Right Time to Start Taking CAT Mock Tests

Right Time to Start Taking CAT Mock Tests

When is the Right Time to Start Taking CAT Mock tests? Writing CAT mock tests is a crucial step in every aspirant’s CAT preparation plan. These tests serve as a final stage to determine whether you are fully prepared for the exam or not. It is important to find the right time to begin taking these mocks, neither starting too early nor too late, to ensure optimal readiness.

Before diving into CAT mock tests, there are a few things you should do beforehand. First, make sure you have completed 80% of the CAT syllabus and have a strong grasp of all the basic concepts. Additionally, take a sufficient number of topic tests to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as solve high difficulty level CAT sectional tests. Being well-prepared before taking CAT mocks is crucial for making the most of them.

However, solely writing CAT mocks is not enough to guarantee success in the CAT exam. Taking these tests when you are not fully prepared can lead to demotivation and a decrease in confidence. Therefore, it is important to have already gone through a significant number of topic tests and sectional tests before beginning CAT mocks.

The question of when is the right time to start writing CAT mocks does not have a definitive answer. Taking into consideration the CAT exam date and the journey of ups and downs you are likely to face during mock tests, it is recommended to allow yourself at least two to three months to adapt to the test-taking environment in terms of aptitude and temperament. It is not enough to just be good in aptitude; you must also be able to perform well under strict time constraints for three hours straight. Thus, a CAT aspirant needs approximately three months to adapt their temperament, stamina, and concentration to the test-taking environment.

For example, if the exam is in the last week of November, it is advisable to start working on mocks no later than the first week of September. However, this does not mean that it is not advisable to start earlier. You can begin as early as June or July but avoid starting later than September. Starting too early may cause burnout by August, resulting in a loss of interest and enthusiasm when it matters most. It is crucial to peak at the right time.

It is worth noting that some students have started writing mocks just one month before the exam and still achieved a percentile of 99 or higher. These students possess the ability to quickly adapt to the test-taking environment and have prior experience in preparing for other competitive exams under strict time constraints. Ultimately, the Right Time to Start Taking CAT Mock tests depends on the depth of your preparation prior to the mock phase, your experience with competitive exams, and your natural ability to adapt to the challenges of CAT-like exams.

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