The future prospects and making a Career in Automobile Engineering

Always fancied building vehicles with Lego, here’s your opportunity to make a career as an automobile engineer to build futuristic structures. What’s more, you get to tame the monster of your dreams.Go on and read our article about career in Automobile Engineering.

Career in Automobile Engineering

career in Automobile Engineering

Each day the market erupts with a new wagon. Better structure, functionalities, facilities, accessories an even service by the brand. But to meet this ever growing requirement, the market also needs to balance the supply by placing genius minds to work. Minds that can come up with a new innovation each time in the world of automobiles. This creates high employment opportunities. The dream that one’s sees every time there is a futuristic movie released there is a scientist at work.

So if you aspire to be one of these geniuses, this article shall prove to be your guiding light.


To be an automobile engineer you need to have at least a 10 + 2 degree with expertise in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The grade in the degree should be above 60% of average marks. Post which you can apply for an all-India entrance test for engineering called CAT. Amongst the top universities teaching automobile engineering, Anna University in Chennai, Sartra in Thanjavur and Amity University in Noida are amongst the famous ones also offering a master’s degree.


Automobile engineering opens doors to creative career like being a designer for vehicles, a manufacturer of individual parts like engines and also servicing of these vehicles. One can pursue a specialized career in in serving a particular type of vehicle like a car, plane or even a train. There are also many corporate giants that offer a paid role in the chosen department post internship.


Post all the struggle of studying and job hunting, opting for this career will make you rich. If you plan to go independent you can also open a franchising servicing store for a brand in your city and sit to count the greens without much effort.

So, as the elders say, as you sow so shall you reap, work hard now to enjoy the fruits from the money plant, literally, in the future.

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