Who Is More Popular IAS or IPS?

Who Is More Popular IAS or IPS?

Who Is More Popular IAS or IPS? The Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service are the two most prestigious jobs in the government sector in the country. They play a very important role in the development and security of the nation. And to get into any of the services, one has to clear the tough and competitive, UPSC Civil Service Exam. But this is the only similarity between them. The two arms of the All India Services have very different roles and functions to play.

The question that now arises is which is more popular among the civil service aspirant of India. Every year, Millions of aspirants apply for the UPSC CSE exams to get into either the IAS or the IPS. For IPS, over eight lakh candidates apply every year. And over 10 lakh candidates apply for IAS every year. So, by these figures, we can conclude that IAS is more popular than IPS. But that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Both are equally important positions to fill and great career options.

One must know the key differences between More popular an IAS and an IPS officer before deciding which career path of the two he/she must pursue. Here are some of the differences which may help:

  • An IAS officer handles the affairs of government like framing, implementing, and reviewing policies. Their prime duty is handling public administration and administrative affairs. An IPS officer maintains law and order, law enforcement, public order, crime investigation, etc. Their prime duty is to ensure public safety and maintain peace.
  • After the recommendation of the 7th pay commission, the beginning salary of both IAS and IPS is Rs. 56,100. The highest IAS salary is Rs. 250,000 and the highest IPS salary is 225,000. They are both eligible for allowances like house rent allowances, dearness allowance, medical allowance, etc.
  • An IAS officer of a particular area is ranked over the IPS officer of the same area. In a district, An IPS officer has to report to the IAS officer.
  • In UPSC CSE, the candidates who hold the topmost rank are allotted IAS. Other rank holders are allotted IPS only after the allotment for IAS is done.

Both IAS and IPS are two of the most prestigious jobs. What’s most important is which job the candidate is confident about. Both the jobs are hard to fill. An IAS officer has to administrate and manage various issues, whereas An IPS officer has to maintain law and order. The candidate must decide on which of the two he/she wants to pursue.