What should you dress for the interview?

What should you dress for the interview

Discover the perfect interview attire! Get tips What should you dress for the interview for CAT. Dress for your dream job! Creating a positive first impression is crucial during a job interview. To achieve this, you should consider the following steps:

1. Dress appropriately, following the dress code.
2. Enter the room with confidence and a smile.
3. Sit down comfortably without crossing your legs.
4. Pay attention to your body language.
5. Use formal and clear language when speaking.
6. Maintain good conduct throughout the interview.
7. Thank the panel members when leaving the room.

For the interview attire, here are some guidelines for both men and women:


– Wear a freshly-ironed formal full-sleeve shirt and trousers.
– Polish your formal shoes (black or brown) and wear a belt and a properly knotted tie.
– Opt for light or pastel shades of shirts.
– Make sure to have a clean-shaven look and use a mild deodorant.
– Wearing a blazer is optional but can give a more polished appearance.


– Choose between a salwar-kameez, saree, or skirt with a shirt.
– Ensure the shirt is in pastel or light shades, and the skirt should cover the knees.
– If you have long hair, neatly plait it or style it in a way that looks tidy.
– Wear polished formal bellies (black) or sandals suitable for formal occasions.

When entering the interview room, ask for permission to enter with a smile. Greet the entire panel and ask for permission to sit if not offered. Sit comfortably without crossing your legs, keeping your arms on the armrests or in your lap. Place your certificates folder on your lap rather than on the table.

Discover the perfect interview attire! Get tips What should you dress for the interview. Dress for your dream job! Maintain a confident and attentive body language during the interview. Use gestures and lean slightly forward to show interest. Avoid fidgeting, rocking the chair, or crossing your arms as it may convey nervousness.

Speak in formal English and avoid mixing it with vernacular or using slang. Use short and clear sentences to convey your thoughts. Listen carefully to the questions, and if needed, politely request clarification or repetition of a question. Respond in a calm and measured tone, ensuring everyone can hear and understand your answers. Maintain eye contact with the panel at all times.

Lastly, thank the panel members at the end of the interview, showcasing your appreciation for the experience. Take your certificates and close the door behind you when you leave.

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