Air-43 Shubham Shukla UPSC Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2021

Shubham Shukla UPSC Topper 2021

Shubham Shukla UPSC Topper is right now an especially seek-after man. In between Handle calls of well-wishers and media persons, Shubham took some time out of his busy plan for Indian Masterminds and talk candidly about how to tackle the UPSC exam. and Shubham Shukla IAS Topper 2021.

Biography of  Shubham Shukla | UPSC Topper 2021

Shubham Kumar mountains from Kumari Pur village in Katihar District of Bihar. Son of Devanad Singh and Punam Devi, Shubham finished his primary education in his domestic village and after shifted to the Vidya Vihar Residential School in Purnia, from where he cleared his matriculation in 2012.

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He finished his Class 12 in 2014 from Bokaro and then his in civil engineering from IIT Mumbai. On his 2nd attempt, he got selected in the Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS) when he got 290th rank. He is going through training at the National Academy of Defence Financial Management (NADFM), Pune.

Shubham Shukla UPSC Prepaaration | UPSC Topper 2021

Shubham had a clear strategy for preparation right from the start, “I always focused on my core syllabus, limited my sources, and repeated my topics regularly. To keep myself updated, I read current affairs every day. at the same time, I took a lot of mock tests to prepare personally.”

Shubham shunned social media. He fully stayed away from it during his preparation days. “To date, I do not have any official account. Although, I have to be a part of it now,” he does very hard work. Being a graduate of IIT Mumbai,

 it is a shock that IAS Topper Shubham Shukla select Anthropology as his optional subject. On being asked why he selected this subject, he said that he every time had an interest in social science. However, he never got the opportunity to study it, as he was pursuing engineering at IIT Bombay. “When I started preparing for UPSC, I compared other social science subjects with Anthropology, and I found the syllabus of Anthropology very absorb. It was one of my core interests anyways, and I was sure good at it.

JOURNEY of Shubham Shukla

I took my first attempt the same year, with chemistry as an option. Simultaneously, I added a JEE/NEET coaching institution as a faculty. I cleared the front with a tiny margin. But after having a disastrous first major, I put in my papers within 6 months of joining so that I could fully focus on my preparation.

My second attempt. Same story. Deleted in advance. Catastrophic divorces. Optional ruined my interview chances. Forced to change my electives to PSIR weeks before filling in the form. Despite the pandemic, it was not well prepared.

 The result is the same story again. Cleared ahead but couldn’t get a call although the gap narrowed a bit due to 199/500 in PSIR (a low but significant increase from 142 and 150 in chemistry back to back).

Fourth attempt. Preliminarily cleared from Calcutta. Days after my pre-school job, I came back to New Delhi with a prospect – either a main or private job in some company. Fortunately cleared for, worked for PSIR and GS. They finally got the interview and the rest as they say is history.