 
  • Be Calm during the Last Minute: One should avoid last-minute hurriedness. One will do silly mistakes and mark incorrect answers if they get impulsive in the last few minutes. This will result in negative marking.
  • Select the Right Option: Candidates sometimes arrive at the correct answer but mark the wrong option because of anxiety and hurriedness. To avoid this, always cross-check your answers to see if the correct answer is marked.