How to Read CAT RC Passages

How to Read CAT RC Passages

How to Read CAT RC passages – At the suggestion of our students and subscribers, in addition to our “Article of the day,” we have begun a series on “How to read a passage.” Many CAT aspirants struggle with their “poor reading skills” and “slow reading speed,” which we believe are the main reasons for their lack of success in the reading comprehension section of CAT. In fact, the biggest hurdle in CAT reading comprehension is a combination of poor reading skills and slow reading speed. These two issues need to be addressed separately, rather than simultaneously.

To become a proficient reader, you must first work on improving your reading skills, and then focus on increasing your speed. Speed reading without proper comprehension is not very beneficial, whereas good comprehension even at a slow speed can be quite helpful. If your reading skills are lacking, we recommend that you prioritize improving them before working on increasing your speed. Our “How to Read CAT RC passages” series will not only acquaint you with a wide range of RC passages, but it will also help you read those passages more easily.

By improving your reading skills, you will naturally improve your reading speed. You may initially struggle to grasp the material, but as you progress through the videos, you will gradually become more adaptable to any passage, regardless of its style or complexity.

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If you want to improve your reading skills, we encourage you to focus on them first, and then gradually work on increasing your speed. Our series on “How to read a passage” will guide you through the process, allowing you to become comfortable with a variety of RC passages. Through this practice, you will not only improve your reading skills, but you will also enhance your reading speed. It may take time to fully grasp the concepts, but with continued practice, you will be able to adapt to any passage, regardless of its style or complexity.

Practice Videos on Reading Passages

Here are some practice videos that will give you an opportunity to improve your reading comprehension:

  • RC passage – Drug Problem
  • RC passage – Professional artist and the ruling class

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