What is the Routine of a Dedicated Serious UPSC Aspirant?

What is the Routine of a Dedicated Serious UPSC Aspirant?

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission, which is responsible for conducting prestigious exams in India to recruit candidates for various civil service positions. Aspiring to clear the UPSC exam requires dedication, discipline, and a well-planned routine. Here’s an insight into the routine of a dedicated and serious UPSC aspirant:

  1. Morning Routine: A serious UPSC aspirant starts the day early, typically waking up between 5:00 am and 6:00 am. They may engage in activities like meditation, yoga, or exercise to energize themselves and stay focused.
  2. Newspaper Reading: Keeping up with current affairs is crucial for the UPSC exam. Hence, aspirants dedicate a significant amount of time to read newspapers and gather information on topics like politics, economics, science, and international affairs.
  3. Study Sessions: A major chunk of the day is dedicated to intensive study sessions. Aspirants spend several hours studying subjects like history, geography, polity, economy, and general knowledge. They often maintain a structured study plan focusing on different topics each day.
  4. Mock Tests and Previous Years’ Question Papers: To assess their preparation level, aspirants regularly take mock tests and solve previous years’ question papers. This helps them familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and identify areas where they need to improve.
  5. Revision: Revision is an integral part of the routine for any UPSC aspirant. They allocate specific time for revising what they have studied, consolidating their knowledge, and reinforcing key concepts.
  6. Optional Subject Preparation: UPSC aspirants have the option to choose an optional subject for the exam. They devote time to study and master this subject, achieving a deep understanding to score well in this section.
  7. Current Affairs Discussions: Aspirants often engage in group discussions or online platforms to discuss current affairs and share insights with fellow aspirants. This helps them broaden their understanding of different perspectives and gather additional information.
  8. Evening Break: Taking short breaks in the evening is important to relax and rejuvenate. Aspirants may engage in recreational activities like listening to music, pursuing a hobby, or spending time with family and friends.
  9. Pre-Bedtime Revision: Before calling it a day, a serious UPSC aspirant typically revisits important topics briefly. This helps reinforce their memory and retain information.
  10. Sleep: Adequate sleep is crucial for a fresh mind and optimal concentration. Aspirants ensure they get enough rest, aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

A disciplined routine is the foundation of success for a dedicated and serious UPSC aspirant. By following a well-structured routine, aspirants maximize their productivity, enhance their knowledge, and increase their chances of cracking the UPSC exam.

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