AIR-16 Anshu Priya UPSC Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2021

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Every year many candidates from Bihar qualify the prestigious IAS exam, this year Anshu Priya from Munger kept the tradition alive by securing AIR 16 in UPSC CSE 2021. Anshu topped in another category as well. Among the top 50 candidates who were shortlisted for CSE 2021, Anshu Priya emerged topper in interview score. The exam results were declared by UPSC on 30th May 202.1 In this post we will discuss IAS Anshu Priya Mock Interview background, preparation strategy and more About the UPSC Topper 2021 Anshu Priya

IAS Topper 2021 Anshu Priya Biography

UPSC Topper 2021 Anshu Priya belongs to a family of teachers. Her father Shailendra Kumar is the principal of Sandalpur Girls’ Middle School in Munger and her mother is a housewife. Her grandfather and grandmother were also teachers. Anshu Priya’s two uncles are civil servants. He lives in a joint family. The family hails from Munger district in Bihar.

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Educational Background- 

  • She completed her initial studies in Munger, Bihar at Munger Netrodem Academy.
  • She then went on to higher secondary school in Darbhanga district. She also went to Kota to prepare for the entrance exams for medicine.
  • After schooling, she took admission in MBBS at AIIMS Patna.
  • She graduated in January 2019 and worked at AIIMS Patna as a resident physician.
  • She started preparing for UPSC CSE after completing her residency. Anshu gave a total of 3 attempts in the civil services exam. She emerged UPSC topper in her third attempt.

Why Anshu Priya’s Choose UPSC

During an interview with Indian Masterminds, Anshu said, “My motivation for joining the service is manifold. During our MBBS period we have certain rural postings in which we have to go to the ground level and solve people’s problems. I remember there was a case of breast cancer where the patient who was in the last stage didn’t even know about the cancer even though it was so preventable and detectable these days. We sent her to the hospital but That time it was too late.”

I believed there were so many things that could be done on the ground level, but being a doctor wouldn’t be practical,” she explained. Secondly, the way UPSC has designed the exam, I think it gives more perspectives as I have always been excited to learn new subjects. This exam helped me develop my personality and that’s why I chose it as a profession.”

After graduating in January 2019, Anshu, then working as a junior resident doctor, appeared for the UPSC exam for the first time in June 2019 and failed to clear the Prelims.

Interview Experience Anshu Priya

In the third attempt, Anshu practiced some questions as she was already prepared for the exam. She focused more on Paper 2 due to which she could not clear the prelims in the previous year. After appearing for prelims, she devoted half of her time to revision and the rest of her appearance to mock tests. She got to the interview stage after passing the main exam.

She explained, “I wanted to offer my best in the interview round since Her Optional Subject was not Scoring So Well. After the primary exam, she began my preparation and worked on it for the following two months.

She scored the highest marks in the interview among the top 50 students to secure an all-India 16th rank in UPSC CSE 2021. Her first preference is the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and healthcare is the sector she wants to focus on in her future assignments. 

UPSC Topper 2021 Anshu Priya’s Preparation Strategy

In her first two attempts, Anshu failed to clear the Prelims, but after putting in a lot of effort, she emerged as one of the toppers this year Now she is the Anshu Priya is the IAS Topper of india. After her first failure in Prelims, she moved to Delhi to get an idea of ​​how the exam preparation ecosystem works. Anshu was preparing for the exam while working at various jobs. Finally, on the third attempt, she quit her job and focused only on the exam and qualified the exam with flying colors. Some of the tips she followed during the exam that helped her become an UPSC 2021 Topper Anshu Priya are:

  • She focused on current journalism and made her own notes from newspapers and supplemented them with journalism magazines.
  • She studied books like NCERTs, Laxmikant, Ramesh Singh and Spectrum.
  • Like all other toppers, she also focused more on Mock tests, both for prelims and mains of the exam.
  • She took many mock tests and analyzed her performance. After appearing for prelims, she devoted half of her time to revision and the rest of her appearance to mock tests.
  • Since she failed Prelims in her second attempt because of the CSAT paper, she focused more on solving math questions and also attempted 8-10 mocks for the CSAT paper.
  • He advises the aspirants to solve the previous year papers to get an idea about the type of questions.
  • She said that since her optional subject was not highly scored, she focused more on the interview stage after clearing Mains. She is the top scorer in the Interview round this year.

Must-Follow Tips for UPSC-CSE Preparation 

  • Understand UPSC syllabus comprehensively and work according to each subject step by step.
  • Create a preparation strategy and stick to it consistently. UPSC exam preparation strategy will vary from level to level. Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and understand the needs and expectations of the UPSC exam at three different levels.
  • Thanks to the time table, you will know if you are going in the right direction and at the right speed. Your schedule must have short-term and long-term goals.
  • Emphasis on reading newspapers and special emphasis on editorials where you can get good opinions and multiple perspectives on one topic. Also treat yourself to reading a good magazine like Yojana and Kurukshetra.
  • Develop a knowledge base from the ground up. Reading basic books from General Studies papers is important and NCERT books are the basic sources.
  • Consult trusted sources of study materials and take notes with proper analysis. Without readily available simplified notes, the battle is long lost before it begins. At the very end of the preparation, it is not possible to wade through the ocean of material and make accurate analyzes of all topics.