Opting MBA Schools if you score less in entrance tests?

In today’s world, this rat race of highest scores, aiming for the top b-school is drastically disrupted due to the ever increasing population and demand for higher intelligence. But this should not discourage any student from not pursuing the degree, as entering IIM comes with a huge baggage. One must explore other smaller institutes that teach almost the same syllabus.Go and read our article on opting MBA schools if you score less.
Opting MBA Schools

Opting MBA schools

Gaining admission in MBA is like winning a war. Students trample each other at every stage right from the queues to collect the entrance forms, to extreme remembering notes methodologies, sleepless nights and lastly the admission in their desired college. If any of these stages fails, the entire process of admission can be disrupted. Imagine, you have survived through all the stages but at the last stage you stumble, you do not get admission in the top 10 colleges in India. Well, life doesn’t stop there. It has been observed that most of the times either the faculty at these top colleges or even the alumni end up teaching in these not so high end institutes. Therefore, they comes equipped with the same syllabus and knowledge from IIM.   So, wondering what parameters to consider when choosing an MBA school; Quality of institute: You need to conduct thorough research on the quality of the institute. This is with regards to the infrastructure, faculties, ranking on the list of top 50 MBA school websites, application process etc. Placements: It is very important to question the placements of the b-school. This question will define your future. Refer to the list of placement organizations, also the type of position or profile they offer. This will act as a motivation through your MBA years. Reviews: Always try to get as many reviews about the college as possible. Social network is the best option. Alumni from those colleges can provide a clear picture about the exact scenario with respect to the faculty, infrastructure, placements etc. Do your research and chose the best MBA School for a brighter future even from a smaller institute. catch all the latest news in higher education with eduvoice  

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