Best Graduation Course for the IAS Examination

Best Graduation Course for the IAS Examination

Acquiring a graduation degree is a significant milestone in a student’s life and can greatly assist in preparing for the IAS examination. Do you want to know the Best Graduation Course for IAS Examination? Here we discussed some points that will help you to Understand. Many IAS toppers believe a direct correlation exists between the graduation degree and the optional subjects chosen for the main IAS exam.

How a candidate responds and writes in the exam can make a difference in their chances of being selected. While no specific stream is better, the approach taken towards the exam can greatly impact the outcome.

In recent years, the value of securing a government job has increased, making the IAS exam more popular than ever. The IAS offers power and respect to those who become officers, which is why many individuals aspire to join the IAS from their school days. This has resulted in a significant growth in the number of undergraduate students choosing to prepare for the IAS exam.

The Syllabus of IAS Prelims

Many aspirants are unsure about the optional subjects they should choose and often wonder which stream is best for clearing the IAS exam. The eligibility criteria for the IAS exam is a graduation degree or an equivalent degree in any stream, with a range of optional subjects available. This equal opportunity allows candidates from various technical or otherwise backgrounds to participate in the IAS examination.


Humanities has traditionally been considered a popular choice for civil services exams. However, despite its potential for a high success rate, the participation and success rate of humanities students has decreased in recent years. Despite this, humanities students still make up a considerable portion of IAS aspirants.


Engineering has become a popular choice for IAS aspirants in recent years. Many top IAS pass-outs have an engineering background, although the success rate of candidates with engineering as an optional subject is not particularly high. Nonetheless, engineering is a preferred stream for those aiming to crack the exam and secure top ranks in the IAS.


A small but respectable number of students with a science graduation background choose to take up the civil services exam and have been successful. However, the overall number of science graduates in the IAS is not significant. Nevertheless, there has been a growing demand for candidates with scientific and technical backgrounds in the administrative setup.

Medical Science

Medical science has remained relatively insignificant in relation to the IAS examination as professionals in this field may find it challenging to adapt to bureaucracy. However, there has been a gradual increase in the number of candidates with medical science backgrounds taking the IAS exam and succeeding.

CA / CS / CFA / B.Com / BBA / MBA

These professionally inclined degrees have a negligible number of candidates in the IAS exam. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of applicants with MBA or B.Com degrees. The inclusion of CSAT, which tests skills such as mathematics, reasoning, data interpretation, and decision-making, makes these fields compatible with the IAS. It is expected that the participation and success rate of candidates from these fields will increase significantly.

In conclusion, while previous trends and current preferences may provide some guidance, passion and individual interest in the IAS exam are what truly matter. No matter the chosen stream, without passion and determination, success in the IAS exam is unlikely. The chosen stream should inspire individuals to study and work hard because when it comes to the IAS, there is no substitute for passion and dedication.

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