Indian Civil Accounts Service: Empower your dreams with the economic future of nation

Joining the Indian Civil Accounts Services can always be an exciting career path. This is the career, in which one can directly serve the economy, by ensuring the smooth and secured running of transactional processes. Decision making and observational skills are important for this career

Indian Civil Accounts Services

Indian Civil Accounts Services

Are you interested in the economic future of the country? Are you expert in finance and accounting? If your answer is ‘yes’, then there is a career path, which is eagerly awaiting you. It is Indian Civil Accounts Service, which is directly under Ministry of Finance, Government of India. This is a department, which is the backbone of Indian economy, as this department is responsible for ensuring the government transaction to be smooth and secured. You can feel proud to be a part of it, as you will be responsible for smooth running of Indian economy by providing your valuable services.


Am I eligible?

If you are an Indian citizen, have completed your bachelor’s degree, and below thirty two years of age, then you are eligible to join Indian Civil Accounts Service.


What is the recruitment process?

Indian Civil Accounts Service comes under the Indian Civil Services. Like any other branch of Indian Civil Services, recruitment for this particular department is carried out by Indian Civil Service Examinations, which is carried out by Union Public Service Commission.


What will be my compensation?

Of course, the compensation will not by in the similar lines with that of the managerial positions in large multinational organizations. However, the position comes with several perks and benefits, which any other multinational organization can never offer. On top of that, there will be a pride attached with the position, the pride to shape the economic future, and that is something, which no career in private organizations can offer.




As a whole, Indian Civil Accounts Service can give your career such a boost, which you have never imagined. Serving this department will not only make you acquainted with the nitty-gritty of an economy, but also will open up the doors of the organizations, like International Monetary Fund, before you. Exciting, isn’t it?

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