What to expect from a Career as a civil engineer

Civil engineering is one of the oldest disciplines in the history of engineering, and this is the department, which can contribute directly towards the growth and development of the nation. Demand of a civil engineer is derived by national demand, and therefore, this career will always be in demand.Go on and read the article about career as a civil engineer.

Career as a Civil engineer

 Career as a civil engineer

Considering all disciplines of engineering, civil engineering is one of the oldest and most important disciplines, as this discipline is directly responsible for the infrastructural development of any nation. Therefore, demand for civil engineers will always be there.


There are several ways a civil engineer can craft his / her career, as the available career opportunities are really huge. Following are some of these career opportunities in various industrial sectors.

Construction sector

This is a particular industrial sector, which is directly involved in various infrastructural development projects across the nation. Career in this industry as a civil engineer will entail working in highway projects, real estate projects, flyovers, airports, towers etc. One of the major challenges in this career is that the posting can be at any remote places and that too for a long duration, if it is a project of highway, dam, or bridge construction. Organizations like, Gammon India Limited recruits civil engineers for these categories of projects. However, for flyover and airport projects, the postings are generally in the urban areas. Organizations like, GMR Infra recruits civil engineers for these projects.

Petroleum sector

Oil is always a necessary product for fueling the economic growth and development of any nation, and therefore, oil extraction turns out to be an extremely critical process for any nation. There are several organizations, which carry out oil extraction processes across various parts of the country, and in these processes can never be completed without the involvement of civil engineers. Organizations like Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd, Cairn India etc. recruit huge number of civil engineers for oil exploration and extraction processes.


There are several other organizations, which require civil engineers for their ongoing infrastructural development projects. This scenario can define the career prospect of civil engineers.

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