How to Ace Group Discussions

How to Ace Group Discussions

Do you want to know How to Ace Group Discussions? In this article, we will discuss Group Discussions that will help in the GWPI Test. The Group Discussion/Written Assessment/Personal Interview (GWPI) stages have now become a regular part of the selection process for most business schools and other professional courses and jobs. Aspiring students who want to pursue a managerial career and secure admission in a reputable business school must not only for the written test, but also for the GWPI.

B-schools test candidates through GWPI because people management and communication skills are highly valued in a future manager or business leader. While written tests assess candidates’ hard skills such as quantitative, reasoning, verbal ability, and general awareness, GWPI evaluates their ability to handle themselves in a group setting and communicate effectively, which are considered soft skills. Both hard and soft skills are essential for successfully completing an MBA course and for future professional success.

GWPI preparation is just as important as preparing for the written test. It is a common selection process for b-school admissions, campus recruitments, and admissions to other professional courses.

In top-rated b-schools, group activities and case study analysis are integral to the pedagogy. GWPI tests a candidate’s suitability to handle the rigorous curriculum of a top b-school.

In modern organizations, managers and leaders often work with diverse teams. Strong people management and communication skills are crucial for success in such organizations. GWPI tests a candidate’s suitability to handle the responsibilities of a future managerial or leadership role.

The preparation for GWPI should begin alongside the written test preparation, which generally starts around six months to 1.5 years before the written exam.

In a Group Discussion (GD) round, a group of candidates is given a topic to discuss amongst themselves. The moderator evaluates their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Most b-schools assign marks to each candidate based on their performance in the GD.

There are different types of GDs, including topic-based, case study-based, and article-based. Participants have different roles to perform, such as initiator, coordinator, analyser, interrogator, fact-provider, and leader.

The evaluation parameters for GDs include content, analytical skills, verbal communication, and non-verbal communication.

To prepare for GDs, build a strong knowledge base through extensive reading, including newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and books on relevant subjects. Watch news debates and analyze daily news topics to generate points for discussions.

Develop communication skills by practicing speaking in English, reading aloud, and engaging in mock GDs with friends. Stay confident and don’t give up on yourself during discussions.

Focus on generating logical points and using simple, clear language during GDs.

Overall, preparing for GWPI is as crucial as preparing for the written test. By developing both hard and soft skills, candidates can enhance their chances of success in the selection process and future career prospects.

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Thus, getting a degree in MBA will only make your profile stronger. It will also help you build a solid career and will open up a plethora of options. You could go on to work with top MNCs, and you can even start your own business. In case you have any questions or doubts, feel free to use the comments section below.

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